Monday, June 27, 2016

мы переехали!

I don't know if I spelled that right, BUT WE MOVED!!!

man this week was just crazy. 

Monday night we went looking for less actives and neither one of them answered so we had a great night of street contacting! We actually ran into another less active on our way to the other less active and talked to her for a bit so that was pretty neat too. It was definitely a tender mercy! 

Tuesday we did some great contacting by the River but IT IS JUST SO HOT there is like no one outside. So  Sister Greenwood and I were talking about boats and boating and just how badly we wanted to jump in the water...and right as we said that this gorgeous (and silent haha) tour-like boat passes us in the river and we just both went quiet and watched the boat pass with our mouths wide open haha and it was so funny! BUT YES SUPER HOT!!! then that night we went to Axxx to teach him but it didn't end up working out. We went there and bought ice cream and everything to help them cool down and then they weren't there.. they also live super far away so we just went home and tried not to cry as we ate our ice cream in our sweat puddles. hahahahahaha just kidding. We got to see Karin ( I realized I spelled it like Karen in our last email.. you say it like car-in.. карен) and some other hooligans which was nice. 

Wednesday all of our plans fell through except for the plan to go apartment hunting with the Sisters so we went and looked at a couple of apartments with them and a cute realtor but then we ended up not liking those ones. The other sister had to leave but the realtor had more places to show us, so we went with her and WE FOUND AN APARTMENT!!! yay!! It is crazy cool hahaha and SO BIG. haha our last apartment was just two rooms, the kitchen and then the living room/bedroom and in this one we have a bedroom and a living room and a kitchen! So cool haha. Then that night we taught English which was good but also not very good because we had a lot of like comments that were really racist and political and one was from a member of the church (THE SAME HOOLIGAN THAT FOUGHT WITH OUR INVESTIGATOR MIND YOU - yeah don't put that in there haha) but it was just kind of a bummer. But we were able to take to Nxxxx about her trip to the temple- she is the only youth member in the Txxxxx branch and so she comes up here sometimes for activities and went with the youth on the temple trip. SHE IS SO AWESOME! 
Thursday we helped Oxxxxx put up wallpaper. Yeah who knew we can just put up our own wallpaper???? Well we can hahahaha. Oxxxx is awesome. I will try and send pics

Friday we packed and then went back to Kxxxx and Axxx and cxxxx and lxxxx and taught the plan of salvation. It was a great lesson! We used this little puzzle thing and it definitely helped us stay focused:) Cxxx- the little girl that is probably about 3 or 4 asked me as we were sitting there, "почему вы все красны??" which is "why are you all red???" hahahah it was so funny! she also asked why I don't have any eyebrows so I guess all those years of teasing Zach is coming back to bite me hahahahah. I also gave them the play dough that you sent me mom and THEY ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! seriously they were just playing and playing and playing and even the mom lxxxx was playing and saying, "I have never seen anything like this before!!" so cool and sweet:0 so thank you mom! and they said to tell you thanks!! 

Friday we finished packing up our whole house which was an adventure.. Sister Greenwood and I just laughed and laughed last night as we were laying in bed thinking about how it is crazy how long we have been together and that we had to move together and that we are now just like an old married couple. haha man. 

But yeah we packed all day Friday and then we finished packing Saturday. the Johnstons came and helped us take down our bunk bed and table and then helped us clean. we ate at the sisters all together (because we used ot live in the same building.. going to  miss that!) and then us the johnstons, the sisters and elders all helped us move into our new apartment and then stayed the night helping us clean our new apartment. CRAZY
We still are not quite settled in.. but getting there. we also keep finding funny things that we didn't see before or just funny things keep happening. We slept in our apartment last night and then night before and we have these two beds right next to each other. Last night, sister greenwood was telling me that she thought the bed broke a little the night before. so she gets into bed all ready for the night and I ask her if it feels broken and she says, "yeah it feels a little saggy" and I kid you not right after that, the bed breaks hahahahaha. Man it was so funny. 

