Monday, May 30, 2016

Im Staying in Krasnador

Wow this week was crazy cool! 

I am straying here in Krasnodar with Sister Greenwood for transfers! 
Sister Greenwood

On Monday we met with Ixxxx  and it was so cute at the end, she showed us a picture that she had kept of me and Sister Mcmurray. She has just kept it on her shelf all this time where she can see it:) it was so cute and such a tender mercy of the Lord! 

Sister Hanah
Tuesday we worked on the member book and I am SSOO happy we got it done. It was a lot of work! But all the missionaries got together (and may have ordered a pizza or two..??:)) and busted it out! 

Wednesday we met with Vxxxxxx and such a miracle happened- her husband Axxxxxx came home from service and sat in with us on the spiritual thought!!!! It was also such a tender mercy that we planned to just talk about the Book of mormon. It was really awesome. I can see his heart softening and I don't know if he will be ready any time soon to accept the gospel, but he is getting closer and closer:) SO COOL!!!! That was literally one of my mission goals too was to have a spiritual thought with Axxxxx so I mean, there we go:) 

We also had a lesson with our investigator Nxxxxxx on Wednesday. he is reading the Book of Mormon and told us about how when he read it he just kept feeling the chills all up and down his arms. SO COOL. So we talked about the Holy Ghost and how we can know truth and also committed him to baptism. We ddin't decide on a day, but he said he will be baptized:) WE also watched meet the mormons that night as an activity and 4 of our potentials came!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!! 

Thrusday I was on splits with Sister Kennard and SIster Sommers as our companions flew to Armenia for their visa trip. We did service at Axxxxx's, visited a primary age girl from church in the hospital who fell out of a tree, and then we met with Sister Kennard and Moore's investigator and helped her translate a document and then ate dinner with her. Oh also Sster Sommers was on splits with Elder and Sister Johnstons for like a day because me and Sister Kennard went up to Rostov on thursday night hahaha. SO FUNNY. She said it was super nice and Elder Johnston got up early and made breakfast for them all. Sounded like a party! 

That night Sister Kennard and I went up to Rostov and hung out with the Sisters there. The following day we picked up Sister Nelson from the airport and then the other sisters from the mission home after mission conference and I talked with President Miner who told me of my transfer call which would be to stay in Krasnodar with Sister Greenwood. I was a little shocked to say the least, considering the fact that he told me I would be leaving hahah but he apologized and even said, "I know I told you that you would be leaving,....BUT..." hahah But I am super excited for this transfer!  

Sounds like the Sisters had a crazy visa trip. They got stopped and pretty much held and questioned and then ended up running through the airport with a security guard and ended up missing their flight and so came back a little bit later than they were supposed to.  so it was just so crazy! but everyone is back and happy:)

Saturday we served Axxxxx and met some cool people on the street and then had the last district meeting all together. Got to be honest here, I am super sad that our district is being split up. Every other companionship in our distict (and almost all of our mission hahahah) is switching companions. IT is going to be weird but good:) Also Elder Hebdon is coming to krasnodar that I went to high school with and is from PG. So El. Hebdon is from PG, Sister Kennard is from AF, and Sister Faddis (who is also coming and will be replacing sister moore) is from Lehi so Utah County is just taking over hahaha. 

Nxxxxx came to church on Sunday and is already in 2 Nephi. HE IS AMAZING!

I love you all! Hope you had fun on your vacation (*sobs relentlessly*) (hahahahhahahah jk)

Love hannah  

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