Monday, November 30, 2015

AAHHH I DON'T HAVE ANY TIME - with pictures

Man, this week was super exciting but I don't hardly have anytime to tell you all about it! BUT I do have the opportunity to send pictures this week so that is a blessing!

Sunset View

Sister McMurray

Monday night we had planned to meet with "d" and so we brought pizza to them (long story- his referral would only come with pizza haha) but they cancelled right before we got there so we contacted! woo hoo! 

This week we had two opportunities to do service so on Tuesday we served "A" and then on Wednesday we served "L" again. "A's" house was so cool and I took a video (well I have taken a few and I am so excited to show you all! ) (maybe I can show you during our Christmas chat or something?) but yes we helped her clear out her chicken pasture yard thing and we chopped down trees. She is so nice and gave us a whole bag of walnuts and jam and flowers!!! she was so nice and I have loved the walnuts. mmmmm! I will send a picture with her (sorry, we can't post images of Russian Citizens, so it will not be on the blog post). I think it is my favorite mission picture so far! she was so nice!!! 

Our changing room for service project

Hannah - Burning weeds in Russia
(More pictures at the end of the blog)

Then we served " L" and she is just this sweet little Russian lady who loves to do karate and loves to like hang out in the woods.  I have a hard time remembering people here (because there are literally like 16 Russian women names here so I have met like 1 million cvetas and 2 million larissas and Irina's haha) so we remember her as the cute karate wicken.  :)   We invited members "M" and "J."  "M" is a Russian member here who unfortunately had to come home early from her Russian mission due to health issues. Her boyfriend, "J" is from Brazil and he is staying here for 3months! I think they might get married but it is just so cute to hear them talk both in their second language (English) in these thick thick accents, haha man, they are awesome.

Thursday we left to Rostov! We got to stay with sister Jameson and Eliason that night! we got in at about 9 though, so we just  had time to plan and then go to sleep. The next day we dropped off Sister McMurray at her conference, then went back and did studies together in their apartment. Then we went and picked her up and left to go back home! You are about to hear the story of the two most frustrating days of my mission so far hahaha. We called a taxi at 3. it takes about 30 minutes to get to the train station. Our train left at 4:55. so we were giving ourselves a considerable cushion to get to the train station and get it all figured out. So our taxi comes late (but no big deal because we planned for that) so we leave and Sister McMurray is having this awesome conversation with this taxi driver about the plan of salvation but he is acting kind of weird and is like yelling. So we just kind of thought he was Russian hahaha but he was like really getting into it. We keep going and we should be at the train station but traffic is bad. So, it gets to be about 4:15 and Sister McMurray asks if we are close/almost there and he was like "yeah yeah we are almost there of course! you don't think I know where I am going?" so we said ok ok ok ... well then sis McMurray recognizes where we are (and oh my goodness I don't have enough time to tell this story haha) but pretty much we end up having to call the assistants and then elder Belon had to tell him, where we needed to go and he was just really obnoxious and a bit inappropriate and made us miss our train. So then we go to the train station and we completely missed our train so we called another taxi to get back home and we had our first police stop! All this after I tried to order subway in Russian while Sister McMurry was on the phone (which turned out better than I thought it would honestly haha) but the police man was super nice and we didn't have any problems. just scary hahaha

Then we went back to the other sisters house. The next day we contacted. Then left EVEN EARLIER well, long story short, there was confusion again with our tickets so we almost missed our train but just ended up needing to buy new tickets.  You would have thought that we weren't supposed to come home haha. 


We had a primary program on Sunday:) it was super cute!
There was also a lady at church that we didn't know so we snatched her up and had a meeting with her after church! It really is such a miracle. She actually really wants to know more about the church and just kept saying "What is this Book of Mormon?!?!" We had an awesome lesson with a member all about... well a lot of things, and she is super interested and works right by the church. It is so hard not to get our hopes up, but really, honestly, in one meeting she is already our most promising investigator!  And hey, she has gone to church more times than our others!! hahahaha

I am out of time but I can see how the lord is directing his work through us small and simple missionaries. 

