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hello my dear friends and family:)

let us all take one big deep breath together:)

first off, 
THANK YOU so much for your love and emails! I love to hear from everyone and I read every letter! I am still working on having time to respond to everyone, so if I don't respond I am terribly sorry but I can tell you that I thouroughly enjoyed your letters! :) :) :) :) :) 




OK but first things first I will start off with my travel and just give you kind of a play by play of my time here in Russia haha. 
we flew to NY which was 4 hours and then to Moscow which was 9 hours. man that plane was cramped haha. We made it to moscow and the airport seemed like really abandoned which was weird but also really nice after NY crazy airport. We walked out and met a man who said he was from the church... but one of the sisters didn't believe him so she made him show his credentials and everything hahahaha. man it was kind of funny.. and made the rest of the trip just a bit awkward. no vot! he was who we needed hhaa and he was a sweetheart. We drove throught Moscow to get to the US embassy... and I have to be completely ho
nest here... I was a little bit worried about what my time was going to be like here in Russia. They have these giant apartment buildings that just look like communism. It's terrible to say but... well anyway I was just very shocked and a little bit worried because it just felt very... eerie?? but then we got more into the city and it was absolutely gorgeous:) I fell asleep in the car (as did everyone else) but I did see some pretty cool bridges and buildings! man it is just so russian here hahaha. but yes that was a fun trip. 
Then we went back to the airport and everyone just felt like so incredibly terrible ahha I have never been so tired in my life! One of the sisters got quite sick but felt better after she let some of the borscht come back up :/ haha man it was rough. We also went to this restaurant  in the airport and they brought like 3 ectra 10 dollar burgers and so that kind of was a mess hahaha so we just paid a lot of money for a really crumy meal!!! hahahah BUT VOT (vot means like see or behold) we made it to Rostov! It was night time and we met the miners and boy it was so nice to see a face I knew. 

We made it back to the mission home with lovely chicken noodle soup and a warm bed:) the next morning we met our trainers! my trainer is sister mcmurray and she is wonderful:) we had balenies (oh gosh haha that's not how you spell it) but like russian pancakes that are like crepes. they were SSOOO GOOD.  I put like bananas and nutella on them so it was pretty much a dessert. Oh and we can get peanut butter here we just get it throught sister miner. then we had training! which was good because I learned lots of wonderful things but it was also very boring! hahah but so good. Then that night me and sister mcmurray joined sister jameson and sister eliason to Zapony and joined their apartment. man I can't even explain the love I feel for russia. We were driving on a train and I just felt so much love and excitement and curiosity and I know that it was such a blessing becuase I was so nervous about it being super american or it being super like I don't even know-- but I was worried haha. sO all day when we were drivving down the streets or passing people I just felt this extreme love. I was actually sitting on a bus and I let jsut a couple of tears fall because I just felt this love and excitement and appreciation for Russia. I definietly think it was one of my "oh my goodness I love russia" moments:) I LOVE RUSSIA!!! The sisters lived on i think the 9th floor and we took this old haha old and just ratchety elevator that was like the scariest elevator ever up to their apartment. I had very low expectations of their apartment... but man IT WAS SO NICE!!! like really. I looked out the window too and was just overwhelmed by the view. ok I am taking too long... we went and that night we contacted and no one wanted to hear! haha but in our last 10 minutes we met a very nice lady who didn't want to hear but was nice:) :) 

The next day we headed to Krasnador (which is my actual area) and I couldn't see a lot because we got there in the evening, but the next day I got to see more and it is BEAUTIFUL. everyone says I am so lucky to be in Krasnador (nicest city) and to be with sister mcmurray (nicest trainer:)) so definieily feeling blessed!!! OK. and. I don't want to brag. but our aPARTMENT IS SO NICE. I FEEL LIKE A MILLIONAIRE hahah man yeah they take care of the sisters:) I am still waiting to have like a really really russian meal, and I think we might do that today on the renik (ree-nick?) but sister mcmurray has taken really good care of me. Ok sorry I just HAVE SO MANY WORDS THIS IS LIKE THE MOST STRESSFUL THING EVER. ok yeah and I talked to a lady on our first day on the bus in zapony..... didn't understand a word she said but somehow we made it through that one!!! hahaha

we have been contacting a couple of times. 
The Kachers are here (from the 70) and they have been doing activities and sacraments and zone conferences which have been super great! we had an activity on sat. night that we were able to go to (cuz our invesitagtor was there) and these three russians sang love at home and I... yeah I shed a few tears hahah. I just couldn't believe I was in russia and they were singing love at home and they just sounded terrible but they were just so happy and man... it is one of my favorite memories:) I have also seen some of the most beautiful things here. I was sitting on a bus and there was a little girl standing and facing the sunlight all dressed up so cute in this dingy little trolley and the sun was just hitting her face and she was just smiling and giggling... but the best part was that she was blind:) she was just sitting and talking with her grandma and just taking in the sunlight and man I just loved it., 

