Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Hello hello my dear family!!

This week has been amazing! and I have been here one month?!?! what what?!?!? crazy.

It is Curt's birthday this Saturday... if you get a chance send him an email at I'm sure he would love to hear from us!!! crazy kid is 20! ( Grandma Ivins send him an email- he would love it!!!)

Wow this week! It honestly has kind of flown by. We get new missionaries today! Our zone gets 10 new elders, but the other zone gets 6 new sisters!!!!! (and probs some elders.. but I'm not sure..) So yeah new sisters! we don't know what missions they are going to... so we will see:) but we are super excited to have some more russian sisters! It has seeemed so empty since the other sisters left.

Jade Kho was planning to leave to her mission this past Tuesday, but they had problems with visas so she is still here! they think they will be here for another week.... That would be hard. but it's all good! I'm just praying they get to leave to SOMEWHERE sometime soon.

KILEY RAE?!?!?!?! HOW WAS THE HOMECOMING FOOTBALL GAME?!?!?! AND I GOT YOUR PACKAGE AND I ABSOLUTELY LLOOOOVVVEEEEEDDDD ITTTTTT. I'll send you a picture with the spray cheese:) my teacher went to the pg football game and he said he saw your class running out onto the field!!!! You're famous!!!!!! How is school and how was the carnival and everything?!?! who do you eat lunch with??? what is your favorite class?

wow that trip to alaska sounds like fun! I hope they had a great time! sounds like they did!! Oh no! Is annie ok?? i hope all is well... car crashes are the worst.

Tell coockoo and coockoo congrats on the marriage!!

haha I am so excited to go to russia and meet all sorts of people! Hopefully the one from the podcast for sure!!!

did I hear it was Lauren's birthday this week???? I can't find my calendar so I am sorry about the missed birthdays... not keeping on top of that very well hahahaha. But holy cow!!!!! tell her Happy happy birthday!!! I can't believe she is 12?!?!? jeez. I've only been gone a month! everyone is growing up so fast;)

I hear you had a great sunday dinner! man I miss those:) We always talk about what food we would have if we could have a home cooked meal and I always say either Hawaiin haystacks or the salmon/rice/salad dinner. I have also been thinking a lot about that peach lemonade that lainey and Zach made. Mmmm yeah go have those great meals together hahaha.

I love seeing the leaves change on the mountain!!!! It is so weird being so close to home yet feeling so far. but hey it's all good:)

Last night we had Elder (?) and sister Cardon come and speak to us! Their talks were... great! super....... interesting!!

On Sunday we had Lloyed Newell come and we had like our own little MTC and the spoken word and it was really amazing:) I love singing in the choir!!!

Our elders told us this story just yesterday (maybe monday?) one of our elders in our district was brushing his teeth in the bathroom right before bed and there were a couple of elders in the bathroom and one was telling the other just to gag himself.. so our elder was like "wait what is going on" so anyway, turns out that this other elder had eaten a whole thing of queso and apparently someone else in his room/district had put a whole bunch of laxatives (like 30) in a bottle as a prank, thinking all the elders would eat it together. So the two elders left and our elder went back to the room and then thought, "holy cow that elder is going to die" so our elders from our district went around to every room in the building to try and find that elder and finally found him on the 4th floor. They found him and tried to get him to go to the hospital but he kept just saying that he was fine... so they finally like coaxed them out and they left to go to the main desk... I guess they made it to the desk and he just spent some time in the hospital! so yeah he is fine now! just spent some time in the hospital but yeah that was kind of a scary story and now I know what moms worry so much about their missionaries hahahaha. jeez.

The russian is coming a little bit I think! I still don't really get the conjugation and stuff.. haha yeah it is hard and sometimes I wonder, "how in the world...." but then I usually just think about something else hahahahahahahahaha. But really I feel so blessed and I have this strange feeling of peace nearly all the time where I don't really feel stressed with the language which is honestly such a huge blessing.