But anyway. Yesterday was a miracle day at church!! we had so many less actives and some new people and old people and young people! It was just awesome. BUT THE BEST PART... LXXX CAME BACK TO CHURCH!!! Our old investigator that had a baptismal date! she stayed for all three hours and then asked us to do a lesson with her. It was awesome and such a miracle:)

Also Sister Greenwood forgot how to lead during sacrament so a cute member on the back row just stood up and was helping her lead haha. I didn't see it but she was telling me about it and how she was just so lost and looked at the very back and he was just waving his arms. She said she still couldn't get it but that it was a good help hahahha. 

Man crazy weird week this week. Hoping we can settle down and get back into the work. 

I love you and miss you all! tell my goober brothers to email me. 

Love ya! 

С большой любовью,сестра Price

Monday, June 20, 2016

This Week

This week was great! wow! I loved it!

We need to move and our lady that is supposed to help us quit so now it is just all the missionaries job so we have been looking for apartments and we found a really really REALLY nice one and we are supposed to live there if everything works out! so we might be moving this week. CROSS YOUR FINGERS!!! :) 

Monday we had an awesome meeting with the lxxxxxxxx family that I visited with Sister McMurray.. so the last time we got in with them was like 6 or 7 maybe 8 months ago?? (heck i don't know.. what month is it ?? haha) but it was such an awesome meeting! We had chocolate cake that was delicious and it looked like the cake from matilda so i shared that movie with her and i pretty much think that we are good friends now haha. 

We went to Axxxxx's on her birthday! It was fun haha man I love her. she is awesome. She loves doing the crossword puzzle and can't see very well so she just always has this big magnifying glass in front of her face when she does the puzzle, but then forgets to take it down when she talks to us haha. her friend txxxxxxx went over with us again too. They are just a hoot! 

We visited Vxxxxxxx and to our surprise, lxxxxx and her kids where there too! with the neighbor kids! so we just had this huge party haha. We tried to give a spiritual thought-- and we did, but man it was hard because I swear everything bad that could have gone bad happend haha. The swing broke that sxxxx was swinging in, kxxxx fell off a bike he wasn't supposed to be on and scraped his leg and hit his head, the kids were killing lizards and just running and falling everywhere and to top it all off sxxxxx fell out of the wheelbarrow and cut her lip open and so she was bleeding everywhere. So then I almost passed out and it was just a nightmare hahahahahhahahahaha. I am just teasing. It really wasn't bad, but it was just kind of comical everything that was happening haha. I love both vxxxxxxxx and lxxxx. They are cuties and just such the greatest moms:) SO CUTE!! 

We had our last lesson with Nxxxxxxx before he left for work. We taught him about fasting and tithing and fast offerings and everything was good. He has been taught all of the lessons and is ready for baptism. Now we just need to wait for him to come back:) keep him in your prayers that he can retain his testimony that he has gained. Don't we all need those kinds of prayers??:)

I went on splits with Sister Kennard and it was SO good:) Sister Kennard is amazing and is just so sweet and caring. It was a great day! 

Saturday we went FAR out of the city and served a member out there. She fed us the most delicious soup and cabbage stuff and we painted her fences. She is such a cutie:)

Well i feel like I don't have many words this week! It was a really good week! 

I have been a bit more homesick these past couple of weeks than I have lately. Not nearly as bad as when I first came out, but just know I am thinking of you all and missing you all a lot:)


please eat some strawberries and cream for me. 

OH the temple trip! I heard it was great! One youth (well I guess young single adult.. I think he is my age or older) went on the temple trip to take out his endowments and was stopped in St. Petersburg and wasn't allowed to cross the border... so he did not make it to the temple.. but the rest of the group did. I know doesn't that just tear at your heart strings?? But they got back today and I heard it was just wonderful. 
I love you all! 
С большой любовью,сестра Price

Monday, June 13, 2016


Wow this week was great! 
The Missionaries!

