Monday, February 8, 2016

Week (insert number here)

Hello Friends! This week was a great week!


ok now I will share some highlights from the week :)

Last Sunday we went to try and find a less active but she lived pretty far away and so we took a taxi out to her to find her. Well we had a great taxi ride and the driver was a super cute old man who was super talkative! and we actually ended up having a great conversation about the gospel! I was able to have the first discussion with him which was super cool. I think it was the first time someone has sat down and listened to me give the whole first discussion solo! see I just need to pay them to drive me places and then they will listen!!! ;) No but really is was a really cool discussion and he kept on calling me Hannah and then also said that he felt something in his heart. He was so nice and we have his number and we tried to set up a couple of times with him this week but his car broke down and then he has been sick. hopefully this week! 

Tuesday we went with the Johnstons to our less active Axxxxx who we have been working with. Sister Johnston said she would like to look at some of her Tupperware so we went to her house and we had a whole presentation! it was fine when just Alvera was talking to us but about 45 minutes into our visit someone comes and IT IS THE DIRECTOR OF THE COMPANY so yeah that was really interesting! Boy he was a charmer hahahahaha. But he told us how if we change one word that we use we can change the way that we think and eventually our judgement before God. The words are spaseeba and blagadaroo (hahahah they look so funny in English hahaha) pretty much the difference is like saying "thanks" and "I am thankful to you" so yeah it was a pretty cool thought! But yeah translating is hard and I tried to say Tupperware with a russian accent and I said "two-perware" and everyone just had a hoot! hahahah it was pretty funny. But yeah Russians just say it like sounds tupperware hahahaha. 

We went back to Lxxxx..... had the scariest night of my life there hahahahhahah. I think that is a story for after the mission! 

We met with Gxxxxx again and had a bittersweet meeting. We talked all about our families and testified and did everything that we could and then at the end we asked if she would like to take the lessons and she said no. So that was a little hard... but she still wants us to visit and come and she has some service for us so maybe someday. Sister Beach still feels strongly that we need to visit with her and I think that she is right in the fact that she just needs a friend. her daughters all live far away- one in California. But yeah I think that she is kind of lonely. And hey she has become one of my really good friends:) 

Ok let's see what else... 
We went and visited with a less active Bxxxxxx again this week! she is so cute. Literally about 3 feet tall and has these two cute little kids. They have a tiny house and her older daughter who is 6 will be starting school soon and we asked "Are you going to miss Cxxxxxx when she goes to school?" and she said "honestly no!" hahahahahahahahaha It was so funny and I just loved it. She reminds me a lot of you mom haha. She also kept telling Cxxxxxx to sit like a lady haha. But yeah she is awesome! We are trying to teach her husband but she doesn't think he is ready yet. But hopefully we will be doing service for him this week to open up that opportunity to teach! But he is awesome. I think I already talked about him and how he brings them to church as of late even though he is hairy krishna (hahahahhaa hairy.. how do you spell that?!?!) 
Sister Beech's Birthday at the Mall!

Sister Beach's birthday was on Friday! SHE IS 20!!!! YEAH!!! we had a pretty normal day:) but we did go to the mall for lunch and then served a member named Rxxxxx. We dusted and mopped underneath his cabinet because it is hard for him to reach. WE WORE PANTS. IT WAS SO WEIRD. I felt so weird. I am going to be a weirdy when I get home hahaha. But we got some funny pictures with Rxxxxx and he also shared some history with us! he loves history about Russia and America so I think he was talking about in the 50's in America and how all the men were gone and how the women were like in charge and how he believes the judgement bar changed during that time to always be in favor of women. so yeah it was really interesting and a lot went over our heads! he said the first time he met with missionaries he thought they were going to beat him up but they just said they wanted to invite him to church hahaha. It was so fun to serve!
Serving Rxxxx?

We also had a lesson with Axxxx that night. Man our lessons with him just haven't been that great as of late. Last lesson he took a long time trying to convince us that he wasn't an FBI agent and then this last lesson he talked all about how he wanted to get married but not to someone his age. he also mentioned the he doesn't consider himself a religious man and were are like "what." but he is still progressing and doing great I just don't feel like he feels any kind of urgency and I also think that he sees baptism as the end step when really it is like just the beginning! 

Then Sunday we had a great fast and testimony meeting. Nxxxx and Sxxxx also blessed their baby (yeah I know like 1-2 weeks old!??!) and it was very sweet :) We also went to break the fast at the Johnston's which was fun! we went with all the young single adults. it was fun! That day we also kind of got lost on the bus but one of the YSA's also got on the bus and helped us find the less actives house! it was a tender mercy:) he also gave us gummy bears! It was such a tender mercy and I felt like Ammon in the book of Mormon when he felt really discouraged and an angel came and told him to go back and preach and when he went back he was met with open arms by.... hmmmm Ammulek? dang i forgot his name hahahaha. But it was a tender mercy:) Well I love you all! 

С большой любовью,сестра Price
Star Wars in Russia!

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