I am hoping to have a wonderful birthday this week and I hope you all think of me :0   hahahahaahaha man, I am funny!

I miss you and love you all so much!!!! 

I love Russia!! 

Weird thing in Russia you see that you don't see in America; Every man here has to serve 1 year in the army so we see all of these super young men decked out in army uniforms on the street everywhere. They look like they are 14 and in all honesty some of them probably are. 


С большой любовью, сестра Price 
My Companion, Sister McMurray

Some Kind of Food.

We always love letters!


Monday, November 23, 2015


hello family!

This week wasn't super exciting! hahah:)

We had FHE with the lumpovwee family (man that looks weird in English haha) and we played a scripture finding game... it was really awkward though because we didn't realize just how inactive they were.. she served a mission so she was ok with the game but her husband is super inactive and really didn't want to play so they kind of fought with each other about playing and then finally did play.. so yeah that was a little rough hahhahaha BUT they have the cutest daughter ever and after she gave us hugs and it is probably the cutest hug I have ever received.. (Ok maybe not now that I think about Rowynne and Kynnedi and Andi and Alyssa(Familia not Roth although I do love them both:) :):):)) BUT the cutest hug I have received in Russia!

Tuesday Night I got pretty sick in the middle of the night and had my first Russian throw up! so glad we had pigs in a blanket the night before:/ but the next couple of days I just didn't quite feel myself but I feel a lot better now!

Wednesday night we met with our investigator Anna. She is super sweet but just loves her church too much:) we can't really progress with her because she won't come to our church and so we can't really move on with the lessons because she doesn't agree with (or grasp, I'm not quite sure..) the concept of Priesthood. So I feel like we have had the restoration lesson with her about 10 times but she just won't commit to do anything... We are debating on what to do about that.

We had a wonderful English lesson about learning how to receive answers to prayers! It is weird teaching English because we aren't authorized to teach English here so we have to all be sitting down and then we have to talk about gospel topics. but it is also really awesome because we get to teach gospel topics!! :) There was a lady we had never seen before at English club who looked like she was mid 20's and was honestly the most beautiful human being I have ever seen. She stayed for English and we had a short lesson after. She told us she wouldn't read the BOM but we gave one to her anyway and then we walked her home a bit. Ok but really people. She is the most beautiful person I have ever seen AND she is 34.. I seriously thought she was like 22. she is the most put together and classy person ever. Man I think I'm in love! hahaha ;) but we are hoping maybe she will become more interested in the gospel..

Ok I also met the nicest Russian on the face of the planet!!! Her name is CBeta (sveta) and she is a member here. we traveled in the rain to find her house which was hard to find and it was raining so I was a bit flabbergasted.  We went to her apartment (which is actually huge in Russian standards) and she offered us milk so I declined and then she kept persisting so we said yes and THEN SHE BROUGHT OUT ALL OF THESE COOKIES AND TREATS THAT SHE HAD BOUGHT JUST FOR THE MISSIONARIES. so we got to sit on her nice comfy couch in the warm and drink milk and have pastries while she read us a general conference talk and it was literally the best day of my mission so far haha. She is so nice!!! she has really bad scoliosis and her son left her daughter in law and grandson so she talked to us about that and I could just see how sweet she is. man she is amazing. she also talked to me in Russian!!! it was the best. people here don't really like to talk to me because I can't understand but she talked slow and I got to show her pictures of my family and she asked about everyone and we even talked about curt and marina and man. I could just feel her love. She is amazing!

Next we have what I like to call Frustrating Friday hahaha In the morning we went to take a less active treats. It took us a long time to find her house and when we did she said she didn't want the treats so we didn't even get to talk to her. Later that evening we had plans to meet with Larissa so we bought her flowers and then rode the tramby a ways a way and then got to her house and she wasn't there and wasn't answering our calls... So we decided to take the flowers to another less active that lived nearby and went there and the person said that it wasn't the same house.... SO. after literally every meeting had fallen through it was finally time to go home but we still had these flowers. I saw this lady on the street and in my very very broken Russian told her that our friend wasn't home and asked if she would take the flowers for us. she was really hesitant when we walked up to her but when I gave her the flowers her face just lit up and she was trying to hide her smile. It definitely made my day and it made me realize that sometimes the best things come when plans don't work out how we would like them to:) we also talked to a really nice Jehovah's witness on the tramby which was awesome.