I love the mormon message "mountains to climb" I have watched it every sunday and i have cried every sunday while watching it hahha. I would really like everyone to watch it. I love it so much. And hey! If you watch it on Sunday I would have watched it THE SAME DAY!!! hahaha:)

I get to teach district meeting this week which is like sunday school. It is on enduring to the end... So if anyone wants to Dear Elder me a lesson that would be great:) :) (just jokes:))

Holy cow Kelsey Kerr is getting married?!?!! I am so happy for her:) I want to see pictures! (when it happens of course... I hope by then I will be in Russia hahahaha #prayforvisas)

so we live with 4 other sisters and two of them are in our district and I think I have sent pictures of them? sister slight and sister campbell? yeah they are awesome:) and then we have two other sisters who are both speaking russian but are going to Ukraine:) They are awesome:) we are always in different classes so after every meeting we always race back to our room and it is the most stresful and the funnest part of the MTC hahahah. One night me and cectpa jameson were coming back from class and we see them in the hall filling up their water bottle so me and sister jameson don't say anything and just sprint down the hall past them and so then it was this giant race and boy it was my favorite race ever hahahaha. Then sister jameson and I came back to the room today after something or another and there was a note on our bunk bed that said, "we were here first" hahaha man we just cracked up. they are awesome! sister bowlingbroke is from layton and sister andersen is from Denmark.

Huge shout out to the Giles for the cookies!!!!!! oh my goodness I loved them so much. I shared them with my district too and one of the elders couldn't get over them. he kept asking me, "now wait. where did you get these? one of your mom's friends?" I think he was pretty close to asking for Kelley's email address hahahahahaha ;) no but really I loved them so much and the other sisters and elders did too!!! and if you get a chance, that elder would really love the recipe hahahahaha. so thank you thank you thank you!!!!

I think I already thanked Kiley for the package but really thank you Kiley! (and mom:)) I love getting letters and mail:) I will try and get some letters sent out soon!!

Ok funny stories:

in Russian to say "how are you" you say (ok bear with me... I don't have a russian key board haha) "Kak oo vas dela." the elders that are a couple of weeks older than us were telling our district about how the first few weeks they were just so stressed with the language and so an investigator said to them "kak dela oo vas" and they said they were so stressed and just stared at them they just told us it completely threw them off so they didn't even acknowldege it hahahahaha

in russian, you stress the part of the question that you want an answer to.. and I have noticed that it is usually at the very beginning of the sentence.. usually like the 2nd or thrird word. well anyway haha so we were having a lesson about setting goals (but our teacher talks to us in Russian all the time) so we were saying some reasons why it can be hard to have goals and someone said that we feel bad when we don't get them done. so then our teacher said "god WANTS you to feel bad" and stressed the "wants" so we didn't catch on that she was asking a question in russian so we just all sat there really quiet as she kept repeating "god WANTS you to feel bad" until someone finally asked, "wait are you telling us God wants us to feel bad?" and then we all laughed and she explained she was asking us the question hahahahahah (The answer to which is of course, no) haha but yeah we all just sat there so taken aback hahahah. 

Going along with goals, our district always jokes about how we never get any goals accomplished haha. Other districts like to finish a whole tube of cereal (approx. 75 bowls for 10 people) before a worker notices haha. Well in our builiding, our bathrooms have automatic lights so our elders goal is to make it into the bathroom, use the bathroom, and then come back out all without turning the lights on hahahahahah #worthygoals. These stories make it seem like we don't work very hard... but we do!!!!

haha anyway.. I have some more funny stories but I have ran out of time. I love it here at the MTC but I am also glad that I am a month in:) I love you all and I miss you and think of you often:) I wish you all the best and know that I love and I am thinking of you!!!

go read about Alma the younger and the sons of Mosiah. I love that story (pee wee voice)

love you all!

С большой любовью,сестра Price

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