Monday, May 30, 2016

Im Staying in Krasnador

Wow this week was crazy cool! 

I am straying here in Krasnodar with Sister Greenwood for transfers! 
Sister Greenwood

On Monday we met with Ixxxx  and it was so cute at the end, she showed us a picture that she had kept of me and Sister Mcmurray. She has just kept it on her shelf all this time where she can see it:) it was so cute and such a tender mercy of the Lord! 

Sister Hanah
Tuesday we worked on the member book and I am SSOO happy we got it done. It was a lot of work! But all the missionaries got together (and may have ordered a pizza or two..??:)) and busted it out! 

Wednesday we met with Vxxxxxx and such a miracle happened- her husband Axxxxxx came home from service and sat in with us on the spiritual thought!!!! It was also such a tender mercy that we planned to just talk about the Book of mormon. It was really awesome. I can see his heart softening and I don't know if he will be ready any time soon to accept the gospel, but he is getting closer and closer:) SO COOL!!!! That was literally one of my mission goals too was to have a spiritual thought with Axxxxx so I mean, there we go:) 

We also had a lesson with our investigator Nxxxxxx on Wednesday. he is reading the Book of Mormon and told us about how when he read it he just kept feeling the chills all up and down his arms. SO COOL. So we talked about the Holy Ghost and how we can know truth and also committed him to baptism. We ddin't decide on a day, but he said he will be baptized:) WE also watched meet the mormons that night as an activity and 4 of our potentials came!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!! 

Thrusday I was on splits with Sister Kennard and SIster Sommers as our companions flew to Armenia for their visa trip. We did service at Axxxxx's, visited a primary age girl from church in the hospital who fell out of a tree, and then we met with Sister Kennard and Moore's investigator and helped her translate a document and then ate dinner with her. Oh also Sster Sommers was on splits with Elder and Sister Johnstons for like a day because me and Sister Kennard went up to Rostov on thursday night hahaha. SO FUNNY. She said it was super nice and Elder Johnston got up early and made breakfast for them all. Sounded like a party! 

That night Sister Kennard and I went up to Rostov and hung out with the Sisters there. The following day we picked up Sister Nelson from the airport and then the other sisters from the mission home after mission conference and I talked with President Miner who told me of my transfer call which would be to stay in Krasnodar with Sister Greenwood. I was a little shocked to say the least, considering the fact that he told me I would be leaving hahah but he apologized and even said, "I know I told you that you would be leaving,....BUT..." hahah But I am super excited for this transfer!  

Sounds like the Sisters had a crazy visa trip. They got stopped and pretty much held and questioned and then ended up running through the airport with a security guard and ended up missing their flight and so came back a little bit later than they were supposed to.  so it was just so crazy! but everyone is back and happy:)

Saturday we served Axxxxx and met some cool people on the street and then had the last district meeting all together. Got to be honest here, I am super sad that our district is being split up. Every other companionship in our distict (and almost all of our mission hahahah) is switching companions. IT is going to be weird but good:) Also Elder Hebdon is coming to krasnodar that I went to high school with and is from PG. So El. Hebdon is from PG, Sister Kennard is from AF, and Sister Faddis (who is also coming and will be replacing sister moore) is from Lehi so Utah County is just taking over hahaha. 

Nxxxxx came to church on Sunday and is already in 2 Nephi. HE IS AMAZING!

I love you all! Hope you had fun on your vacation (*sobs relentlessly*) (hahahahhahahah jk)

Love hannah  

Monday, May 23, 2016


Ah this week I hit my half way mark and I am trying not to lose my mind about it haha. It is crazy to me! I can't believe it! But anyway, this week was crazy. We had made a plan to meet with 5 of our less actives/recent converts and nearly every one of them cancelled on us so we only ended up meeting with one. It was crazy!! hahah so we spent a lot of time on the street this week and a lot of time trying to find people. But we also saw a lot of other miracles this week that we didn't even plan on! It just confirmed to me that this is the Lord's work:) 
Sister Greenwood and I

Sister Moore and Sister Kennard


I am heading up to Rostov this week just for a day as Sister Kennard (who is the Sister training leader) is going up to mission leadership conference and the other sisters are going on their visa trip. So that will be fun! 

