Monday, February 29, 2016



This week was great! I feel like we didn't get a lot of meeting this week, so we spent some lovely time on the streets! 

Monday was great! We had to spend the evening inside and we got a lot of good work done.. but then we also went a little stir crazy!!! haha so I have some funny pictures hahaha. We think we are so funny!!! 

Tuesday I was on splits with Sister Moore! it was an interesting day!! It was hard because it was a holiday so we couldn't street contact, but it was a holiday so everyone was busy for the holiday. Did I say holiday enough? hahaha. So we tried to do a lot of stop-bys with members. we went and tried to meet with Axxxxx, but we were met instead by a half naked man! haha we got out of there pretty fast. Then we went to another member Ixxxxx, and we had a really good spiritual thought with her! Then we went to the Rxxxxk to try and find Dxxxx but she wasn't there so we went to the branch and helped set up for the dance for a bit which was fun! Then we just went home and had studies and I heard about Sister Moore's trip to Europe which was super fun! ( and SSSOOO LONG hahaha)

Wednesday we had an awesome lesson with Axxxxx with a member Vxxxxx who just returned from his mission! It was a good lesson:) I think Axxxx is so ready and accepting of the gospel and he has a little desire, but not the burning desire that we often hear about:) slowly but surely! 

Thursday we met with less active Alxxx who is really struggling with her testimony. The elders told us that they wanted to help us reteach her the lessons which was fine, but after our  meeting with her we think she may need a little bit more loving.. she knows the material but pretty much told us that she thinks that everyone at church is a hypocrite and that she thinks that God has not answered her prayers for 10 years... also her son just barely moved back in with her and honestly he seems like a  goober. He is 30 years old and when we were there he came into the  kitchen with his shirt off and asked him mom to make him lunch. so yeah I think she needs a little loving:)  she is such a sweetheart! 

Thursday we also met with a member Ixxx Yxxxxx and she is so amazing!!! Oh my I absolutely love her guts:) I need to get a picture with her! she told us all about her family though and her parents and how she found the church... and maybe she has already told us this story.. but now I understand more hahaha;) but man It just made me think of families and how  dysfunctional families are here in Russia. And like I don't mean to say anything bad about Russia, but I have just seen how the family unit has been torn apart here. First off there is hardly any families here and if there is a family, 90% of the time there is not father present (OK maybe I made that up but that is how it feels hahahaha) so I have been thinking a lot about families this week and how I want my future family to be! also I may have been a little homesick this week hahahaha;) 

Friday we had Zone conference! It was so great! I will try and send some pictures:) but we pretty much just got taught some really great things and well it was just awesome. President Miner gave us some really great pointers on teaching the first lesson and we also talked a lot about repentance which was phenomenal. I think that that is what I have learned  about so far is the power of repentance and the sanctifying power of the holy ghost. :) I love the gospel! 

Saturday we served at Bxxxxx! A member in the ward, Sxxxx is trying to fix up a house for another member in the branch so we went over and helped. There was a fire in this house so pretty much the house is a wreck haha. The elders helped clear out the room and clean up in there while we cleaned the tub and then some of the kitchen. IT WAS SO MESSY hahahahaha oh man yeah... hahahahahaha I don't even know what to say hahahaha. I didn't take pictures of the bathroom but I have some of the other room that I will send:)

then we went and served good ol Rxxxxxn! he is my favorite! We shared with him a spiritual thought and then mopped his floors. 

Then we had interviews with President Miner and then we helped Sister Miner train the  Primary workers which was fun and frustrating:) the church works the same here, but  at the same time it is   so different. Sister Miner wants the Primary's here to work like the ones in America and it is just going to take a  lot of work:)  but it was a good training none the less!

Sunday was a good day! we helped sister Miner in Primary which was good! and stressful haha. but good :) 

I talked with President Miner in my interview about transfers. We will get the call this Friday and then on Tuesday we will change. he pretty much told me that Sister Beach is going to be transferred haha. We  don't know for sure but we are pretty sure that Sister Beach is going to be transferred and I will stay here. I am excited but nervous hahaha. I am happy to stay but I am just a little worried about my next companion... I think i will probably be put with Sister Moore which will be great! I am just a little nervous:) Sister Beach and Sister Moore are very different:) But I think it  will be good whatever happens:)  There is also a slight chance I will be transferred... but I am pretty darn sure I am staying here hahaha. 


love you! 

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