Monday, December 7, 2015

Hello Hello!!!!

Well friends, THANK YOU. I honestly honestly don't have time to respond back to everyone and it makes me super sad not to. but I want you to know that I LOVED your emails and I love you all so much! I am going to write this email and then head back and try to answer some.

WE GOT TRANSFER CALLS THIS WEEK. In training you stay with your trainer for 12 weeks and then usually get transferred... so yeah I wasn't expecting anything... but I AM BEING TRANSFERRED. ok but also not really hahah. I am still going to be here in Krasnodar but I will be joining sister Derek and Sister Summers in the apartment two floors down from ours:) Sister McMurray will also still be in Krasnodar but will be in the same apartment with one of the new sisters, sister Moore who I actually had the opportunity of meeting while in the MTC. I am super excited to be companions with Sister Derek and Sister Summers but honestly very nervous too:) They are on their 4th transfer together (so pretty much barely out of training) and they spent some time being in a companionship in the MTC and then had training (12 weeks ) apart from each other and then were together last transfer and now I will be joining them! so yes yes, you're right in the fact that I very much do feel like I am intruding on their marriage:) :) BUT I am super excited to join them because they are both super sweet and I think we will all learn and grow muchos this transfer! so YEAH!!! 
Sister McMurray and Hannah

I actually am still going up to Rostov this week with Sister McMurray to pick up her new trainee.. We Will be staying there until at least Wednesday but then the plans are up in the air because Sister McMurray has to go on her Visa trip and I don't know if they will let me go down alone with Sister Moore...or If I will come down with other sisters.... so pretty much I will just be on splits with a whole bunch of sisters in Rostov as They do training and such. Stay tuned for my next email to see what happens this week because we have no idea!!! hahahah :) 

This week was a wonderful week and I had a wonderful grandmas birthday and a wonderful real birthday too! ;) 
but let me start at the beginning:

On Tuesday we did service at Axxxx's again!! it was super fun! We served with the same elders (elder Hunt and Elder Burwell) as we did last time. Axxxxx really likes Elder Hunt because he speaks Russian really well. And he actually is on his way home as I type this so that is another reason why we went! to say goodbye! We went to Axxxx's at the time we planned but she wasn't there and we hadn't had lunch so we went to the magneet and got sstuff for sandwich makings! We were still in all of our clothes and didn't have anywhere to sit so we stood on the side of the road and made a sandwich factory line hahah It reminded me of Dad and Kiley!! They love mayo here too. but yes I will send a picture of our sandwicch line haha.
 The Sandwich line in full swing.

Street side sandwiches with the Elders
Axxxxx is so sweet. We went to her house and she gave us cookies and tea which was awesome! then we served. Sis McMurray and I shoveled stuff (now that I think of It i don't know what it was.. just trash that looked like dry wall) and then the elders took out a stump. 
She then gave us a giant frozen duck of hers that she insisted we cook for elder Hunt before he leaves. We told her we couldn't and blah blah blah but she eventually just forced us to take it and told us to cook it all together. We finished up service and got changed. The buses where we were only run rarely so we started to walk down the street and we see this bus pass. it has the number we need so we start booking it! so here are two elders in suits and two sisters in knee length skirts (which in and of itself is news in Russia) sprinting down the street with jars of jam and nuts and a 6 pound frozen duck in a bag. we run for awhile until we realize the bus is going the wrong way but we were all just following elder Hunt hahahaha. but man I want to watch that scene from an outsiders perspective hahahahah. 

Wednesday we went and visited Lxxxx  who we have served a couple of times. Whenever we call she never wants us to come to our house but we just felt like we needed to go visit her. we went to her apartment and all I can say is NUTS. no like, literal nuts. Walnuts everywhere. I think it is what she lives off of. She was kind of in bad shape..... she is feeling sick and is trying to get better. So I was glad we went and talked with her I think she enjoyed it. We told her about transfers and then asked if we could do anything at the end of the lesson and she said, "never leave krasnodar" so that was cute of her:) 

On wednesday we also had set up a meeting with Azzzz. We wanted a member there but oculdn't find anyone. so we decided to ask Mxxxxxx boyfriend Junior who is from Brazil and speaks English. We were running late so we like literally ran to his house and picked him up and then slightly jogged on the way back to get to the lesson on time. we got there on time and waited.. and waited.... :) so we are looking forward for a lesson this week!!! hahaha. yes she didn't make it but we had a great english club all together. 

We have tried to meet with Ixxxx twice this week but she hasn't made it either time... But we are still in contact and are hoping to meet. 

Thursday we had FHE with the Xccccccc family which was awesome! the senior couple- the Johnstuns (actually from Utah) came with us! after our lesson they brought out all this cake and banana bread and wow it was a lot and we couldn't eat it but we couldn't not eat it.... so yeah that was fun! these members just want to give... luckily with the new mission pres it is now "Never eat at homes. But never offend" It is just hard to find that balance haha. but yes that was wonderful!

Friday we went to Ixxxxx for a contact.. but then we ended up unexpectedly serving! We moved rocks but didn't bring a change of clothes so we moved them in skirts haha. man she is so sweet and we promised to come the next day too so that we could actually serve. 

On Saturday it was my birthday!!!! It was a fun day:) Sis McMurray blew up balloons for me and so that was fun to wake up to! we did our studies then headed over to Ixxxxx's again to serve... and she had made us lunch! (again with the food stuff) we had split pea mush and unidentifiable meat chunks!!! it was delicious!! She also made us belinis which in all serious were really delicious. and she gave me a candy bar and sang to me happy birthday in english and russian multiple times!! haha she is so sweet and honestly made my birthday. then we had choir practice with the othere missionaries and then had an apartment inspection and then we did training and ordered pizza!!! then Sister McMurray made me apple crisp and we had warm apple crisp and ice cream:) it was wonderful!!!
Doesn't look like her birthday Pizza or Apple Crisp, but she looks happy!

Sunday was great! we went to church and then had a break the fast young single adult activity. our investigator Axxxx actually came!!!!! so we all headed over to the Johnstons apartment and had taco soup and watched Meet the Mormons!!! It was so fun and I really think Axxxx enjoyed it. She is so shy but she got to meet and talk to people her age! it was wonderful:)

things are great in Russia and I love you all and miss you!!! happy almost Christmas!!! 

С большой любовью,сестра Price 

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