We had our first lesson with Aren this week and his momma. We are planning on him getting baptized in June but we have a couple of issues about him not coming to church with his mom for circumstances out of their control... So it may need to be postponed a bit. 

We have been trying to get in contact with Lxxx this week and it hasn't been working out. We texted her one time and asked if we could do a lesson and she said that she is too busy this week and it probably won't happen this week. We just have been trying to get in contact but we haven't been able to and she hasn't come to church for the past 3 weeks. So that is a little worrisome. I think everything will be ok though:) she just needs time:) 

On Tuesday last week we met a man on the street that talked so incredibly fast and looked like Geret Giles. We didn't really understand anything that he said besides the fact that he had met us on the street before and at the end he promised on coming to church. We kind of brushed it off though because people tell us stuff like that all the time.. but low and behold Nxxxxx came to church and we had a lesson with him and he is our new investigator!!! So neat. He said he already believes the BOM is true.. so that is awesome! We just need to tell him now that he needs to read it hahahahaha. It was really cool though because he brought the two cards that we gave to him and it was just really neat. He said, "the first time we met on the street I was in a hurry so you just gave me one of your cards-- and then I found you again!!! " SO COOL!!! 

AHHH already out of time. We did some fun service this week and met with some cool members! So neat! 

I love you all! do something fun on the 26th because it's HUUUMMMMPPPP DAAAAYYYY hahahaha;) 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Yeah missionary work!

Wow this week was great!
I don't have a lot of time so I want to share three experiences:

1. We went to the same Oxxx that we served last week ( we bought her medicine.) We bought some flowers and decided to drop in and try and talk to her and get to know her. We went up to the door, not really knowing what to expect, and knocked on the door and she opened up the door with this huge smile! She let us in and we gave her the flowers and she wanted us to talk with her! We went in and talked about our families and she showed us pictures of her granddaughter. We shared a scripture with her and that was just about all that we did. Near the end of the little chat, she says, "I am so glad that you came today! you know it is crazy that you came today. Usually at this time I am sleeping and turn off my phone. And you know what else is crazy? I felt the chills all up and down my arms when I saw you at the door." We then ended our visit by praying with her at the door right before we left. We didn't have a big lesson with her-- she isn't our new investigator and doesn't have a baptismal date, but we as missionaries were able to help her feel the love of God:) It was such a tender mercy for me this week especially because after skyping home I just thought, "yeah why the heck am I here?" hahaha it was such a sweet little tender mercy of the Lord for me and I hope for Oxxx too! :)

2. We had another crazy miracle this week with the Cxxxxx family. I have been trying to get in with the Cxxxxx family since I got here in Krasnodar-- which has been about 7 months-- oh my! 7 months is that right??!?!? and so we headed out to their house. We headed to their house and waited and waited and waited and waited outside the door.... finally her daughter answered the door!  We brought some chocolate and just wanted to give it to the mom but the daughter said, "well it will probably be better if you give her the chocolate yourselves! come back tomorrow after 6." 
So we left honestly pretty disappointed hahahaha. BUT! We had someone home and we were so ready to come back! The next day was crazy and right after our lesson with Lxxx (which I will talk more about later..;)) we headed back out to the Cxxxxx... and they answered the door again! and let us in! and they were getting dinner ready! so we waited! and then had a borscht dinner with the whole entire Cxxxxx family! The mom and her three daughters and two sons. It was seriously such a miracle. We got to know each other and had the yummiest borscht of my life and then planned to come over and talk again- but after examines so in the middle of June. IT WAS SUCH A MIRACLE!!! so cool:)  I also don't know if I mentioned last week that we got in with another one of the ladies that we have been trying to get in with for 7 months. SO COOL!!! 

