Tuesday, April 26, 2016


This week was great!!! 

For the past couple of weeks we have had a lady come to church whose name is Lxxxx. I can't remember if I have already talked about her.. but she came to church before a long time ago but was never taught and now she is back again! We had a lesson with her and a member Vxxx. Vxxx told us that last week on Sunday she asked what she needed to do to be baptized:) so our lesson was awesome! Actually our lesson was not very good haha. Both Sister Greenwood and I felt like we couldn't speak Russian and it was a bit rough, but Vxxx helped us out ssssooo much so all was ok:) we talked about the restoration and a lot about the word of wisdom and prayer. It was about 2 hours of a lesson haha but it was awesome! We are meeting with her again tonight for family home evening, and then hoping to teach her again later in the week and...... do I dare say it?....... we are going to try and set up a baptismal date with her for May!!! it is so cool and I am so glad for the opportunity to teach her- I just hope we don't mess it up! right now it is like me and Sister Greenwood are the only things keeping her away from baptism hahahahahah just teasing. But it is really cool how I feel like the atonement of Christ is already working in her life as she has already decided to stop drinking and smoking and is coming to us and wanting to change. SERIOUSLY SO COOL!!! 

ok funny story:
This week we contacted a lady in an incredibly obnoxious watermelon dress. Don't get me wrong, she looked absolutely gorgeous, but the dress print was just huge slices of watermelon. And then her daughter had matching watermelon pants. We talked for a bit and she said that she had talked a little bit with missionaries before on the street, but wasn't really interested and left. Sister Greenwood and I walked away and we were talking about how cool it is that she has already met missionaries and how the work is just booming here! And then Sister Greenwood says in the most most most serious of ways, "I promise you, one day she is going to be a melon." hahaha! She meant to say member but she said melon and I absolutely lost it and thought it was so incredibly funny. haha maybe it is one of those 'you had to be there stories' but it was so incredibly funny:) man I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Later in the week we went to a shashleek store and we were leaving after having a good conversation with the owner and Sister Greenwood says, "I promise you one day he is going to be a shashleek." hahaha it's our new joke hahaha. SO FUNNY

another funny story:
We went and served Axxxxxx with the elders. He is literally building his own house from watching youtube videos. I feel like he and dad would get along pretty well and could make some awesome things haha.  We painted the gas line bright yellow (as is the fashion in Russia hahaha) and it was fun! Axxxxxxx was super worried about our hair so he made us tie pillow cases around our heads haha. But anyway we did service and then we went and bought these yummy little ice cream cones and we were all eating them except for Elder Tucker who got something else. WE all finished ours and then he decided that he wanted one and so they went back to buy one, but we could see a tramby coming so they decided to just go fast. So they came back from the produkti and Elder Tucker is saying something and putting away his change as Elder Gerritson starts eating his ice  cream and then Elder Tucker just stops and says," where's my ice cream?!" and then Elder G says "you didn't grab it?!" and so they drop everything and literally RUN back to the produkti haha. man I don't know why but seeing those huge Elders running for ice cream just struck my funny bone. We all made it in time for the tramby! haha maybe it is another one of those "just had to be there stories" hahaha

This week was awesome! I think I mentioned Lxxxxx in my last email, but we went and visited her and her family. They are SO CUTE. She has three little kids. one of them has a bowl cut and we call him coconut head and he is the absolute CUTEST. Her oldest son is 10 and stays home from school everyday as she works to provide for them. She also wants him to be baptized so we may be teaching him soon too! so awesome! 

We did some good contacting this week, served a member Lxxxxxxx by washing windows and cleaning drapes which was fun! 

we served Axxxxxx as I already mentioned

We went and gave a spirtitual thought to Rxxxxx but we were an hour late because they shut down all the trambys for a parade but then no one decided to tell the poor little mormon misisonaries haha. but we made it! 

I don't know if you will remember when I wrote about Kxxxxx and Exxxxxx and giving them spiritual thoughts when the elders would take them sacrament.. and how we sang and just talked with them and they were so cute and definitely an old married couple?? Well Exxxxxx passed away this past week. We went to his funeral on Saturday. It was a little hard... when we first got there, there were 4 people there for the service. Luckily, more members and people came to support Kxxxxxx but it was a little hard for me! I had the privilege of sitting next to Kxxxxxx during the service. I don't know if she remembers me, but I won't be able to forget her:) I don't really know what else to say about it.. the service was pretty:)
I am thankful for my family and for the knowledge that we have that there is life after death. I have a testimony that families can be together for ever.  

Well friends. I am skyping home in 2 weeks and I would be lying if I said I haven't really thought about it:) I am so excited to call:) 

this week was great and I wish I could just tell you every detail but it just isn't possible:) 

I love you all and I miss you all but I am so eternally grateful for this opportunity to serve here in Russia. I love it! 


С большой любовью,сестра Price

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