ok I am running out of time

we went street contacting with sister kacher and sister miner (yeah NO PRESSURE!!!!) haha and it was fine. We met a really cool potential whose name is Bella and she is interested in english classes and maybe a bit of the gospel?\
OK and here is my coolest story of the week: We have lots of different rules than regular missions... and I think we kind of already knew about this haha. but we just can't talk to men at all like contacting... there are some different rules and stuff with teaching and yada ya da (mostly because i don't know them all yet)  but yes we are not supposed to talk to men at all. so I was sitting on the trolley thing and this man comes and sits next to me. He was older but I just didn't talk to him. Well I had a book of mormon on my lap (which we aren't actually allowed to give out... hahah yeah its a  little bit differnt of a mission haha) but yeah so I had it on my lap and he started talking to me and boy haha didn't understand that! but he started pointing at the BOM and got really into it (just because he is like that I think- not because he was mad or anythign) and I got out that he had a book of mormon!!!! so I testified of it!!! and he said a lot of othere things!!!!! and i just testified !!!! haha and we got off at the same stop and then sis. mcmurry helped me and anyway he met with the missionaries before and has a bom and pretty much he might be our next investigator:) which reminds me of the account of the loaves and fishes. in the account of John, the specify that it was a lad that brought the loaves and fishes. He brought all that he could and the Lord helped him the rest of the way and boy oh boy have I seen that in my short time here:)

We had Zone conf yesterday with pres kacher which was awesome! He also asked to have an interview with me so I had an interview with a member of the quorum of the 70 yesterday ! crazy

we went to a members house (less active) and drew on fruit and told them we did it in american too for pumpkins hahaha man. 

OK here is a crazy story but I want to let you know that everyone is safe and good. Two days ago, On sunday, we had had a pretty crazxy and stresful day with the kachers. it was just a crazy crazy day and we were kinda feeling down and exhausted haha and we were sitting and eating dinner and sister mcmnurrary says "hey we should call the sisters" so we called the sisters. It rang once. They answered and were screaming "FIRE FIRE FIRE" so oh man. so scary. so we just dropped everything and ran down to their apartment. Sist. mcmurry actually grabbed salt on our way down. we didn't know how big of a deal it was, but when we opened the door we smelled smoke. so we booked it down the stairs. We got to their floor and saw their door cracked open. I didn't see any smoke so I didn't think it was a big deal but then we got closer and the smoke was THICK. we ran in the kitchen and there was a grease pan on fire and I kid you not the flame was about 3-4 feet high. yeah. and the sisters were inshock so they were just standing there. S mcmurray starts screaming "CALL SOMEONE" but like holy cow no one knows who to call because no one is nearby and calling the police would probablymake it worse... so we are just frantic. I keep thinking about the balcony which is like through the hallway and through some doors. and so I grabbed the pan and crouched down (which I am now teased for because I was crouching hard core hahaha) (haha ninja mode) and just like ran out and set it on the balcony- flames still flying haha. that gave us some time and then sis mcmurray poured salt on it and it went out. but yeah holy cow. Ss mcmurray called the exact moment they were running to grab the phone to call someone. I don't Think I need to tell you how blessed and inspired that expereince was and honestly I keep it pretty close to my heart. I really can see the Lord's hand and help in my work here aalready and sister mcmurray was very very sure to tell me that things like that don't happen very often hahahahahah yeah IT HAS BEEN A CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY WEEK hahhaah man. But man. The holy ghost leads and guides us and I have a really strong testimony of that. Ask the Lord-- He will answer

Sister Sue and James Family. I love you so much. 

Sister Parrish. I love you and your family. 

I have a testimony this church is true and that the spirit speaks to us:) The Lord is ever mindful of us!!! I love you all and I am happy and healthy and safe! Thank you for your prayers:) 

Also yogurt here is SSSSOOOOO GGOOOOOD like I think it is my favorite food here ( and that is saying something I don't like yogurt! ) 
the light switches are outside of the bathrooms
they have like towel heating racks in every bathroom
it is absolutely gorgeous here:)
and tell grandma the sunsets are beautiful:) (especially from the 13th floor!! AWWW YEAH!!!) 

I feel so blessed:)
I love you all:)

please feel fee to share this with anyone mom! I love you:)

С большой любовью,сестра Price

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