Monday, May 23, 2016


Ah this week I hit my half way mark and I am trying not to lose my mind about it haha. It is crazy to me! I can't believe it! But anyway, this week was crazy. We had made a plan to meet with 5 of our less actives/recent converts and nearly every one of them cancelled on us so we only ended up meeting with one. It was crazy!! hahah so we spent a lot of time on the street this week and a lot of time trying to find people. But we also saw a lot of other miracles this week that we didn't even plan on! It just confirmed to me that this is the Lord's work:) 
Sister Greenwood and I

Sister Moore and Sister Kennard


I am heading up to Rostov this week just for a day as Sister Kennard (who is the Sister training leader) is going up to mission leadership conference and the other sisters are going on their visa trip. So that will be fun! 

We had our first lesson with Aren this week and his momma. We are planning on him getting baptized in June but we have a couple of issues about him not coming to church with his mom for circumstances out of their control... So it may need to be postponed a bit. 

We have been trying to get in contact with Lxxx this week and it hasn't been working out. We texted her one time and asked if we could do a lesson and she said that she is too busy this week and it probably won't happen this week. We just have been trying to get in contact but we haven't been able to and she hasn't come to church for the past 3 weeks. So that is a little worrisome. I think everything will be ok though:) she just needs time:) 

On Tuesday last week we met a man on the street that talked so incredibly fast and looked like Geret Giles. We didn't really understand anything that he said besides the fact that he had met us on the street before and at the end he promised on coming to church. We kind of brushed it off though because people tell us stuff like that all the time.. but low and behold Nxxxxx came to church and we had a lesson with him and he is our new investigator!!! So neat. He said he already believes the BOM is true.. so that is awesome! We just need to tell him now that he needs to read it hahahahaha. It was really cool though because he brought the two cards that we gave to him and it was just really neat. He said, "the first time we met on the street I was in a hurry so you just gave me one of your cards-- and then I found you again!!! " SO COOL!!! 

AHHH already out of time. We did some fun service this week and met with some cool members! So neat! 

I love you all! do something fun on the 26th because it's HUUUMMMMPPPP DAAAAYYYY hahahaha;) 

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