We went contacting to the botanical gardens again- i would look that up.. but idk if they have pics online. but boy it is pretty there! Last week I went on splits with sister summers there and we met a man named vladimir.. well this week we saw the same vladimir and he recognized me so we stopped and talked again! he was with his old friend who is also named vladimiar who could "control the elements" so yeah that was a really fun and interesting conversation! they were super nice though. I opened up the book of Mormon for the 1st vladimir and he was so interested in the picture of Jesus on the American continent. he says he really doesn't want to know more but I saw how he looked at that picture:) maybe we will see him again!

Funny story: we were teaching a recent convert who is 19 and her member friend (who is also 19) Anna and Marina. (SHOUT OUT TO MARINA JOHNSON hahahaha) and we were talking about commandments and I was trying to tell them that while I was in the MTC my testimony of the word of wisdom and the law of chastity grew because I recognized how they helped my life but somehow it came out as "When I learned about the law of chastity I thought, "I cant do this!!" hahaha so luckily Sister McMurray was there to help me out hahaha.

Other funny story: (Its another tramby incident haha) I was trying to get off of a tramby fast so I ran to the door and my purse looped around the railing so I thought someone was trying to grab my purse; so I screamed and by then I was on flat ground and looked up at the railing and saw my purse all tied up haha. man yeah that was embarrassing. after I got it unhooked I yelled in "Bco Hapasho!" which means "It's all good!" haha oh man

I am so happy to be here! my favorite talk this week was "the prodigal son" from I think 2 conferences ago. I love it. I also finished the BOM this week! woo hoo!

I love you all and I will be thinking of you immensly this thanksgiving! I love you so much and I am thankful for you!!


С большой любовью,
сестра Price

Monday, November 16, 2015

Nov 16th - Miracles and the Mall

Hello friends and family!

Thank you so much for your letters!!! I absolutely love them! really they are wonderful so thank you!

This week has been a lot better as far as homesickness goes so thank you for your thoughts and prayers! I have felt them!!!

This week has been a really good week!!

Last P-day we went to the mall and oh my golly goodness I was taken aback. It is the nicest mall I have ever seen. Way nicer than any mall in America which I find to be crazy because when you walk out onto the street you think, "is this the same place?" hahah crazy. I also had blenis which were so good!

Tuesday we did service for an inactive. We drove really far away from the city and walked down these old farm-like paths and finally got to her dacha (like a summer house). Boy it was spooky hahah. They hadn't actually finished the dacha so it was this huge cement building with a whole bunch of overgrown weeds and just crazy stuff haha. If you have seen any scary movie ever, this house was probably in that movie haha. Plus the day was foggy and there were lots of dogs barking and stuff. hahaha spooky!!! :) but we worked in her yard which was fun! Then after she wanted to have a bonfire and roast potatoes but we couldn't do that because of rules you know.... but she had set up this table full of apples and nuts- pretty much just everything she had (also the things that she got from her garden that day) so we sat for a little while and ate apples and nuts:) she also offered us milk, but we couldn't have it because it was like real life milk haha. so we refused and she was a bit annoyed with us and then said, "well OK at least have some water!" (and mind you- we can't drink the water here, we have like big storage containers we drink out of.. and we bleach all of our food..) but she said that and we all looked over at her water and we could literally see bugs at the bottom so we had to refuse that too hahaha oh man... but she was a sweetheart and it was really fun to do service! the sisters don't get a lot of opportunities to do service here because it is "man's work" psh. whatever. I could do it better than anyone!!!! :) (still working on my pride out here in the field!!! :))

Russians are really weird about what they think is acceptable for women to do and not to do. They are really worried about fertility so they don't think women can sit on the floor or sit on cold seats because they will go infertile.. also people think you are crazy if you eat ice cream this time of the year and they will yell at you for doing so haha. also you have to wear tights here (as opposed to bare legs) or else the babushkas will hit you with an umbrella (hahah true story!!!)