I feel like this week we were really made instruments in the hands of the Lord because we had a lot of really cool lessons and we talked to a lot of really cool people! 

We met with Nxxxxx twice this week. We taught him the Word of Wisdom and law of chastity and he totally is good with them! haha but it was kind of a nightmare on our law of chastity lesson because we had a member that we invited there.. and a member that was in the room and wouldn't leave hahah which was fine! but during the lesson we starting talking about forgiveness and he starting arguing with the other member and then started arguing with Nxxxxxx. Yeah TALK ABOUT A NIGHTMARE. ugh man yeah that was rough. I finally had to just yell at the member that was arguing to get him to stop haha.. not my proudest missionary moment:) But we talked to Nxxxxx after and he seemed a little upset, but I think everything is ok. He came to church on Sunday too and he has finally figured out his work schedule. He is leaving on the 19th and will be gone for a month.. and wants to be baptized when he comes back. I shed a couple of tears after talking to him haha. In a month, it will be the end of the transfer. I don't know which makes me more sad, being transferred after this transfer or staying hahaha. UGH. but the good news is that his will probably be baptized, just maybe not when I am here:) 

It was so funny when we were teaching the Word of Wisdom because we told him all the things that we can't have and then we are waiting to see if he had anything to say and he is just quiet for a little bit and then says, "water" and then started explaining why water was so good hhaahahahah man it was so funny. Also after our law of chastity lesson, we were walking to the tramby stop and we are just getting on the tramby and I say, "thanks Nxxxxxx we love you!" and he seems a little taken off guard and then says, "Sisters, I respect you!" hahahahah man it was just so funny. He is so cute! 

We also went to a Russian hospital this week to meet with a former/potential. We were just planning on going up to her room, but the hospital has like this gate thing and they will only let one person go up at a time so we just stayed down in the lobby as they came down to us. It was Axxxxxxx and Gxxxxxx. they are just these two cute old people who say they practically live at the hospital. Gxxxxxx is just the cutest old man and reminds me of Santa and Grandpa Price. We went out and started walking and talking together and getting ot know them (because they called us and asked us to come and we don't know who they are haha) and I got the worst nose bleed. (I seem to be getting them more often then ever before?? I've had like 3 really bad ones) so the next 30 minutes Gxxxxxx was just a cutie and helped me with my giant nose bleed as Sister Greenwood and Axxxxxxxxx got to know each other:) Gxxxxxxx has actually read the book of Mormon too! yeah I know right??? at the end of our meeting, they asked us to help at the hospital. Which I don't really think we can do.. but yeah haha anyway they were cute. 

We met with Axxxxxx and she said that she doesn't feel any love from the branch.. Only after railing on us for about 40 minutes. We were just speechless. But it was one of my favorite lessons. We didn't really say anything but she just told us everything she doesn't agree with or believe. and then kept going and said she doesn't feel the love. We didn't even try to help her with her concerns- she doesn't want us to help her through them . We just told her that we love her and we are going to her house for her birthday this week:) 

Friday we had zone conference and it was awesome! We learned lots of great things but the coolest thing happened during a role play that Sister Greenwood and I had with President Miner. The Zone leaders asked us to practice teaching using the pamphlets and then to role play it in conference with another missionary. Well we ended up teaching President Miner (who was playing someone else- you know how it works haha) and pretty much the spirit was so strong we had to stop because we had brought President to tears:) I was holding back tears too. It was really neat! Really really cool and honestly one of the coolest moments on my mission. 

On a less serious note, the Sisters sang the song "Consider the Lillie's" and there is a line that says "consider the sweet tender children" and our biggest goal for zone conference was to not laugh at that line because the night before we read it as, "the sweet tender chicken.." added to the fact that we had KFC for lunch hahahah.. well we didn't laugh so it was a success!! haha 

We went out to the cemetery with Rxxxxxx yesterday and met his mom:) it was a really sweet experience:)

We also met with our investigator who loves chess, Sxxxxxx at the park 
we met Rxxxxxxx's wife 
ugh just so much to say but no time. 

