Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hey Hey HEY

hello friends!!!!

Holy cow will someone please tell Valencia congrats?!?! That is so awesome! (and also tell her sorry that I don't have her email.....) WOW WOW WOW!! She is going to love it!!!! I am so excited!!!!

we got new Russian missionaries! No new Rostov ones. Apparently there is a 4-week and then a 2-week cycle or something like that so I think we may get some new Rostov missionaries like 2 weeks before we leave haha. So yes there are like 9 missionaries going to Rostov in all the Russia zones. so yeah! It is really cool too how us three girls going to Rostov are all in the same district! #blessed hahahahaha man.I think I am so funny.
also, there is a russian district who is going to Moscow that got here last week and they leave Oct 12. Super jealous haha they go to the Spain MTC after 3 weeks in the provo MTC so they got here later and get to leave sooner than us! But it's cool... I'm over it........ ;)

Also some news: Crimea is now part of our mission?!?! an elder going to rostov looked up the mission map and it is now included as part of the mission so that is pretty scary. But also not scary at all because if we can serve there it must be pretty safe right? hahahahaha yeah.
Also I heard of like a red zone where only sisters can serve? But I can't like research that at all so if anyone wants to see if there is a zone or something where only sisters serve that would be pretty cool to find out if that is real or not haha.

Yes! Jade left on Monday and boy I am really so happy:) She looked so happy when I saw her on Saturday before she left:) I am so happy! and if you hear anything else def. let me know!

The mtc is good! I feel like this week went by fast. and holy moly... 5 weeks?!? crazy.

This week was a little bit hard! haha. The language is pretty hard! hahaha but it's all good. The Russian language actually only has 6 cases... I think I toldyou 9 before so I am sorry about that! but yeah it is hard but I am amazed at what I know.

I have also been a little irritated with my sweet sweet companion this week (AHH DON'T TELL HER I SAID THAT..SHE IS SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO ME) hahahahah I'm just kidding.. but also kind of not hahaha. It is just the little things and I still love her to death but I kind of miss talking to other people hahahahahahaha. plus it is really hard when I don't understand something in Russian and she thinks about the same thing for like 10 seconds and then says, "oh I get it now!" it's frustrating but it isn't anything she tries to do. but really I love her and more than anything I've just been a teeny bit frustrated with the language:) but it's coming!

This past sunday was a super special sunday. For realsies. Ususally on fast sunday we get to do a lot of studying and hanging out but we had a meeting this time and bro/elD/pres (?) catcher came and talked to us! He is the area 70 over Russia! (wait now I'm not sure... but people kept telling me he was someone important!! ;)) but it was a really cool meeting and I will get to see him two days after I arrive in Rostov because they are doing a mission tour there! so that's cool! during that same meeting, Pres Burgess who is THE PRESIDENT OF THE MTC was there! AND THEN GET THIS. we have pretty small sacrament meetings (like I would guess 6 or 7 districts- so maybe like 70 missionaries) and after the big important meeting BOTH PRES CATCHER AND PRES BURGESS CAME TO OUR SACRAMENT!! (and not the other Russians zone's mind you!!) so yeah that was pretty neat:)

On Sunday Stephan B. Allen came and talked to us. It was really awesome because I had been fasting on sunday and didn't really feel like I had an answer and then when he came he talked about exactly what I was fasting about for just a snipet of time but I really felt like the Lord had answered my prayers. It's kinda personal so I don't really want to share haha but I know that god hears our prayers:)

Then last night Elder Costa came and talked to us and talked a lot about how he sees missionaries as heros. I have heard a lot of stories like that while being here at the MTC and I only hope that I can be a "hero" to someone! He shared a really cool story too that I will share at the end that I would like to share but I will see how much time I have.

Funny stories:
So In russian, if you want to say "how do you say..." you say "kak skazat..." and then whatever word in english that you want to know hahaha. side note: I feel like it was kind of a hard language week for a couple of missionaries in my district. ok back to the story: in previous weeks, this elder would always use kak skazat in the funniest ways. Like he would read a word and understand and say "KAK SKAZAT FLUENT!" hahah and it was so funny. Well this week the language seemed harder than usual hahaha and I heard him down the hall. Someone asked him "how's the language coming?" and he said "it's coming! "kak skazat slowly!" hahahaha man I thought it was so funny!

There are two elders who have "game day" every Tuesday where during gym they play two other russian missionaries and last week I guess they just got creamed... so This week this elder (who is so extremely competitive) kept nagging our district leader about making an announcement. so the district leader was finally like, "ok what is the announcement you would like me to make?" and so he stood up and said, " As many of you know, tomorrow is game day for me and ctp. thayer and we would really appreciate your prayers" hahahahah man it was so funny

the other sisters in the other district that we room with love to prank their elders... (also their elders pranked us by putting an alarm clock in one of the sisters purse.. yep we woke up at 3:20 the other morning. but we never talk about it and pretend like it never happened hahahahah so don't tell anyone! hahah ) but anyway, the convinced another elder to hide their mattresses hahaha they are so goofy.

To end on a spiritual note: We watched a talk given by Elder holland called Missions are forever (given in the MTC so i don't think you will have access...) but he told a parable(?) I can't remember the word hahah (and no, not because I know so much Russian I cna only think of that... just becuase I can't think of the english!!! hahahaha) and he said--

"He told us to come to the edge... we told Him no!
He told us to come to the edge! we told Him no!
He told us to come to the edge!! We told Him NO!!
He told us to come to the edge.

We came to the edge.

And He pushed us.

And we flew."

man I just loved that and it has stuck with me this week. I also really like the scripture in Alma, Alma 17: 13 (which I LOVE especially with missions :)) and I LOVE vs. 16. The word that sticks out to me in 16 is the word PERHAPS. I could tell you all that I think and feel about that but what does that story and that verse make you think about? I feel like sometimes that is all that we can go off of is a perhaps... BUT in correlation to the story Pres. holland gave, I know that we can fly EVEN if we only are acting on a PERHAPS. man I love the gospel. i love the spirit I feel here.
I am excited for general conference!!!! woo hoo!!!!!! Many of you proably have done this or have plans to, but I challenge you to take a question to the Lord. And listen for an answer in general conf.! I am excited to hear about your experiences! thank you so much for the emails! I love you all!!!!!

С большой любовью,сестра Price

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