This week we contacted an old woman and when we asked if she needed help she looked at us and gave me this HUGE hug and she gave me a couple of kisses!!! hahahah man it was so weird. I thought that maybe I just didn't recognize her or something... but nope!!!! hahah man she was so happy to see me and sister Mcmurray because she has two grand kids who need wives. oh man hahahahaha many marriage proposals here in Russia for any American girl haha. but yes she continued to tell us all about her two boys and how they needed wives and told us about them and then asked what ones we wanted hahaha. She was also a very very touchy person and was like really into me for some reason hahaha..... yyyyeeeeeeaaaahhhhh hahhaa oh man. During that same contacting block we met a really promising potential! it was so great too because that morning had been a little bit rough... :) :)

Here are my miracles of the week:

Last Monday morning when we were going to service, I had felt a little bit of a wave of homesickness (ok maybe a lot:)) and so I prayed so hard to just let me be happy and be able to do the service and have a great day.. but also not to forget about family or friends. We went to the bus stop and I was feeling better... but then.... the cutest little girl with down syndrome got off of the bus:) she was probably about 6 years old and I just felt the spirit when I saw her. I could feel the love of my Savior comforting me and helping me through this time:) I then also got to see her play with a puppy that was at the same bus stop:) definitely such a tender mercy! and then the puppy came and played with us too while we were waiting for a different bus:) oh man such a cool experience! I testify Christ knows us and knows what we are going through. and he wants to help us! He wants us to feel his love! I know this to be true:)

We had one really great lesson this week with our investigator Anna about the book of Mormon! 80% of the branch is inactive so we spend a lot of our time visiting them and taking treats and flowers and such:)

update on pregnant Julia: still can't tell if she is really pregnant or not, but this week we are leaning towards no:) I'll keep you posted!!!

This week we were sitting at a bus stop and this guy ran out of a car and took a picture of us sitting there and then ran back to the car... so we had to go home a little bit early that day. But everyone is safe and it really isn't that big of a deal:)

Larissa came to church!! we went and visited her this week and talked about sacrament and I was a little bit nervous because we were a little frank with her about how important church was BUT SHE CAME!! really so neat:)

We went to the pblhok today (ree-nok) and man it is so cool! I bought socks. I am obsessed with socks hahahaha. But man it is like this underground place with just like thousands of these little stores just selling everything and anything. if the black market was a place I think it might look like that hhaahaha but man it is so cool!

I have seen 2 black people in Russia.

The Russian is.. coming!!! haha oh man.. Russian. I can really clearly understand when people say "she doesn't understand a lot of Russia" but that's about it!!! hahaha no just teasing. I have actually seen a lot of great things coming from my language studies! it's coming!

I love you all! thank you for your support and love! I miss and love you but I am loving it here in Russia!!!! :) :) :)


HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY JARED. I too remember when I turned 16. You've got some great years ahead of you! ;)

С большой любовью,
сестра Price

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bus Doors

Hello hello!

Oh my golly goodness I am so happy to say that I don't hav as much to write as I did last week! haha. 

This week has been good! Not as many crazy things have happened and I am so incredibly grateful for that! :)

We visited with some members and in-actives this week! We met with a in-active whose name is Valentina. She tried to hide from us, but we told her that we brought her a gift so she let us in! (when in doubt, buy either a flower or a snickers bar for your inactives hahaha) She is a sweetheart but our lesson was really odd. She has been baptized but we don't know how long ago or anything like that... but she would know really random things but not others.. for example she knew what baptism symbolized and knew exactly where the church was... but then she said she didn't know who Joseph Smith was or if she thought there was a God and offered us tea.... So! we are going to try and figure out what will be best for her:) 