I guess I will just leave you with this thought that Sister Kennard shared with us for Zone Conference. We were talking about faith and this was pretty much the majority of the thought:
when ever I heard about having faith to move mountains, I always thought about the whole mountain moving in an instant--a magic occurance. I have learned now though that it isn't like that.. but having faith to move mountains means having enough faith to go to the mountain everyday and take one rock and move it to a different place. And do the same thing every day until you have done enough work and moved enough little rocks to eventually move a mountain. Maybe one day you can take 5 and maybe the other day you just bring a pebble:)

I thought about this and I absolutely LOVE it. The day we found Nxxxxxx, I can honestly tell you I did not have faith to set a baptismal date or teach all the lessons in an hour.. BUT I did have enough faith to say hello to someone with the intentions of asking them about God and giving them a card. I just see how with Nxxxxxxx I have seen how my own faith has grown and I think it has grown in the same way that is talked about in the moving mountains parable. I look back and see the mountain that we have moved.. even though it started with the pebble of talking to someone on the street:)

I love you all and hope you have a great week! 

Monday, June 6, 2016


funny story: 
In primary, there is a window that opens up to this little ledge that the kids like to play on so sometmes the kids get away and "jump out the window" onto the little ledge and then scoot on their bums down to the ground and it happened a few weeks ago when Sister Kennard first got to primary. She said she wrote an email home entitled "it is all fun and games until someone jumps out of a window" anticipating writing about primary... and she forgot to write about it!!!! hahahah man I thought that was so funny hahah ANYWAY 
Spreading the word!

This week was great! On Monday we had our last P-day hoorah as a district so we played some sick volleyball and then went and ate at subway together! It was fun but also so sad hahah. I loved that district and I was with Elder Tolokonikov and Elder Tucker and Sister Moore for SIX MONTHS OF MY MISSION! It is just crazy and hard to see people leave! But I am excited for the new district:) they are already awesome! 

Uhh I don't have a lot of time so I will just share a few experiences from this week. 

First off this week was super hard for Sister Greenwood and I. Like super hahaha. BUT I read the general conference talk "Beware of Pride" and it was definitely humbling (ba dum tsssss) and we are working hard together to idk be better! hahahah I just really feel like I am in the refiners fire right now and I am feeling the heat:) But it is so awesome to see and feel myself changing. The Lord is teaching me some great lessons right now- I just don't really know what or why or how it will help me hahaha;) But we had a good old talk and things are just dandy now and I think it can only go up from here:) 

We met with Nxxxxx two different times this week. He is just so incredibly awesome and just wow oh wow. Here is the thing about teaching Nxxxxx-- we don't understand a word he says hahahahahaha. Seriously we have such a hard time! He talks so fast and goes off on these rants and he has this weird russian accent thing where all of his "g's" are "h's" and a little bit of a stutter and I think he is very poetic hahaha so all around we just sit there and nod our heads and just pray our guts out haha. It is gets a little bit easier with every lesson but wow. Still hard hhahaha. But we taught him the Plan of Salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Member Dxxxxx helped us on both and he is just awesome. But the last lesson we had, Nxxxxx was telling about a time when he was on a mountain or something and how he just felt free and it must have been quite the experience because his arms were flailing and just going at it and then Dxxxxx shared an experience he had when he had a dream where he was in Hell. and then it was so funny because Dxxxxxx goes off on this whole dream about when he was in hell and everything and doesn't really testify of anything and then closes in the name of Jesus Christ. Sister Greenwood and I both kind of looked at each other.. did some solid testifying and THEN closed in the name of Jesus Christ haha. Also that lesson was an hour and a half. Man that was a good lesson but also terrible hahahaha. But Nxxxxxx wants to be baptized! he has something with documents and work that is making it so he can't commit to a date.. he also might be leaving on the 18th to Moscow or Tuapse so we might have a baptism with him not this saturday but the next... We aren't really sure but he wants to be baptized! he also came to church and brought his daughter (who is probably like 14) and she is so cute! and a trooper. She went to Sunday school and Young Womens. She is just so cool. 

