Monday, May 9, 2016

Den Pobedi - Victory Day

Well hello! this will be super short.... haha

This week was great! We met with Vxxxxxx and it was wonderful! we also got in with a less active that we have been trying to get in with for 6 months. It was a miracle! 

It was so nice to see everyone yesterday:) I am sorry I cried a lot hahaha. Is it bad to say that I feel a little relieved that it is over? haha. I love you all:)

We also had zone training this week which was awesome. aaannnnnddd.. I feel like I have forgotten the week haha. 

Today is Den Pobedi which means victory day and it was crazy! This morning we went to the eternal flame and saw lots of important military men and some marches. Then we went to the square and saw some more marches and yelling and some important military people speak. IT WAS SO CRAZY. I felt like I was in a movie-- for reals. Just so out of this world haha I took some sweet videos but I can't send them... so just wait til next year and we will watch them all together hahaha:) Then we met up with our investigator Lxxx and we were in a parade! It is really cool what the people here do, they get pictures of their ancestors who served in the war/ in the military and they all just make their own parade carrying the pictures on these tall poles and it is HUGE and there are tons and tons of people and we all just walk down the street and sing old Russian songs and yell together hahaha. It was super fun! Me and Sister Greenwood didn't really know exactly what we were getting ourselves into hahaha so we joked about passing by the Johnstons (the Senior Missionary couple) or President and Sister Miner because we just got caught up in this parade hahahahaha. 

This week will be a good week I just know it! I love you all and I am so thankful for all of you:) (yells to the crowd--hahaha just teasing) 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! it was so good to see you:) 

С большой любовью,сестра Price

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