3. Thursday was fun! we went and decorated a less active youth's door and then we had a lesson with Lxxx and Vxxx. The lesson was great and was about the plan of salvation! Lxxx told us about how hard it is for her to stop smoking-- it just seems like a super hard time right now, but she hasn't smoked and is just working so hard! And then.. we set a baptismal date with Lxxx!!! June 11th!!!! so cool! Is it a coincidence that I received my mission call the same weekend last year?? haha idk maybe so hahahaha but still cool! I am worried I will be transferred and won't be here for the baptism.. but IDK posmotreem (we'll see) BUT YEAH HOW COOL! It has just been so neat to see the atonement of Christ already working in her life and how she is just so eager and willing to change. SO COOL!!! 

I guess we also painted a fence this week which was pretty fun. and we sang again on krasnaya which was awesome. aaaaannnnnddddd just some other regular stuff haha. I feel like we eat the same thing every single day hahaha. I thought maybe some more like mashed potato packets or Mexican rice would be cool. and I am always a fan for hot Cheetos:):):):) 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! I miss you all:) 

Can't believe it is like summer time!??! I think this time of the year is the time of the year that I most want to be home haha. I just want to sit on the deck and play the ukulele and have a gosh darn hamburger hahahahaha (maybe don't put that on the blog hahaha) 

I love you and miss you all!!! 

sseeeester preeeece... sssuuuuurrrrpppprrreeeeeessssssssee

С большой любовью,сестра Price

Monday, May 9, 2016

Den Pobedi - Victory Day

Well hello! this will be super short.... haha

This week was great! We met with Vxxxxxx and it was wonderful! we also got in with a less active that we have been trying to get in with for 6 months. It was a miracle! 

It was so nice to see everyone yesterday:) I am sorry I cried a lot hahaha. Is it bad to say that I feel a little relieved that it is over? haha. I love you all:)

We also had zone training this week which was awesome. aaannnnnddd.. I feel like I have forgotten the week haha. 

Today is Den Pobedi which means victory day and it was crazy! This morning we went to the eternal flame and saw lots of important military men and some marches. Then we went to the square and saw some more marches and yelling and some important military people speak. IT WAS SO CRAZY. I felt like I was in a movie-- for reals. Just so out of this world haha I took some sweet videos but I can't send them... so just wait til next year and we will watch them all together hahaha:) Then we met up with our investigator Lxxx and we were in a parade! It is really cool what the people here do, they get pictures of their ancestors who served in the war/ in the military and they all just make their own parade carrying the pictures on these tall poles and it is HUGE and there are tons and tons of people and we all just walk down the street and sing old Russian songs and yell together hahaha. It was super fun! Me and Sister Greenwood didn't really know exactly what we were getting ourselves into hahaha so we joked about passing by the Johnstons (the Senior Missionary couple) or President and Sister Miner because we just got caught up in this parade hahahahaha. 

This week will be a good week I just know it! I love you all and I am so thankful for all of you:) (yells to the crowd--hahaha just teasing) 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! it was so good to see you:) 

С большой любовью,сестра Price

Monday, May 2, 2016


Oh my goodness I can't wait for mothers day! I am nervous... is that weird?? hahaha what if you people don't like me anymore!!!! I am so excited though! But yes we switched times with the sisters so now we will be at 5:30 Russian time instead of 4:30. So that should be 8:30 your time instead of 7:30. SO LET ME REPEAT- 5:30PM HERE 8:30 AM THERE:) I think everything else should be ready because I will be using the same skype info and stuff. AHAHH I AM SO NERVOUS Hahah. :)

This week was great! we had a great FHE with Lxxx and members Vxxx and Sxxxx. We talked about Lehi's dream and then played charades which was hilarious haha. Lxxx is just so awesome. She walked us to the bus stop and we were just talking and she is like one of our friends. she is so cute! we tried to meet with her on Saturday, but that didn't end up working out. And she missed church so that is a bummer, but we hope to meet with her tomorrow and we are hoping she just missed church because of Easter (yeah a little ironic but hahaha) but yes soon! 

