Monday, February 15, 2016


Hello friends! 

Ok I am sending this in the mass email because Zach's email must not work ;) Will someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me a picture of Zach and Lainey's wedding invitation? that would be just wonderful. 

This week was a great week! We did a lot of service this week and it was so awesome!! I LOVE serving! 

We served Axxxxx (who is the husband of the less active Bxxxxx). he is such a sweetheart! They have bought a new house out in the country side so me and Sister Beach helped clean up the yard- picking up trash :) while the elders destroyed a wall of a shed, took out some flooring, and took out bricks out of one of the rooms. I think Axxxxx really appreciated our help! their new house is so cute and it might actually fit them all in there so we are hoping to serve some more this week to get them into that house fast! 

Thursday we went to a member Axxxxx to serve. (she was the one that I served with Sister Mcmurray.. we took a picture and we were holding flowers and she had her dog). She is such a cutie! Her dad recently passed away so keep her in your prayers:) We hedged some bushes in the front of her yard! Me and Sister Beach are super buff now ;) But the whole time I was just thinking about dad cutting all the trees too short every time we did yard work at grandma and grandpas hahahahahaha. I told sister beach about that and we laughed about it and reminisced about our families:) (hey hey I'll see you soon) I love sister beach! She has helped me a lot this week:) 

On Friday we were waiting during studies for the water people to bring our water so we hear the doorbell ring and get all ready and I go and look through the peep hole aaannnnndddd.......
The police! So yeah that was really scary hahahahahahaha. They were pretty nice but yeah it kind of shook me up hahahaha. Just a good reminder of where I am! hahah But everything is fine and they just wanted to see our documents and stuff. We have had such a time with water! We have literally tried for a week to order water and something happens every time. hahaha Yeah I am a little done with that hahaa. But luckily the Sisters have a water filter so we just go and fill up at their apartment nearly every night hahahahahaha. oh man :)

We served Rxxxxx again on Saturday! Man I really like Rxxxxx. he is solid. And every time we go he just lays down some pure knowledge hahaha. He told us we didn't need to serve this time so we went in regular clothes to give him a spiritual thought and after we gave him the thought he asked if we could still serve (so yeah must not have understood that hahaha) so we mopped and then he asked if we could help him make borscht! We had plans that had fallen through and we saw it as service so we said that yeah of course we could! Well he starts making borscht and he wants me to write down everything that he is saying. We keep asking if we can help but he says, "no I just want to teach you how to do it." so hahah we sat there for 3 hours and watched Rxxxxx make borscht! the best part was that I started to try and tell him a story and he goes, "shhhh shhhh shhhh Price. this is a time for making food. It is very complicated and one needs to concentrate. talking is not needed." hahahahahahahaha man it was so funny! So yeah luckily after a little while he started to talk a little bit more which was good hahaha but yeah that was awkward. after 2.5 hours we just had to let it cook and so then well I don't even know how I figured it out but I figured out that he didn't want us to eat it with him hahaha. He said that we could only eat it the day after so we just awkwardly took out his garbage and then left hahaha so awkward!!! Luckily on Sunday he invited us over to eat, but we already had plans so unfortunately we had to decline that lovely dinner appointment hahahaha eeehhhhh :) 

We also had an activity on Saturday! the Elders put together an activity for the youth where we watched Meet the Mormons. lots of people came it was cool! We had like maybe 10 people there it was awesome! Also I love that movie. Also Axxxxx came. Also we tried to play ping pong after with Axxxxx but he wouldn't play without his personal paddle. Also I keep saying also. Also I love the song at the end of Meet the Mormons. Also I love when the dad is dancing like a goofball. Also I need to end this paragraph now hahahahha. 

Sunday we went and visited Exxxxx and Kxxxxx again!! It was so fun:) I love them so much! We were able to be there when they partook of the sacrament. Kxxxxxx told us how much she liked our spiritual thought and how much she loved it when we sang during our last lesson so she asked us to sing again:) She gave us cute little slippers and was just crying as we were leaving telling us how much she loves us:) I love them so much!!!!! They are some of my favorites:) I am going to try and get a picture the next time we go because I just love them so much and I want every one of you to meet these wonderful people! truly phenomenal. 

I have had dreams with a little bit of Russian in them before, but this week I had a dream where I was on the tramby and I kept trying to talk to these people in English but they didn't understand so I talked in Russian. Yeah Russian dreams! hahah 

Sunday we had a miracle:) Lxxx came to church! We were able to talk to her and told her that we just went to the wrong place and she was really forgiving and we just had a jolly old chat. I also got her RIGHT PHONE NUMBER and then she said we can meet on Saturday. SUCH A TENDER MERCY. I just kept thinking of the word GRACE. It is all in the Lord's timing and the way things happen is exactly how things are supposed to happen. But anyway Keep us in your prayers on Saturday. I really hope that will can be made into sufficient instruments in order to help Lxxx accept the gospel:) 

I am excited for this week! I love  you all and I miss you all! 



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