Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Week Two Hundred?????

Hello friends and Family!!!
wow it has been a good week! but I feel like nothing new has happened!!!
except we did move to a different builiding today! yeah they told us yesterday that they wanted us to move and so we moved into a different building that is a nicer building, but the rooms are a bit smaller. we also are living with 6 people instead of 4 in a room which will be fun and interesting! my favorite things! ;)

Our last investigator actually ended up being our teacher! which apparently a lot of other and older missionaries knew and it was like a secret they were trying to keep from us... so yeah if you are going to the MTC soon and don't know this...your first investigator will end up being your teacher haha. But yes! I went to high school with my teacher! I can't remember if he was one or two years older... but his name is Brandon Graf. So yeah that is pretty cool.

For service this week we cleaned stairwells and I got to wear the ghostbuster vacuums! I didn't have my camera so I don't have a picture... BUT if you go onto Marina's blog during her MTC stay, I'm pretty sure she has a picture of the same thing hahah but yeah that was fun and sweaty! :)

So this week we got two new investigators (played by our teachers of course) and it is really hard because one investigator Boba (pronounced vo-va) has been meeting with the missionaries for a year and has read all of the BOM whereas Mela (prounanced as it is spelled hahaha) apparently doesn't know really anything about it. So a couple of elders were going to teach mela and had this whole lesson planned aabout the plan of salvation and joseph smith and the investigator wanted to know how to pray and was just really lost about what they were trying to say. (and another funny part is that they said that they made a "choose your own adventure lesson" where they would try and understand what she was saying and then go from there haha) BUT ANYWAY. they thought that their lesson went really poorly and just came in the classroom after so incredibly flustered and they were talking 100 miles a minute haha. They finally got calmed down and then the sisters who taught after them came in and the elders asked them how their lesson went and they said, "oh yeah it went really well" and you could hear them both go "eeehhh...." hahahaha then later in the hall we hear one of the elders say, "yeahh.... it was a refreshing struggle!" hahahaha man I thought that was so funny.

There was also a lesson where the elders were trying to say, " we want to help you" and instead they said "we want you" hahahahaha man yeah ffunny things happen when you don't know the language!!!!!

another funny story: (haha sorry I write down funny stories because it seems like those are the only things that make the days different!!!!)
An elder recognized and read a word from the kenige mormona (BOM) and yelled "fluent!!" haha

we were having district meeting and the elder who was conducting was trying to be serious and I think he was a little stressed and his companion sneezed and he did a little "OH!" haha and I had to supress my laughter hard core hahahaha.

the elders were trying to figure out what to do with splits because one of the elders had a meeting early in the morning so they were trying to figure out what to do. And one of the elders pipes up and says, "hey you can just come and sleep with us! we have two empty beds in our room!" and he was so excited haha and then the district leader said, "I'm not going to be gone overnight... although a sleepover would be fun!!!!!!" hahahahahaha

Now I can't tell if these stories are actually funny or if I am just going crazy hahahha.

I had a really funny/ weird dream involving Jared and Alyssa Zach lainey Cory and Stu roth (and Amy kerr now that I think about it) that involved the pretty horse I have ever seen, Cory shooting that horse in the leg, the horse's face being Amy Kerr's face, and then that horse transforming into stu roth dressed as a horse all because Alyssa and jared thought it would be super fun to tease me with a horse??? hahahaha It was a really vivid dream AND IF MY BROTHERS WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT IT THEY ARE MORE THAN WELCOME TO EMAIL OR DEAR ELDER ME. :):)

I got your packages and boy I LOVED THEM!!!! I sleep super well now and it is so nice to have a bed that kind of feels like home:) I love it so thank you! We also throughougly enjoyed the cow tails:)

Tell baby Harvey hello! send pics if you can!

Hello grandpa!!!

Things are well here! I am in provo and I am taking classes right now! I won't be able to mow your lawn for a little while because I am learning in order to go to Russia. I think about you often and I hope that Zach is doing a good job of mowing your lawn! Watch him close:) I love you and I am thinking of you!


Ok sorry there is my letter to grandpa that I just remembered.

Overall things here are good!

Monday was the longest day here I have had at the MTC.
We talked to a couple of elders going to russia and they said they have been here for 4 weeks so we said, "oh yeah so you elders are getting close to leaving!" and then they said, "oh no way. we still have 5 more weeks!" and I swear to you, I just sat in my desk and stared at the wall as those words echoed in my head all day haha. Then Tuesday was much much much better! but yes, monday was my longest day haha.

Things are good with the companion! We are great together!

the russian is... coming? hahahahah I'll keep you updated on that..... :)

oh there was an elder that was in the hospital for like the past week with some pretty serious problems.... he is now back at the MTC and is recovering!!! The prayers for the missioanries are heard and answered!!!

We had the best devotional last night. it was by Gerald Causse and his wife Valerie. They are from france and they were just very real and awesome and Idk it was my favorite devotional by far though. I think they talked in last gen conference? or the one before? sadly I don't remember his talk hahah,. but I am sure it is wonderful and you should look it up! They both talked about their parents and how they were converted to the gospel... and then to know that because of those missionaries they were able to talk to thousands of missionaries and i know that they have had a huge influence on my life. Overall, very inspirational and very humble of them. I could sit here for hours telling you everything that I liked about their talks, but one thing that I really liked was how he stressed being humble and bold. he gave a wonderful talk and then at the end said, "I will now be bold and do something that is a little bit scary for me. I would like to play a song for you on the piano instead of having a closing song." so he walked over to the piano and sat down and I was ready for a masterpiece. I was so surprised when I heard the plunking of the keys. The song started off slow and honestly, a little childish and un-practiced. But low and behold, the song grew and by the end was a magnificent master piece that was just so incredibly beautiful and as I sat there and thought about it I just keep thinking, "this song is like my mission and like my life." it is definielty slow and child like and unpracticed out here in the field. I feel like I am plunking away at the keys and just doing all I can... but I have faith and know that we all can grow and become wonderful masterpieces in the hands of our savior. I have a testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel and I feel so incredibly blessed to have this opportunity to serve and to grow closer to the lord. may we all think about our own lives and how we may be "plunking away at the keys" and how we have already grown and can continue to grow in the gospel. I love you all! thank you for your prayers and support!

С большой любовью,сестра Price

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