We've worked a lot with members this week. it was awesome! Nothing big really stuck out to me. Just some awesome members:) 

We served Axxxxx again and finished painting the pole! we moved lots of bricks too. Axxxxx is so cool! 


we taught Gxxxx and Axxxx again this week about the plan of salvation. it was a bit of a rough lesson because it was the first time we have taught the plan of salvation together, but it went pretty well considering that we are teaching in Russian ;) They listened to it all but didn't really accept it... after we were done they were like "well that's cool" haha so I think we still have some kinks in our teaching.. but we are ever learning! 

funny story: On Thursday we set a district goal on how many phone numbers we wanted to get as a district, but we just kept saying "numbers" instead of phone numbers so then I said, "yeah so just any number that we get we can count..?" and Sister Kennard was like, " yep! If you find out how many kids they have.. that's a number!" hahaha man I thought it was soooooo funny. and so then we went off for a while on questions we can ask just to get any kind of number hahaha. man SO FUNNY. ( am I losing my mind with missionary humor???? I think so. hahahahahah don't put that on my blog!!! :)) 

another funny story: 
We met a potential Kxxxxxxxxx after serving Rxxxxx. He called as we were there and asked if we could just meet and talk for a bit and so we said sure and went and waited on the street outside of his gym. we saw him walking and he just walked right on up and gave me and sister Greenwood these huge hugs hahahahahaha we were freaked out! This was our second time meeting him! And we are missionaries! hahaha and then we talked for a while and then the conversation was winding down so Sister Greenwood stuck out her hand before he could do anything and he shook it... and then brought her in for this huge hug ghahahaha it was so funny because her hands went up like a t-rex and she let out a little "AH!" hahah and then I was just in shock as he came and also gave me this huge hug hahaha we are such Sister Missionaries! 

There was an accordion player on a tramby. I also talked to a lady on that tramby and she gave me some decorated Easter eggs and a cake thing. SO SWEET!! right after that I also talked to a man that pretty much just wanted to tell me everything that was wrong about America and asking why we do things the way we do and was asking about same sex marriage and about Rockefeller and Clinton and pretty much it was the most stressful thing ever because I felt like I didn't understand anything and I kept trying to tell him but he just kept talking hahahaha. I literally had sweat pits because it was so stressful hahahaha. 

Yesterday was Easter here in Russia and I think it was also one of my favorite days on the mission so far. MAN IT WAS AWESOME!! Church was great and then we went to break the fast with the YSAs for dinner. We then finished some weekly planning and then went out contacting. The other sisters are like so incredibly good at singing so they had this idea to go on krasnaya (which is like the main road in krasnodar) and sing hymns while the other missionaries hand out cards and talk to people. SO WE WENT TO KRASNAYA ON EASTER AND IT WAS SO INCREDIBLY COOL AND CRAZY. haha so neat! They had fire dancers, bands, fake statues (like people standing really still), people that do that cool spray painting stuff that you see on you tube, and I even saw a monkey and a parrot!!! IT WAS CRAZY!!! haha and so fun. It was super loud and everyone was just begging for attention and so we just found this moderately quiet place on the street and the Sisters sang while the Elders and I handed out cards. It was just so sweet and cool to me because I felt like it was such a moment where we were in the world but not of the world. As others were yelling and dancing and just being crazy haha we were singing quiet hymns. I had this cool thought as I watched these masses of people pass that sometimes we can be like the crowd just going with the flow stuck in worldly things because sometimes it is hard to hear the quiet soft still voices of the gospel. The coolest part of the night though, was when this elderly couple came up among the crowd of people passing and just stood right in front of the sisters and listened as they sang. IT WAS SO CUTE!!! he then talked to one of the elders and said, "you're the Mormons?!?! I have always wanted to know more about what you believe!!!" It was such a neat experience. seriously just so cool. we are hoping to do that every Sunday from now on. so cool! 

I love you all!!! seeeee yoooouuuu ssssooooonnnnnn!!!!!! :):):)::):))::)

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