The youth are going to Helsinki this weekend for their temple trip! it is so neat! They have been talking about the trip since like Christmas! SO COOL! pray everything will go well and that they will be safe:)

We met an old man Sxxxxxx last week in botanical gardens (my favorite place in Krasnodar I think) and we went back and had a lesson with him! We tried to have the restoration, but after the question, "what does God need from us?" we launched into the plan of salvation. It was a bit scattered too hahah but it was good! He doesn't really have a desire to come to church or pray, but he really listens and I think he is really looking for truth. Also he has met with missionaries before ( I don't know if just on the street or like met met) and so he asked us, "Why do mormons like to eat so much??" haha idk he is just a cute old man that likes to play chess. I told him Jared likes to play and he was like, "what?? what ranking is he? has he played in competitions??" haha so cute.

We had a HUGE rain on Wednesday. We were at the branch after teaching Nxxxxxx and having english club and it was just CRAZY. The only thing we could do was run home haha so we BOOKED it out and caught a tramby and we were soaked! Then when we were running home there were puddles in the road that went up to our knees hahah it was crazy! but everyone is ok. 

Also on Thursday we went to a park to contact. It was also rainy that day so not a lot of people were at the park. We were about to go home when we saw an old man on a bench listening to old american music. so we danced over haha and talked with him. He was nice but not super interested but as we were takling this other old man came over and wanted to talk but man he was crazy hahha. He pulled out a token on a string and was swinging it around and telling us that we were from the devil because we were Jehovah's Witnesses and so our other old friend said, "they aren't Jehovahs Witnesses!" and then he stopped waving the token around haha. Then he started talking to me about his beliefs about how the second Christ lives in Chicago and is selling self healing books there. He was also telling me abou thow he sends his soul out and brings it back in order to heal people. And then about how his granddaughter was born withought any hips. All in all it was just one of the weirdest conversations I have ever had haha. So while I was talking to old mr crazy and sister Greenwood was talking to old mr gentleman ANOTHER old lady comes over and asks, "what are you guys talking about over here??" hjahahaha so i say, "well.. we are talking about all of our different beliefs!" hahah so she stayed there and listenend to the crazy guy talking to me some more and then started to leave so I went with her and asked her more about herself. She was honestly one of the nicest people I have met in Russia. The skin around her lips were wrinkled like she has been mad her whole life and she just told me about all of her friends that have tried to convert here and then shared a couple of parables with me. She ended up not really wanting to give us her information or anything, but we had a great conversation and even hugged at the end:) she is so cute!!!! After, Mr old crazy left and mr old gentleman showed us a tree and then invited us to play basketball with him-- He's 80!!!! hahaha so funny and cute. ( he is the man in the picture by the carosel!) 

On friday we had an appointment with less active Axxxxx and we walked to her house and we see her and a non-member who comes to church but isn't interested Txxxxxxxx outside her building. Turns out she got locked out and then Txxxxxxxx walked by and then she called member Vxxxxxx to come and help. He finally showed up after sassy Axxxxx and Txxxxxxx and us were talking hahahaha and then in the end, Vadim ended up opening up the door with a crow bar haha. We all went in and had tea (well hot water and jam for the sisters haha) and they were just talking and talking and talking. And they just sound like they are fighting haha every russian conversation just sounds like a big fight hahaha. But they were talking about how a rich person could never marry a bum and they just went on and on and on and on about it haha. We shared some scriptures with them in the end and that is how we had a lesson with a less active, active, and non member all in one meeting hahaha. It was so fun! I love the people here so much:)

I think that is pretty much it!!! this week was hard but so good. 
I am working on being better every day:)

It sounds like you had a good vacation!!! I love you all 

oh.... and...


I love you and hope you have a great birthday:)))) 

I love you!!! 

С большой любовью,сестра Price