Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Week Three

hello family!!!

Well. there goes another week here. hahaha It is such a weird experience here because time is seriously so warped, it seems. The days are long but the weeks go fast... (atleast that is what they tell me???) but really I can't believe another week has passed and I feel like I have nothing to tell you!!! hahah.

The russian is hard! There are 9 cases in Russian. so yeah that will be fun to memorize!! :)

I LOVE THE PACKAGES AND LETTERS. seriously the best thing ever. so thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rain has been quite refreshing:) I love the rain and even more than that, I love sweat shirts:)

I feel like I'm stalling. I really don't have a lot to say about this week! hahah. I had lots of class time but I really don't feel super stressed about Russian which I can't tell if that is a good or a bad thing... A lot of Russians/ Ukrainians left this past week so it has been really weird because the cafeteria and our classrooms (well not our, but other classrooms on our floor..) are super empty so yeah that is kind of weird:) But I am so excited for them to actually go out into the field! We also go through a lot of english speakers so it is hard not to feel like the MTC is MY home not your home hahahaha

hmmm... lets see what else has happened???!?!? we have two new investigators (well they might be the same as last week.. I can't remember what I told you last week) and our lessons have actually been going pretty well!! We are working on just using the language in our lessons instead of reading the whole thing.... and it is really really hard hahahahaha. But this past lesson I had a really cool experience where I got to say something that I didn't even have planned! haha we were teaching Mela and we decided to just have a chill lesson and testify to her about how the book of mormon has helped us in our lives (which was really cool- Sister Jameson is amazing) and then after we talked about the holy ghost and asked Mela if she thought she was feeling the holy ghost. She said that she wasn't sure if she felt the holy ghost or if she just was happy about what we were telling her. SO WITHOUT ANY SCRIPT, PEOPLE, I told her that when I first started feeling the spirit I didn't know exactly what I was feeling and then I testified to her. It honestly wasn't exactly what I would have wanted to say in English, but it came out and it worked and she seemed to understand! so woo hoo!

Today has been a wonderful P-day:) we don't even have to move to another building! :) it has just been so chill and I even got to go on a long run in the gym which was super nice:) and I think that my companion will also like that I ran because I am much happier after I run hahahah :)

I also got my hair cut today! nothing drastic. I just decided to trim up my Ringo-do. It feels so nice:)

I taught relief society this week and it was an amazing lesson. You know how people say sometimes you learn the most out of a lesson when you teach? I definitely got so much out of my lesson. It was really awesome and everyone participated and it was awesome. There were also two older ladies there for my lesson- like the branch presidencies wives, and that was really scary. There was a part in my lesson where I said, "Ok now we are going to go around the room and tell each other our biggest sins" as a joke hahaha (did I tell you my lesson was on Repentance?) and I totally forgot that the old ladies were there and thought I would be kicked out of the MTC for that terribly distasteful joke but I didn't even get kicked out! hahahah but yeah it went really well!

I played four square this week. It is super intense hahah the rumors are true!!! The elders in our distirct now say "four square is life" In russian all the time hahaha. they are obsessed.

funny stories:
There is an elder in our district from France (I think I have already talked about him?) str. Longin and he is so funny. He knows english and speaks super well so we all just assumed that he understood everything haha. But anyway, so sister Slight received a dear elder with a sentence or two of french in it so she asked Str. longin to translate it for her. She was talking about this boy that sent it to her and then said, "yeah remember, I told you all about him last week and how he served his mission in France!" and then Str. Longin said, "Oh last week? I didn't understand anything last week." hahahahahajhaha man it was so funny.

There was an elder from our district that walked out of the bathroom singing, "happy day! All is well!" I dont think he thought about what he was singing but man I thought it was so funny hahahaha sorry, #bathroom humor

In choir the director (whose last name is Eggett) was telling us about this couple that he taught and eventually they became members. Well they adopted a son together and they named Him Eggett Liva. He joked about how he felt bad and said that he wish they would have taken his first name haha. then he said, " I think a lot about what example I am being to people, and especially about that family I taught..... and every time I think about them I think, 'man I better be the best I can be because of that poor boy in Brazil named Eggett'" hahahahah man it was so funny.

In gym we were playing volleyball and the ball got loose and went towards one of the elders in our district and he liked jumped away from the ball and the ball like scared him. hahah man it is so hard to explain but he did this little jump and yell and it is something that I don't think I will every forget hahahahahahahah.

Last night President/Sister Wixom came (who is over the primary) and gave a really cool devotional on missionary work and nephi and his brothers and how they all had different mission experiences on the same mission of going to get the plates from Laban. I thought that was really cool, but What I loved even more was when she said, "everyone in this room has a story" and it is so true. I have learned that here at the MTC a lot (sorry, my english is suffering hahah) and I know that I will continue to learn that in the mission field. I love people and I know God loves his children. I love you all and may you never forget how much you are loved by our earthly friends and our heavenly friends:)

Love you!

С большой любовью,сестра Price

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