Monday, February 22, 2016

A week of miracles:)

Hello friends!!! 
This week was awesome!!!! I am so pumped!!!! 

Today and tomorrow are actually Russian holidays so we have to go in at 6. It is Man's day! So happy birthday, men! 

This week was awesome! We had a great FHE with recent converts Oxxxxx and Kxxxx and members Exxx and Axxxxx. It was a great meeting! we didn't say much, but we created a great friendly environment for some bonding!!! :) 

Tuesday we went and met with a member Dxxxx at the reinok. Dxxxxx LOVES missionaries:) she also really really wants to have all the missionaries phone numbers and so we talked for a long time about how many phone numbers she has in her phone. I love her! she is so sweet:) 

Wednesday we served at Axxxx's again and it was really great! He is working so hard on that house and just wants to get his family in there:) Such a good hubby! 

Wednesday night we went to English club and it was so cool! We thought our potential Axxxx, might come who we met the same night we met with Mxxxxxxx so we were super excited! When we got to the branch there was a lady there that no one knew! so I jumped on that opportunity and started talking to her and then sister beach and I did emergency splits because we had two people there at English club in different classes!!!! That has never happened!!! And yes, Axxxxx ended up coming at the very end:) so I had a good talk with Vxxxxxx and got her number and she seems really interested in... English... but we hope soon also in the gospel!!! Man it was such a cool night:)

Thursday we went and served member Alvera again! She is such a sweetheart and gave us jam:) 
 Sister beach and I are going to be so buff from all this service! 

On Friday we were on splits so I hung out with Sister Summers! We met with a member Nxxxxxx at the branch and talked for a while and then tried to find less active Lxxxxxx Bxxxxx who Sister McMurray and I served a lot. We got to her door and could hear her in there, but she wasn't answering. We stayed around for a bit and tried to call her. Then we went down the stairs to like the half platform place and just stood there and tried to decide what to do while we could still see her door. So after we had been down there talking for a little while we hear the door start to open so we just freeze and don't know what to do... then it stops and we both take a deep breath and then it starts to open again and so we are standing there and then WE HEAR HER DOG IN ATTACK MODE. MAN we booked it down those stairs SO FAST!!! and then Sister Summers was still a little spooked so after we made it out of the building we were still booking it hahahahahahahahahah. BUT HERE IS THE BEST PART. so we are waiting at the bus stop just saying that we can't believe that she would do that WHEN HERE COME LXXXXXX BXXXXX hahah so we talked to her at the bus stop and she said that she was just taking her dog on a walk and was super sweet but idk.. she had to have known it was us hahahaha. weird! So I told her we wanted to do service for her... just without her dog hahahaha! :) 

Saturday was awesome!!! Lvvv wanted to meet on Saturday and we called her Friday but she didn't answer so we were a little worried, but then on Saturdaymorning, SHE CALLED US BACK. yeah crazy right?! haha so she wanted to meet so we ran out there to meet! We got to the bus stop right around her house and called her and long story short, we were in the wrong place again haha. so I was freaking out and was thinking NOT AGAIN. but we prayed and then started walking to the bus stop we thought she was at and we ran into her! I told her we were happy to find her and she said she was too! She wasn't even annoyed! hahaha. But she invited us into her apartment and it was such a pretty apartment. She was super nice and we ended up having the first lesson! Boy oh boy. It went well:) We invited her to baptism and she has a lot of concerns, but she says she "isn't against Joseph Smith" and wants to meet again! So pretty much I am so incredibly PUMPED hahahah:) it was a good week can you tell? :) I think she is having surgery or something soon so she can't meet again until march 10. I am praying my guts out I am not transferred this transfer because I feel like the work is just picking up. But we will see! 

We also had Mvvvvv's baptism on Saturday! we invited Vxxxxx (who we met on Wednesday..) she said she would come... AND THEN SHE CAME!!!! she missed the whole baptism vabshay, but we met her in the door way as we were leaving and we had a nice little talk with her. I think she is starting to like us more:) She is a cutie! Oh and yes the baptism went well:) 

Sunday was interesting.... We went to church and then went contacting and as we were contacting we met with the recent convert Kvvvvv! we walked with her, went to a sketchy skate park and then walked through the woods... and then we sat down at a table and she told us she wanted to smoke. So we sat with her while she had a smoke. Trying to be normal hahaha. Then she wanted us to teach her bad words so we decided that was when we needed to leave hahaha. she is a sweetheart and is just going through a really rough time right now. poor thing. 

Well I love you all and I hope you all have a great week! 

My favorite study this week was in reading the book of Jonah. God prepared a life saving fish for Jonah and then later on in the chapter also prepared a Castor bean plant to give him shade from his grief. I feel like as a missionary and as people in general we always want to be the life saving fish but some days its ok to be a Castor bean plant:) and that is exactly what the lord prepared us for!!! 


С большой любовью,сестра Price
Sister Beach

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