Monday, May 2, 2016


Oh my goodness I can't wait for mothers day! I am nervous... is that weird?? hahaha what if you people don't like me anymore!!!! I am so excited though! But yes we switched times with the sisters so now we will be at 5:30 Russian time instead of 4:30. So that should be 8:30 your time instead of 7:30. SO LET ME REPEAT- 5:30PM HERE 8:30 AM THERE:) I think everything else should be ready because I will be using the same skype info and stuff. AHAHH I AM SO NERVOUS Hahah. :)

This week was great! we had a great FHE with Lxxx and members Vxxx and Sxxxx. We talked about Lehi's dream and then played charades which was hilarious haha. Lxxx is just so awesome. She walked us to the bus stop and we were just talking and she is like one of our friends. she is so cute! we tried to meet with her on Saturday, but that didn't end up working out. And she missed church so that is a bummer, but we hope to meet with her tomorrow and we are hoping she just missed church because of Easter (yeah a little ironic but hahaha) but yes soon! 

We've worked a lot with members this week. it was awesome! Nothing big really stuck out to me. Just some awesome members:) 

We served Axxxxx again and finished painting the pole! we moved lots of bricks too. Axxxxx is so cool! 


we taught Gxxxx and Axxxx again this week about the plan of salvation. it was a bit of a rough lesson because it was the first time we have taught the plan of salvation together, but it went pretty well considering that we are teaching in Russian ;) They listened to it all but didn't really accept it... after we were done they were like "well that's cool" haha so I think we still have some kinks in our teaching.. but we are ever learning! 

funny story: On Thursday we set a district goal on how many phone numbers we wanted to get as a district, but we just kept saying "numbers" instead of phone numbers so then I said, "yeah so just any number that we get we can count..?" and Sister Kennard was like, " yep! If you find out how many kids they have.. that's a number!" hahaha man I thought it was soooooo funny. and so then we went off for a while on questions we can ask just to get any kind of number hahaha. man SO FUNNY. ( am I losing my mind with missionary humor???? I think so. hahahahahah don't put that on my blog!!! :)) 

another funny story: 
We met a potential Kxxxxxxxxx after serving Rxxxxx. He called as we were there and asked if we could just meet and talk for a bit and so we said sure and went and waited on the street outside of his gym. we saw him walking and he just walked right on up and gave me and sister Greenwood these huge hugs hahahahahaha we were freaked out! This was our second time meeting him! And we are missionaries! hahaha and then we talked for a while and then the conversation was winding down so Sister Greenwood stuck out her hand before he could do anything and he shook it... and then brought her in for this huge hug ghahahaha it was so funny because her hands went up like a t-rex and she let out a little "AH!" hahah and then I was just in shock as he came and also gave me this huge hug hahaha we are such Sister Missionaries! 

There was an accordion player on a tramby. I also talked to a lady on that tramby and she gave me some decorated Easter eggs and a cake thing. SO SWEET!! right after that I also talked to a man that pretty much just wanted to tell me everything that was wrong about America and asking why we do things the way we do and was asking about same sex marriage and about Rockefeller and Clinton and pretty much it was the most stressful thing ever because I felt like I didn't understand anything and I kept trying to tell him but he just kept talking hahahaha. I literally had sweat pits because it was so stressful hahahaha. 

Yesterday was Easter here in Russia and I think it was also one of my favorite days on the mission so far. MAN IT WAS AWESOME!! Church was great and then we went to break the fast with the YSAs for dinner. We then finished some weekly planning and then went out contacting. The other sisters are like so incredibly good at singing so they had this idea to go on krasnaya (which is like the main road in krasnodar) and sing hymns while the other missionaries hand out cards and talk to people. SO WE WENT TO KRASNAYA ON EASTER AND IT WAS SO INCREDIBLY COOL AND CRAZY. haha so neat! They had fire dancers, bands, fake statues (like people standing really still), people that do that cool spray painting stuff that you see on you tube, and I even saw a monkey and a parrot!!! IT WAS CRAZY!!! haha and so fun. It was super loud and everyone was just begging for attention and so we just found this moderately quiet place on the street and the Sisters sang while the Elders and I handed out cards. It was just so sweet and cool to me because I felt like it was such a moment where we were in the world but not of the world. As others were yelling and dancing and just being crazy haha we were singing quiet hymns. I had this cool thought as I watched these masses of people pass that sometimes we can be like the crowd just going with the flow stuck in worldly things because sometimes it is hard to hear the quiet soft still voices of the gospel. The coolest part of the night though, was when this elderly couple came up among the crowd of people passing and just stood right in front of the sisters and listened as they sang. IT WAS SO CUTE!!! he then talked to one of the elders and said, "you're the Mormons?!?! I have always wanted to know more about what you believe!!!" It was such a neat experience. seriously just so cool. we are hoping to do that every Sunday from now on. so cool! 

I love you all!!! seeeee yoooouuuu ssssooooonnnnnn!!!!!! :):):)::):))::)

С большой любовью,сестра Price

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