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No I am not sick haha but I thought it was a good title... I'll keep thinking for next week's title! hahaha (reminds me of grandpa... it's 10:06, time to pick up sticks)


Man. Week six:) we are getting closer everyone! haha

How did everyone like general conference?! it was pretty amazing wasn't it?!! I loved it:) I really liked the talk by Neill Marriott. One thing she said has stuck with me and it is, "can we love Christ more than we love our own desires and wants?" oochen Hardasho vapros. (very good question).
I also loved Elder Hollands talk:) There was your shout out mom!! They didn't forget! :) Sister Campbell knows the elder who Elder Holland talked about in conference. Amazing really. And sister Campbell and sister slight were able to see him at the MTC not too long ago. So yeah that was a really cool story!

This week has been good! On Monday we taught FOUR LESSONS. yeah I know. It was crazy. Now you may be thinking, "well.. she's a missionary and probably always teaches that many lessons in a day." no my friend. We have been teaching a 15-20 minute lesson everyday (or I guess nearly every day..) but on monday we had Skype TRC (which was so fun and I will tell you more about that in a bit!) and then we taught our fake investigator teacher brother Graf, then we did a new thing where we teach other companionships as real investigators which was fun! and THEN we had another impromptu lesson later that night. So yeah it was a crazy day! but all of our lessons went pretty well I think!

SKYPE TRC. Ok so every Wednesday night we get to teach members/ RM's that know Russian just a lesson in Russian. We call that TRC. So on Monday we had Skype TRC where we had the opportunity to skype with someone (possibly) in Russia. We skyped a lady named Julia (but sounds like yoo-lee) and it was really awesome! she is from Ukraine and knows ukranian and russian and english and is now going to school in Germany to get her masters! Yeah she is amazing! I was really nervous about our lesson but it actually went really well! we kept asking poor questions I think because she would be super confused and then one time she just got to laughing so hard haha. After we were able to talk to her in english and she said, "I didn't really understand your questions but it was easier to just say yes instead of trying to explain to you what was wrong with it" and she was just giggling hahaha man I thought it was so funny! It went a lot better than I thought it would!

Vocal point came and sang to us on Sunday Night! such a treat. I think they brought in the singers because all the missionaries would have gone crazy listening to another speaker haha. but really it was amazing and such a treat! go and look up Nearer my God to thee by them. Amazing!

Last night Linda K. Burton came and spoke to us! It was really awesome! She talked about prophets and apostles andit was really greaT! Her parents were mission presidents in New Zealand when she was a teenager and she told the story about how Thomas S. Monson came to meet with her parents during their service. She and her sisters lived about 3 hours away from her parents to go to the high school there and she remembers Pres monson ( though not the prophet then) coming to visit her and her sisters at School. he came and visited her while she was watching a basketball game and so he just sat and watched with her:) How cute?!?1 she then relayed how when she was called to be the general relief society president she told him how she still remembers that basketball and he said, "well did we win?" such a cutie:)

Holy cow President monson? I was really worried. Can you even imagine how many prayers were said during his talk though? After we were talking as a district and we kind of brought up the point that maybe we take prophets for granted sometimes. Let us all pray we may more fully appreciate the Prophet and the apostles of the Lord. Also the new apostles?!?! so cool! Oh my goodness can you even imagine. Lets all keep them in our prayers.

Ok funny stories:

TRC (regular one) last wednesday night:
we were trying to ask how they came to know Russian, like if they served a mission or if they studied it or what so sister jameson asks them "how do you know Russian?" Just like that so it makes perfect sense in Russian and the first answers "I know it very well!" and the other was joking and said, "oh I don't know russian." hahaha man it was so funny. That lesson just kind of went downhill in a lot of ways after that haha. We asked them to bless the scriptures instead of read them and then also accidentally told them that Sister Jameson had cancer.. haha yeah but it was funny!!! hahaha

We have to learn russian and russian cursive which for the most part is fine but it is also confusing in a lot of ways haha. So the word "what" in russian is Shto (but with russian letters- you know haha) but just the SH looks different so it is like a weird letter and then a TO. Well in cursive some letters completely change and so the T then turns into what looks like an M. sometimes it is hard to tell if they are writing in regular russian or cursive russian. An elder was teaching a lesson and he wanted the investigator to read something so he pointed to the cursive word shto and said, " will you read this?" and then pointed and said, "yes. starting at Shmo" He told us that story and we think it is the funniest thing ever so instead of saying shto now we say shmo whenever we want to act super confused hahahaha man it is so funny. I just know I am going to actually say it though when I'm in russia... hahahah oh well.

Ok here is a kind of gross story hahaha.
So sister Jameson and I sit on the front row in our class (of two rows) haha and smack in the middle so we each have a companionship of elders on either side of us. Does that make sense? haha anyway. Well the elder that sits next to me had the biggest sneeze ever and I didn't really think anything of it and then after he sneezed he like didn't really move and looked like he was looking around for... something.... hahah so I just glanced over at him and he is just kinda trying to play it cool but I can also tell he is probably looking for some.. well you know hahah. He has a book on his lap and I look over on the book and there IS THE BIGGEST SNOT ROCKET I HAVE EVER SEEN. so he is trying to play it cool but I can tell he is still looking for it... he looks over at me and I say, " I think I found it." and then he finally found his snot rocket but it was so gross hahaha. Everytime he sneezes I think about it hahahahahahahaha Im scarred for life! hahaha that is super gross but it was super funny because every time he sneezes everyone gets a little worried. hahaha It's funny in real life I swear hahahaha.

It sounds like everyone is doing very well! I can't believe ki danced at half time?!?! that is crazy! how fun!
I got cookies from the Giles!! !thank you thank you!

We get new missionaries this week and this week is the week we are supposed to get new Rostov missionaries!!! woo hoo!!!
We are getting closer to leaving, but people. It seems so far away. please pray we won't go insane:) I really do love it here! I have just been here a long time!! hahaha.

Well I love you all!
I love the gospel! I love my savior Jesus Christ.

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