Monday, March 7, 2016

Hello Hello!!!! March 7

Hello hello my friends!!! 

few things to start off this week. 

1. SO HAPPY YOU GOT THE VIDEOS!!!! I will make some more this week and send them now that I know that you can get them:):):):):) OH THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!  

2. HOLY COW KILEY'S BIRTHDAY.  that is so cool and I am super jealous hahahahahahaha I wish I was there!!!! 

3. HAPPY WEDDING WEEK!!!!!! man my heart is breaking a little bit hahahahahah. I want to be there!!!! But I am SO EXCITED for Zach and Lainey and oh boy I just don't know what to say.. send LOTS OF PICTURES PLEASE!!!! man CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  

4. We got transfer calls on Thursday night!!!! So here is the low down: I am staying here in Krasnodar!!! So half of our district is leaving.. 2 Elders and 2 Sisters (which is REALLY weird because President said that he wasn't going to make a lot of changes... welllllll hahah) but yes I am staying here in Krasnodar and so is Sister Moore and Sister Beach and Summers are leaving. and then Elder Tucker and Tolokonikov are staying while Elder Prescott and Lorde are leaving 
so this is how it was:
Price and Beach
Moore and Sommers
Tolokonikov and Tucker
Lorde and Prescott

and now it will be:
Price and Greenwood
Moore and Kennard
Tolokonikov and Barnes
Tucker and Garrettson?

yeah not really sure on the elders haha. 

SO I AM GOING TO BE WITH SISTER GREENWOOD!!! ok so I am so excited!!! I am also nervous out of my mind hahhaa. I am starting my fourth transfer and she is starting her third- so she just got out of training. I also had the opportunity to meet her at the MTC too! she is GORGEOUS and super funny and super good at basketball! She has huge curly hair and is just such a cutie:) So I definitely think the Lord wants us to learn a lot of lessons this transfer becauase I still feel like a baby in the mission field. (CAN YOU BELIEVE I HAVE BEEN OUT 6 MONTHS?!?!?!)  but I am now the missionary who has been in Krasnodar the longest (like out of our district) so I am pretty nervous! Sister Kennard is coming back to krasnodar.. She actualy trained here and she goes home in August so things should be good there I am just really nervous! I also feel like all of my friends are leaving me haha. It is going to be a really weird start to the transfer to adjust, but I think it will be awesome! So anyway yes Sister Beach leaves on Tuesday for Rostov and then we still don't exactly know when the other missionaries are coming down so we will see! probably Wednesday or Thursday so me and Sister Moore are just hanging out:) SO YAY TRANSFERS!!! SUPER NERVOUS hahahahahahahaha:) 

5. the 8th of March is women's day!!!! YEEEEAAAAHHHH WWWOOOOOMMMMEEEENNNN!!! hahaha it is like a super big deal here! I love it!! the men sang to the women on Sunday and gave us all these little cakes. they are super cute! they gave us all flowers and it is just so sweet! 

Ok I feel like I have said so much but nothing at all at the same time haha. This week was good! we really strived this week for member presents and WE GOT 3 MEMBER PRESENTS WITH AXXXXXI! Yeah it was so fun! And we actually had one yesterday. We called him after our plans had fallen through to see if he was in krasnodar and he was! So he came and had a lesson with a member Vxxxxx and he actually bought us a cake for women's day!!! hahaha man I thought it was so funny. But how nice! hahahaha. oh Axxxx... 

let's see... what else did we do this week?
we served at the Bxxxxxx again! It was really fun! These little Russian houses are all so cute and every time we go to clean Sister Beach just talks about how much she wants to live in these cute little houses. They are so cute!! 

On Thursday night we met with Oxxxx and she had actually invited the president of the Branch over too. We didn't know and the Johnston's came with us to give a spiritual thought so I got to do some impromptu translating! haha oh man. That was fun! but the thought they gave was super cute and it was about prayer. The story was about how when Sister Johnston and Elder Johnston were building their new house, they went out in their beat up car and the time came to leave so they all got in the car and the car wouldn't work. Sister Johnston was a little frustrated and was getting ready to walk home when one of her sons said, "It's ok mom! I prayed and asked God to fix the car so it should work now!" she recounted that she felt devastated and was wondering, "how can I explain to them that the car still won't work?" but he kept insisting so she tried again... and the car worked:) She recounted how it was a very humbling experience for her and how she realized then that her faith maybe wasn't where it needed to be:) anyway I just loved that story! At the end she said that her younger son said to the son who had prayed, "why didn't you just pray for a new car?" hahaha :)
We also got transfer calls that night as Oxxx was walking us all to the tramby stop. It was very bittersweet. Sister Beach and Sister Delong found Oxxx on Sister Beach's first day on her mission in Krasnodar:) we will see her again tonight but I think it will be really hard for both of them:) 

Friday we met with Gxxxxx! She is going to America this week! she is going to California and will be there until the 21st of March.. so I don't know maybe if you go to California go and find her because she is amazing hahahaha. We had such a good little lesson with her! Still don't know exactly what we need to do with her, but we had a good time together when we sang primary songs together and told her to visit the temple grounds for us:)

Saturday we served Rxxxxx at the reinok! and boy oh boy I think he is getting sick of us Sisters hahaha. Usually the Elders go but a couple were in Rostov and the others were serving somewhere else so they asked us to go. he kept asking when the Elders would be there haha. but man the Reinok was so cool!!!! Oh man. I wanted to take pictures but i didn't get a chance an I felt really weird hahahaha. But man it is ssssooo cool and just so weird. it is not like anything you would see in America. I just keep thinking about all the knowledge we have about like germs and like keeping meat good and fresh and like transporting germs and stuff and it either doesn't matter here or it is just unknown.(OK WARNING THIS IS KIND OF GROSS) They had these huge tables of meat and then this room where there was only a window at the very top where we saw this axe head going up and down hahahahahaha it is just so so weird hahaha. But yeah it was awesome! 

Well I think those are the highlights of this week. We had a really cool lesson with Axxxxx about forgiveness and read in Alma 36 all about Alma's experience of seeing the angel. I love the verse that talks about how when he just THOUGHT about his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ he felt relief. I feel like it is the same way in our life. May we ever strive to keep the Savior centered in our thoughts is my prayer:) 

HAPPY WEDDING DAY ZACH AND LAINEY!!! I got your invite and it is on our fridge now:) thank you dears it is gorgeous! Also the letter was open so I don't know how many people saw your wedding invitaion hahahaha but there is probably some Russian out there that opened the letter that is very happy for you both hahaha. 


i love you:)

С большой любовью,сестра Price

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