Monday, November 23, 2015


hello family!

This week wasn't super exciting! hahah:)

We had FHE with the lumpovwee family (man that looks weird in English haha) and we played a scripture finding game... it was really awkward though because we didn't realize just how inactive they were.. she served a mission so she was ok with the game but her husband is super inactive and really didn't want to play so they kind of fought with each other about playing and then finally did play.. so yeah that was a little rough hahhahaha BUT they have the cutest daughter ever and after she gave us hugs and it is probably the cutest hug I have ever received.. (Ok maybe not now that I think about Rowynne and Kynnedi and Andi and Alyssa(Familia not Roth although I do love them both:) :):):)) BUT the cutest hug I have received in Russia!

Tuesday Night I got pretty sick in the middle of the night and had my first Russian throw up! so glad we had pigs in a blanket the night before:/ but the next couple of days I just didn't quite feel myself but I feel a lot better now!

Wednesday night we met with our investigator Anna. She is super sweet but just loves her church too much:) we can't really progress with her because she won't come to our church and so we can't really move on with the lessons because she doesn't agree with (or grasp, I'm not quite sure..) the concept of Priesthood. So I feel like we have had the restoration lesson with her about 10 times but she just won't commit to do anything... We are debating on what to do about that.

We had a wonderful English lesson about learning how to receive answers to prayers! It is weird teaching English because we aren't authorized to teach English here so we have to all be sitting down and then we have to talk about gospel topics. but it is also really awesome because we get to teach gospel topics!! :) There was a lady we had never seen before at English club who looked like she was mid 20's and was honestly the most beautiful human being I have ever seen. She stayed for English and we had a short lesson after. She told us she wouldn't read the BOM but we gave one to her anyway and then we walked her home a bit. Ok but really people. She is the most beautiful person I have ever seen AND she is 34.. I seriously thought she was like 22. she is the most put together and classy person ever. Man I think I'm in love! hahaha ;) but we are hoping maybe she will become more interested in the gospel..

Ok I also met the nicest Russian on the face of the planet!!! Her name is CBeta (sveta) and she is a member here. we traveled in the rain to find her house which was hard to find and it was raining so I was a bit flabbergasted.  We went to her apartment (which is actually huge in Russian standards) and she offered us milk so I declined and then she kept persisting so we said yes and THEN SHE BROUGHT OUT ALL OF THESE COOKIES AND TREATS THAT SHE HAD BOUGHT JUST FOR THE MISSIONARIES. so we got to sit on her nice comfy couch in the warm and drink milk and have pastries while she read us a general conference talk and it was literally the best day of my mission so far haha. She is so nice!!! she has really bad scoliosis and her son left her daughter in law and grandson so she talked to us about that and I could just see how sweet she is. man she is amazing. she also talked to me in Russian!!! it was the best. people here don't really like to talk to me because I can't understand but she talked slow and I got to show her pictures of my family and she asked about everyone and we even talked about curt and marina and man. I could just feel her love. She is amazing!

Next we have what I like to call Frustrating Friday hahaha In the morning we went to take a less active treats. It took us a long time to find her house and when we did she said she didn't want the treats so we didn't even get to talk to her. Later that evening we had plans to meet with Larissa so we bought her flowers and then rode the tramby a ways a way and then got to her house and she wasn't there and wasn't answering our calls... So we decided to take the flowers to another less active that lived nearby and went there and the person said that it wasn't the same house.... SO. after literally every meeting had fallen through it was finally time to go home but we still had these flowers. I saw this lady on the street and in my very very broken Russian told her that our friend wasn't home and asked if she would take the flowers for us. she was really hesitant when we walked up to her but when I gave her the flowers her face just lit up and she was trying to hide her smile. It definitely made my day and it made me realize that sometimes the best things come when plans don't work out how we would like them to:) we also talked to a really nice Jehovah's witness on the tramby which was awesome.

We went contacting to the botanical gardens again- i would look that up.. but idk if they have pics online. but boy it is pretty there! Last week I went on splits with sister summers there and we met a man named vladimir.. well this week we saw the same vladimir and he recognized me so we stopped and talked again! he was with his old friend who is also named vladimiar who could "control the elements" so yeah that was a really fun and interesting conversation! they were super nice though. I opened up the book of Mormon for the 1st vladimir and he was so interested in the picture of Jesus on the American continent. he says he really doesn't want to know more but I saw how he looked at that picture:) maybe we will see him again!

Funny story: we were teaching a recent convert who is 19 and her member friend (who is also 19) Anna and Marina. (SHOUT OUT TO MARINA JOHNSON hahahaha) and we were talking about commandments and I was trying to tell them that while I was in the MTC my testimony of the word of wisdom and the law of chastity grew because I recognized how they helped my life but somehow it came out as "When I learned about the law of chastity I thought, "I cant do this!!" hahaha so luckily Sister McMurray was there to help me out hahaha.

Other funny story: (Its another tramby incident haha) I was trying to get off of a tramby fast so I ran to the door and my purse looped around the railing so I thought someone was trying to grab my purse; so I screamed and by then I was on flat ground and looked up at the railing and saw my purse all tied up haha. man yeah that was embarrassing. after I got it unhooked I yelled in "Bco Hapasho!" which means "It's all good!" haha oh man

I am so happy to be here! my favorite talk this week was "the prodigal son" from I think 2 conferences ago. I love it. I also finished the BOM this week! woo hoo!

I love you all and I will be thinking of you immensly this thanksgiving! I love you so much and I am thankful for you!!


С большой любовью,
сестра Price

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