We had a member lesson with Natalia! and boy we didn't teach that lesson! haha she is this sweet babushka with no teeth who practically yells when she speaks. well no, not practically, she does yell hahaha. She had 8 kids! THAT IS CRAZY. Well I guess sssuppppeeerrrrr crazy by Russian standards. If you have 1 kid in Russia you are craz and if you have more than 2 you are really crazy haha. I miss seeing families around! but anyway.. so she has had 8 kids and used to be a professional ballerina! she is so awesome:) She showed us lots of pictures and told us stories about her trips to the temple. Man these members here are amazing:) If you have a temple recommend, I would PLEASE ASK you to go to the temple this week! It is such a blessing and I think we have all taken the temple for granted in our lives:) so please go to the temple and if you don't have a temple recommend work towards one or spend some time on the grounds:) can you do that for me? :):):)

Anyway, after our "lesson" haha she asked us if we could help her with cleanig the church basemet so we went and helped her with that and boy oh boy I have never met anyone so particular about how to mop! she asked me to mop and so I was trying to mop but she kept yelling at me in russian and trying to show m how to do it and then Sister mcmurray was tring to translate so I had these two sisters just staring at me/yelling at me at how to correctly mop haha so I was trying and trying and trying and trying an she kept yellig "harder!!" so then I like did it really hard and kinda started jokingly screaming out of frustration haha. Then they both got quiet and the babushka said "see! now you know how to do it right." hahah man we laughed about that and after that it wasn't so tense haha. 

We also went and visited a less active sister named You-lee-ya (julia but russian haha). We had a lesson planned and we were really excited but we knew that she lived pretty far away and it would probably take like 3 hours there and back so we were hussling. We bought a snickers before we went there (see either a snickers or a flower haha) and found her house. She was super sweet and let us in! but her brother was there visiting and sleeping and their houses are so small we can't like just have a lesson so we dropped off her snickers. She was in a robe and she kept like grabbing her stomach and told us she was feelig a little sick so that was the other reason we didn't stay.. Well we started going down the stairs and sister mcmurray asks, "did she look pregnant to you?" haha oh man. So yeah she is a baptized member who like a couple of months ago told the other sisters she was going to be married in January an they thought it was really weird... well now we might know why! I told sister mcmurray that the only thing that would have been weirder would have been if we prepared a lesson on the law of chastity and she said "well we talked about temple marriage last lesson so we might as well!" hahaha oh man. yeah that was funny haha. then our saying that night was "we drove three hours to bring you a snickers!" hahahahaha 

This week we were getting off of a bus an people were taking a long time to get off the bus. Sister Mcmurray had already gotten off the bus though so I really needed to get off so I stated to go but the bus door started to close so I panicked and just kept going and they got me! my legs and bottom half was in the bus and my head a arm was outside hahaha. I was stuck in betwen the bus doors just wide eyed as sister Mcmurray was pulling on my arm and my legs were still in the bus. I could hear this Russian man yelling from inside th bus too and then they finally opened them but Sister Mcmurra was like pullig pretty hard on my arm so I did this spin fall backflip thing(haha just kiding not the backflip) but yeah that was fun!!! hahaha oh man. 

Russia is hard. hahahahahaa 

I love you all and things here are just dandy! So far it has been a lot warmer than I expected:) 
I know this church is true and I love and miss ou all. please go to chick fil a and in N out this week for me! (oh and the temple:))

С большой любовью,сестра Price

Tuesday, November 3, 2015



hello my dear friends and family:)

let us all take one big deep breath together:)

first off, 
THANK YOU so much for your love and emails! I love to hear from everyone and I read every letter! I am still working on having time to respond to everyone, so if I don't respond I am terribly sorry but I can tell you that I thouroughly enjoyed your letters! :) :) :) :) :) 




