Monday, November 30, 2015

AAHHH I DON'T HAVE ANY TIME - with pictures

Man, this week was super exciting but I don't hardly have anytime to tell you all about it! BUT I do have the opportunity to send pictures this week so that is a blessing!

Sunset View

Sister McMurray

Monday night we had planned to meet with "d" and so we brought pizza to them (long story- his referral would only come with pizza haha) but they cancelled right before we got there so we contacted! woo hoo! 

This week we had two opportunities to do service so on Tuesday we served "A" and then on Wednesday we served "L" again. "A's" house was so cool and I took a video (well I have taken a few and I am so excited to show you all! ) (maybe I can show you during our Christmas chat or something?) but yes we helped her clear out her chicken pasture yard thing and we chopped down trees. She is so nice and gave us a whole bag of walnuts and jam and flowers!!! she was so nice and I have loved the walnuts. mmmmm! I will send a picture with her (sorry, we can't post images of Russian Citizens, so it will not be on the blog post). I think it is my favorite mission picture so far! she was so nice!!! 

Our changing room for service project

Hannah - Burning weeds in Russia
(More pictures at the end of the blog)

Then we served " L" and she is just this sweet little Russian lady who loves to do karate and loves to like hang out in the woods.  I have a hard time remembering people here (because there are literally like 16 Russian women names here so I have met like 1 million cvetas and 2 million larissas and Irina's haha) so we remember her as the cute karate wicken.  :)   We invited members "M" and "J."  "M" is a Russian member here who unfortunately had to come home early from her Russian mission due to health issues. Her boyfriend, "J" is from Brazil and he is staying here for 3months! I think they might get married but it is just so cute to hear them talk both in their second language (English) in these thick thick accents, haha man, they are awesome.

Thursday we left to Rostov! We got to stay with sister Jameson and Eliason that night! we got in at about 9 though, so we just  had time to plan and then go to sleep. The next day we dropped off Sister McMurray at her conference, then went back and did studies together in their apartment. Then we went and picked her up and left to go back home! You are about to hear the story of the two most frustrating days of my mission so far hahaha. We called a taxi at 3. it takes about 30 minutes to get to the train station. Our train left at 4:55. so we were giving ourselves a considerable cushion to get to the train station and get it all figured out. So our taxi comes late (but no big deal because we planned for that) so we leave and Sister McMurray is having this awesome conversation with this taxi driver about the plan of salvation but he is acting kind of weird and is like yelling. So we just kind of thought he was Russian hahaha but he was like really getting into it. We keep going and we should be at the train station but traffic is bad. So, it gets to be about 4:15 and Sister McMurray asks if we are close/almost there and he was like "yeah yeah we are almost there of course! you don't think I know where I am going?" so we said ok ok ok ... well then sis McMurray recognizes where we are (and oh my goodness I don't have enough time to tell this story haha) but pretty much we end up having to call the assistants and then elder Belon had to tell him, where we needed to go and he was just really obnoxious and a bit inappropriate and made us miss our train. So then we go to the train station and we completely missed our train so we called another taxi to get back home and we had our first police stop! All this after I tried to order subway in Russian while Sister McMurry was on the phone (which turned out better than I thought it would honestly haha) but the police man was super nice and we didn't have any problems. just scary hahaha

Then we went back to the other sisters house. The next day we contacted. Then left EVEN EARLIER well, long story short, there was confusion again with our tickets so we almost missed our train but just ended up needing to buy new tickets.  You would have thought that we weren't supposed to come home haha. 


We had a primary program on Sunday:) it was super cute!
There was also a lady at church that we didn't know so we snatched her up and had a meeting with her after church! It really is such a miracle. She actually really wants to know more about the church and just kept saying "What is this Book of Mormon?!?!" We had an awesome lesson with a member all about... well a lot of things, and she is super interested and works right by the church. It is so hard not to get our hopes up, but really, honestly, in one meeting she is already our most promising investigator!  And hey, she has gone to church more times than our others!! hahahaha

I am out of time but I can see how the lord is directing his work through us small and simple missionaries. 

I am hoping to have a wonderful birthday this week and I hope you all think of me :0   hahahahaahaha man, I am funny!

I miss you and love you all so much!!!! 

I love Russia!! 

Weird thing in Russia you see that you don't see in America; Every man here has to serve 1 year in the army so we see all of these super young men decked out in army uniforms on the street everywhere. They look like they are 14 and in all honesty some of them probably are. 


С большой любовью, сестра Price 
My Companion, Sister McMurray

Some Kind of Food.

We always love letters!


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