Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bus Doors

Hello hello!

Oh my golly goodness I am so happy to say that I don't hav as much to write as I did last week! haha. 

This week has been good! Not as many crazy things have happened and I am so incredibly grateful for that! :)

We visited with some members and in-actives this week! We met with a in-active whose name is Valentina. She tried to hide from us, but we told her that we brought her a gift so she let us in! (when in doubt, buy either a flower or a snickers bar for your inactives hahaha) She is a sweetheart but our lesson was really odd. She has been baptized but we don't know how long ago or anything like that... but she would know really random things but not others.. for example she knew what baptism symbolized and knew exactly where the church was... but then she said she didn't know who Joseph Smith was or if she thought there was a God and offered us tea.... So! we are going to try and figure out what will be best for her:) 

We had a member lesson with Natalia! and boy we didn't teach that lesson! haha she is this sweet babushka with no teeth who practically yells when she speaks. well no, not practically, she does yell hahaha. She had 8 kids! THAT IS CRAZY. Well I guess sssuppppeeerrrrr crazy by Russian standards. If you have 1 kid in Russia you are craz and if you have more than 2 you are really crazy haha. I miss seeing families around! but anyway.. so she has had 8 kids and used to be a professional ballerina! she is so awesome:) She showed us lots of pictures and told us stories about her trips to the temple. Man these members here are amazing:) If you have a temple recommend, I would PLEASE ASK you to go to the temple this week! It is such a blessing and I think we have all taken the temple for granted in our lives:) so please go to the temple and if you don't have a temple recommend work towards one or spend some time on the grounds:) can you do that for me? :):):)

Anyway, after our "lesson" haha she asked us if we could help her with cleanig the church basemet so we went and helped her with that and boy oh boy I have never met anyone so particular about how to mop! she asked me to mop and so I was trying to mop but she kept yelling at me in russian and trying to show m how to do it and then Sister mcmurray was tring to translate so I had these two sisters just staring at me/yelling at me at how to correctly mop haha so I was trying and trying and trying and trying an she kept yellig "harder!!" so then I like did it really hard and kinda started jokingly screaming out of frustration haha. Then they both got quiet and the babushka said "see! now you know how to do it right." hahah man we laughed about that and after that it wasn't so tense haha. 

We also went and visited a less active sister named You-lee-ya (julia but russian haha). We had a lesson planned and we were really excited but we knew that she lived pretty far away and it would probably take like 3 hours there and back so we were hussling. We bought a snickers before we went there (see either a snickers or a flower haha) and found her house. She was super sweet and let us in! but her brother was there visiting and sleeping and their houses are so small we can't like just have a lesson so we dropped off her snickers. She was in a robe and she kept like grabbing her stomach and told us she was feelig a little sick so that was the other reason we didn't stay.. Well we started going down the stairs and sister mcmurray asks, "did she look pregnant to you?" haha oh man. So yeah she is a baptized member who like a couple of months ago told the other sisters she was going to be married in January an they thought it was really weird... well now we might know why! I told sister mcmurray that the only thing that would have been weirder would have been if we prepared a lesson on the law of chastity and she said "well we talked about temple marriage last lesson so we might as well!" hahaha oh man. yeah that was funny haha. then our saying that night was "we drove three hours to bring you a snickers!" hahahahaha 

This week we were getting off of a bus an people were taking a long time to get off the bus. Sister Mcmurray had already gotten off the bus though so I really needed to get off so I stated to go but the bus door started to close so I panicked and just kept going and they got me! my legs and bottom half was in the bus and my head a arm was outside hahaha. I was stuck in betwen the bus doors just wide eyed as sister Mcmurray was pulling on my arm and my legs were still in the bus. I could hear this Russian man yelling from inside th bus too and then they finally opened them but Sister Mcmurra was like pullig pretty hard on my arm so I did this spin fall backflip thing(haha just kiding not the backflip) but yeah that was fun!!! hahaha oh man. 

Russia is hard. hahahahahaa 

I love you all and things here are just dandy! So far it has been a lot warmer than I expected:) 
I know this church is true and I love and miss ou all. please go to chick fil a and in N out this week for me! (oh and the temple:))

С большой любовью,сестра Price

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