OK but first things first I will start off with my travel and just give you kind of a play by play of my time here in Russia haha. 
we flew to NY which was 4 hours and then to Moscow which was 9 hours. man that plane was cramped haha. We made it to moscow and the airport seemed like really abandoned which was weird but also really nice after NY crazy airport. We walked out and met a man who said he was from the church... but one of the sisters didn't believe him so she made him show his credentials and everything hahahaha. man it was kind of funny.. and made the rest of the trip just a bit awkward. no vot! he was who we needed hhaa and he was a sweetheart. We drove throught Moscow to get to the US embassy... and I have to be completely ho
nest here... I was a little bit worried about what my time was going to be like here in Russia. They have these giant apartment buildings that just look like communism. It's terrible to say but... well anyway I was just very shocked and a little bit worried because it just felt very... eerie?? but then we got more into the city and it was absolutely gorgeous:) I fell asleep in the car (as did everyone else) but I did see some pretty cool bridges and buildings! man it is just so russian here hahaha. but yes that was a fun trip. 
Then we went back to the airport and everyone just felt like so incredibly terrible ahha I have never been so tired in my life! One of the sisters got quite sick but felt better after she let some of the borscht come back up :/ haha man it was rough. We also went to this restaurant  in the airport and they brought like 3 ectra 10 dollar burgers and so that kind of was a mess hahaha so we just paid a lot of money for a really crumy meal!!! hahahah BUT VOT (vot means like see or behold) we made it to Rostov! It was night time and we met the miners and boy it was so nice to see a face I knew. 

We made it back to the mission home with lovely chicken noodle soup and a warm bed:) the next morning we met our trainers! my trainer is sister mcmurray and she is wonderful:) we had balenies (oh gosh haha that's not how you spell it) but like russian pancakes that are like crepes. they were SSOOO GOOD.  I put like bananas and nutella on them so it was pretty much a dessert. Oh and we can get peanut butter here we just get it throught sister miner. then we had training! which was good because I learned lots of wonderful things but it was also very boring! hahah but so good. Then that night me and sister mcmurray joined sister jameson and sister eliason to Zapony and joined their apartment. man I can't even explain the love I feel for russia. We were driving on a train and I just felt so much love and excitement and curiosity and I know that it was such a blessing becuase I was so nervous about it being super american or it being super like I don't even know-- but I was worried haha. sO all day when we were drivving down the streets or passing people I just felt this extreme love. I was actually sitting on a bus and I let jsut a couple of tears fall because I just felt this love and excitement and appreciation for Russia. I definietly think it was one of my "oh my goodness I love russia" moments:) I LOVE RUSSIA!!! The sisters lived on i think the 9th floor and we took this old haha old and just ratchety elevator that was like the scariest elevator ever up to their apartment. I had very low expectations of their apartment... but man IT WAS SO NICE!!! like really. I looked out the window too and was just overwhelmed by the view. ok I am taking too long... we went and that night we contacted and no one wanted to hear! haha but in our last 10 minutes we met a very nice lady who didn't want to hear but was nice:) :) 

The next day we headed to Krasnador (which is my actual area) and I couldn't see a lot because we got there in the evening, but the next day I got to see more and it is BEAUTIFUL. everyone says I am so lucky to be in Krasnador (nicest city) and to be with sister mcmurray (nicest trainer:)) so definieily feeling blessed!!! OK. and. I don't want to brag. but our aPARTMENT IS SO NICE. I FEEL LIKE A MILLIONAIRE hahah man yeah they take care of the sisters:) I am still waiting to have like a really really russian meal, and I think we might do that today on the renik (ree-nick?) but sister mcmurray has taken really good care of me. Ok sorry I just HAVE SO MANY WORDS THIS IS LIKE THE MOST STRESSFUL THING EVER. ok yeah and I talked to a lady on our first day on the bus in zapony..... didn't understand a word she said but somehow we made it through that one!!! hahaha

we have been contacting a couple of times. 
The Kachers are here (from the 70) and they have been doing activities and sacraments and zone conferences which have been super great! we had an activity on sat. night that we were able to go to (cuz our invesitagtor was there) and these three russians sang love at home and I... yeah I shed a few tears hahah. I just couldn't believe I was in russia and they were singing love at home and they just sounded terrible but they were just so happy and man... it is one of my favorite memories:) I have also seen some of the most beautiful things here. I was sitting on a bus and there was a little girl standing and facing the sunlight all dressed up so cute in this dingy little trolley and the sun was just hitting her face and she was just smiling and giggling... but the best part was that she was blind:) she was just sitting and talking with her grandma and just taking in the sunlight and man I just loved it., 

