Thursday, May 19, 2016

Yeah missionary work!

Wow this week was great!
I don't have a lot of time so I want to share three experiences:

1. We went to the same Oxxx that we served last week ( we bought her medicine.) We bought some flowers and decided to drop in and try and talk to her and get to know her. We went up to the door, not really knowing what to expect, and knocked on the door and she opened up the door with this huge smile! She let us in and we gave her the flowers and she wanted us to talk with her! We went in and talked about our families and she showed us pictures of her granddaughter. We shared a scripture with her and that was just about all that we did. Near the end of the little chat, she says, "I am so glad that you came today! you know it is crazy that you came today. Usually at this time I am sleeping and turn off my phone. And you know what else is crazy? I felt the chills all up and down my arms when I saw you at the door." We then ended our visit by praying with her at the door right before we left. We didn't have a big lesson with her-- she isn't our new investigator and doesn't have a baptismal date, but we as missionaries were able to help her feel the love of God:) It was such a tender mercy for me this week especially because after skyping home I just thought, "yeah why the heck am I here?" hahaha it was such a sweet little tender mercy of the Lord for me and I hope for Oxxx too! :)

2. We had another crazy miracle this week with the Cxxxxx family. I have been trying to get in with the Cxxxxx family since I got here in Krasnodar-- which has been about 7 months-- oh my! 7 months is that right??!?!? and so we headed out to their house. We headed to their house and waited and waited and waited and waited outside the door.... finally her daughter answered the door!  We brought some chocolate and just wanted to give it to the mom but the daughter said, "well it will probably be better if you give her the chocolate yourselves! come back tomorrow after 6." 
So we left honestly pretty disappointed hahahaha. BUT! We had someone home and we were so ready to come back! The next day was crazy and right after our lesson with Lxxx (which I will talk more about later..;)) we headed back out to the Cxxxxx... and they answered the door again! and let us in! and they were getting dinner ready! so we waited! and then had a borscht dinner with the whole entire Cxxxxx family! The mom and her three daughters and two sons. It was seriously such a miracle. We got to know each other and had the yummiest borscht of my life and then planned to come over and talk again- but after examines so in the middle of June. IT WAS SUCH A MIRACLE!!! so cool:)  I also don't know if I mentioned last week that we got in with another one of the ladies that we have been trying to get in with for 7 months. SO COOL!!! 

3. Thursday was fun! we went and decorated a less active youth's door and then we had a lesson with Lxxx and Vxxx. The lesson was great and was about the plan of salvation! Lxxx told us about how hard it is for her to stop smoking-- it just seems like a super hard time right now, but she hasn't smoked and is just working so hard! And then.. we set a baptismal date with Lxxx!!! June 11th!!!! so cool! Is it a coincidence that I received my mission call the same weekend last year?? haha idk maybe so hahahaha but still cool! I am worried I will be transferred and won't be here for the baptism.. but IDK posmotreem (we'll see) BUT YEAH HOW COOL! It has just been so neat to see the atonement of Christ already working in her life and how she is just so eager and willing to change. SO COOL!!! 

I guess we also painted a fence this week which was pretty fun. and we sang again on krasnaya which was awesome. aaaaannnnnddddd just some other regular stuff haha. I feel like we eat the same thing every single day hahaha. I thought maybe some more like mashed potato packets or Mexican rice would be cool. and I am always a fan for hot Cheetos:):):):) 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! I miss you all:) 

Can't believe it is like summer time!??! I think this time of the year is the time of the year that I most want to be home haha. I just want to sit on the deck and play the ukulele and have a gosh darn hamburger hahahahaha (maybe don't put that on the blog hahaha) 

I love you and miss you all!!! 

sseeeester preeeece... sssuuuuurrrrpppprrreeeeeessssssssee

С большой любовью,сестра Price

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