Monday, June 27, 2016

мы переехали!

I don't know if I spelled that right, BUT WE MOVED!!!

man this week was just crazy. 

Monday night we went looking for less actives and neither one of them answered so we had a great night of street contacting! We actually ran into another less active on our way to the other less active and talked to her for a bit so that was pretty neat too. It was definitely a tender mercy! 

Tuesday we did some great contacting by the River but IT IS JUST SO HOT there is like no one outside. So  Sister Greenwood and I were talking about boats and boating and just how badly we wanted to jump in the water...and right as we said that this gorgeous (and silent haha) tour-like boat passes us in the river and we just both went quiet and watched the boat pass with our mouths wide open haha and it was so funny! BUT YES SUPER HOT!!! then that night we went to Axxx to teach him but it didn't end up working out. We went there and bought ice cream and everything to help them cool down and then they weren't there.. they also live super far away so we just went home and tried not to cry as we ate our ice cream in our sweat puddles. hahahahahaha just kidding. We got to see Karin ( I realized I spelled it like Karen in our last email.. you say it like car-in.. карен) and some other hooligans which was nice. 

Wednesday all of our plans fell through except for the plan to go apartment hunting with the Sisters so we went and looked at a couple of apartments with them and a cute realtor but then we ended up not liking those ones. The other sister had to leave but the realtor had more places to show us, so we went with her and WE FOUND AN APARTMENT!!! yay!! It is crazy cool hahaha and SO BIG. haha our last apartment was just two rooms, the kitchen and then the living room/bedroom and in this one we have a bedroom and a living room and a kitchen! So cool haha. Then that night we taught English which was good but also not very good because we had a lot of like comments that were really racist and political and one was from a member of the church (THE SAME HOOLIGAN THAT FOUGHT WITH OUR INVESTIGATOR MIND YOU - yeah don't put that in there haha) but it was just kind of a bummer. But we were able to take to Nxxxx about her trip to the temple- she is the only youth member in the Txxxxx branch and so she comes up here sometimes for activities and went with the youth on the temple trip. SHE IS SO AWESOME! 
Thursday we helped Oxxxxx put up wallpaper. Yeah who knew we can just put up our own wallpaper???? Well we can hahahaha. Oxxxx is awesome. I will try and send pics

Friday we packed and then went back to Kxxxx and Axxx and cxxxx and lxxxx and taught the plan of salvation. It was a great lesson! We used this little puzzle thing and it definitely helped us stay focused:) Cxxx- the little girl that is probably about 3 or 4 asked me as we were sitting there, "почему вы все красны??" which is "why are you all red???" hahahah it was so funny! she also asked why I don't have any eyebrows so I guess all those years of teasing Zach is coming back to bite me hahahahah. I also gave them the play dough that you sent me mom and THEY ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! seriously they were just playing and playing and playing and even the mom lxxxx was playing and saying, "I have never seen anything like this before!!" so cool and sweet:0 so thank you mom! and they said to tell you thanks!! 

Friday we finished packing up our whole house which was an adventure.. Sister Greenwood and I just laughed and laughed last night as we were laying in bed thinking about how it is crazy how long we have been together and that we had to move together and that we are now just like an old married couple. haha man. 

But yeah we packed all day Friday and then we finished packing Saturday. the Johnstons came and helped us take down our bunk bed and table and then helped us clean. we ate at the sisters all together (because we used ot live in the same building.. going to  miss that!) and then us the johnstons, the sisters and elders all helped us move into our new apartment and then stayed the night helping us clean our new apartment. CRAZY
We still are not quite settled in.. but getting there. we also keep finding funny things that we didn't see before or just funny things keep happening. We slept in our apartment last night and then night before and we have these two beds right next to each other. Last night, sister greenwood was telling me that she thought the bed broke a little the night before. so she gets into bed all ready for the night and I ask her if it feels broken and she says, "yeah it feels a little saggy" and I kid you not right after that, the bed breaks hahahahaha. Man it was so funny. 

But anyway. Yesterday was a miracle day at church!! we had so many less actives and some new people and old people and young people! It was just awesome. BUT THE BEST PART... LXXX CAME BACK TO CHURCH!!! Our old investigator that had a baptismal date! she stayed for all three hours and then asked us to do a lesson with her. It was awesome and such a miracle:)

Also Sister Greenwood forgot how to lead during sacrament so a cute member on the back row just stood up and was helping her lead haha. I didn't see it but she was telling me about it and how she was just so lost and looked at the very back and he was just waving his arms. She said she still couldn't get it but that it was a good help hahahha. 

Man crazy weird week this week. Hoping we can settle down and get back into the work. 

I love you and miss you all! tell my goober brothers to email me. 

Love ya! 

С большой любовью,сестра Price

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