ok I am running out of time

we went street contacting with sister kacher and sister miner (yeah NO PRESSURE!!!!) haha and it was fine. We met a really cool potential whose name is Bella and she is interested in english classes and maybe a bit of the gospel?\
OK and here is my coolest story of the week: We have lots of different rules than regular missions... and I think we kind of already knew about this haha. but we just can't talk to men at all like contacting... there are some different rules and stuff with teaching and yada ya da (mostly because i don't know them all yet)  but yes we are not supposed to talk to men at all. so I was sitting on the trolley thing and this man comes and sits next to me. He was older but I just didn't talk to him. Well I had a book of mormon on my lap (which we aren't actually allowed to give out... hahah yeah its a  little bit differnt of a mission haha) but yeah so I had it on my lap and he started talking to me and boy haha didn't understand that! but he started pointing at the BOM and got really into it (just because he is like that I think- not because he was mad or anythign) and I got out that he had a book of mormon!!!! so I testified of it!!! and he said a lot of othere things!!!!! and i just testified !!!! haha and we got off at the same stop and then sis. mcmurry helped me and anyway he met with the missionaries before and has a bom and pretty much he might be our next investigator:) which reminds me of the account of the loaves and fishes. in the account of John, the specify that it was a lad that brought the loaves and fishes. He brought all that he could and the Lord helped him the rest of the way and boy oh boy have I seen that in my short time here:)

We had Zone conf yesterday with pres kacher which was awesome! He also asked to have an interview with me so I had an interview with a member of the quorum of the 70 yesterday ! crazy

we went to a members house (less active) and drew on fruit and told them we did it in american too for pumpkins hahaha man. 

OK here is a crazy story but I want to let you know that everyone is safe and good. Two days ago, On sunday, we had had a pretty crazxy and stresful day with the kachers. it was just a crazy crazy day and we were kinda feeling down and exhausted haha and we were sitting and eating dinner and sister mcmnurrary says "hey we should call the sisters" so we called the sisters. It rang once. They answered and were screaming "FIRE FIRE FIRE" so oh man. so scary. so we just dropped everything and ran down to their apartment. Sist. mcmurry actually grabbed salt on our way down. we didn't know how big of a deal it was, but when we opened the door we smelled smoke. so we booked it down the stairs. We got to their floor and saw their door cracked open. I didn't see any smoke so I didn't think it was a big deal but then we got closer and the smoke was THICK. we ran in the kitchen and there was a grease pan on fire and I kid you not the flame was about 3-4 feet high. yeah. and the sisters were inshock so they were just standing there. S mcmurray starts screaming "CALL SOMEONE" but like holy cow no one knows who to call because no one is nearby and calling the police would probablymake it worse... so we are just frantic. I keep thinking about the balcony which is like through the hallway and through some doors. and so I grabbed the pan and crouched down (which I am now teased for because I was crouching hard core hahaha) (haha ninja mode) and just like ran out and set it on the balcony- flames still flying haha. that gave us some time and then sis mcmurray poured salt on it and it went out. but yeah holy cow. Ss mcmurray called the exact moment they were running to grab the phone to call someone. I don't Think I need to tell you how blessed and inspired that expereince was and honestly I keep it pretty close to my heart. I really can see the Lord's hand and help in my work here aalready and sister mcmurray was very very sure to tell me that things like that don't happen very often hahahahahah yeah IT HAS BEEN A CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY WEEK hahhaah man. But man. The holy ghost leads and guides us and I have a really strong testimony of that. Ask the Lord-- He will answer

Sister Sue and James Family. I love you so much. 

Sister Parrish. I love you and your family. 

I have a testimony this church is true and that the spirit speaks to us:) The Lord is ever mindful of us!!! I love you all and I am happy and healthy and safe! Thank you for your prayers:) 

Also yogurt here is SSSSOOOOO GGOOOOOD like I think it is my favorite food here ( and that is saying something I don't like yogurt! ) 
the light switches are outside of the bathrooms
they have like towel heating racks in every bathroom
it is absolutely gorgeous here:)
and tell grandma the sunsets are beautiful:) (especially from the 13th floor!! AWWW YEAH!!!) 

I feel so blessed:)
I love you all:)

please feel fee to share this with anyone mom! I love you:)

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