Monday, July 4, 2016


Happy fourth of July my friends!!!

wow this week was great and crazy! 

This week we got a little more settled in our house which is exciting! 
lets see.. I don't have a lot of time so I will just share some highlights of the week! 
On Tuesday we went out to a former investigator and knocked on her door and told her that we were the missionaries but she came and opened the door anyway! but she opened the door just a crack and was this old old lady.. she was also holding just a sheet in front of her little old cute naked body hahaha. so we told her who we were and asked if she remembered us and did some chit chatting and then asked if we could maybe come back and she said probably not.. so we were just planning on leaving but then she just starts talking and talking and talking and talking and I don't even know what she was talking about hahah ut she just talked and talked and talked all while just standing behind this sheet. we even kept asking her, "is this an inconvenient time?? maybe we can come back later??" hahah but she just kept telling us all about where she used to work and how she is sick now so she swims. man I thought it was so funny and so weird haha. 

We meet with a sweet girl named Mxxxx. She is the granddaughter of a member here that spends the summer in Krasnodar. She made us compote and cake and we talked to her about spiritual armor! She is a cutie! 

we also found the best burger probably in the world. It is only $2.75 and ssooo good. Like maybe even better than what is in America. we went there last week and also today cuz America. :)

Ice Cream with the Johnstons

I also had a cool experience on Wednesday.. here is what I wrote to president: 
"This week i had a really cool experience. We had just had a lesson with a members granddaughter who is not a member- Masha (maybe you remember her? she was here for a month last year in the summer and was taught by sister delong and misaraca) but our plans had fallen through that we had planned for after our meeting with her. So we decided to pray. We went to a park bench and prayed. As I prayed, I felt the sweet sweet influence of the holy spirit come over me as I sincerely pleaded with Heavenly Father to guide our path and to do what he would like us to do. We tried to follow the thoughts and impressions that we received and ended up going to a less active... On our way there though, I saw a mini car accident and saw how both of the drivers were very civil to each other and I just remember feeling the spirit again so strongly. I don't really understand the ways of the Lord or know why I felt the spirit then or why I was supposed to be there. .But I really have a testimony that the Lord really speaks to me--Just me!-- through the spirit. It really is amazing to realize that. I also realized during that prayer, that maybe more often than not I am following MY plans and not the Lords. Definitely has given me a lot to think about this week and I have been trying to keep that sincerity and earnestly with me throughout the week."

so now you also know that I wrote you differently than how I write president hahahah 
but yeah that was a cool experience that I had. 

Thursday we met with my favorite Axxxx. At the end of our meeting, after she prayed she said, "you know, when you continue to pray and pay attention you start to realize that there is someone there that listens and cares." wow oh wow. It seriously was such an awesome moment:) I love Axxxxx and I love seeing her testimony grow!! 

On Thursday we also found a leak in our apartment and so our landlord sent over some people to fix it. These two kind men came and fixed our tub! One was very grumpy and the other man was very old and very nice. The older man knew some English so was trying to practice with us as the other worked. Well anyway i think these two friendly gentlemen ended up liking these two sweet sisters a little bit more than just a handy man and renter relationship hahahah. The old man asked us for tea and so we made these two men tea and sat in our kitchen and just talked about life hahahaha. It was also one of the weirdest things that has happened on my mission haha. But yeah we just talked a little bit about God and about families and about how the old man has lots of children and lots of wives haha. Oh man just gets weirder and weirder. But they were nice and it is a good memory now! hahah

Friday we went to Ikea and tried to start some natural conversations with people.. don't know if that is legal on lots of levels.. but it worked pretty well and we were able to just talk to people without trying to yell at them on the street. It was cool! So if you go to Ikea and sit down.. watch out for two cute missionaries because they are looking for YOU. haha 
we also got in with Sxxxxxxx again and we had a nice spiritual thought with her! She is a cutie:)

We had an interesting taxi driver who taught us the longest word he knows (48 letters) and also told us a bit more about Muslims and what he believes and it was just really cool! 

Saturday we served rustam and then we went bike riding in Botanical gardens as a ward activity!!! Oh man it was so so so fun! one of our poor members ran into a fence though... she is ok! just hit her head and scuffed up her hand. It just made me feel better to know that an accident has to happen at every activity in Russia too.. It isn't just our wards thing;) just teasing!!! 

Lena didn't come to church this Sunday and we weren't able to get in contact to have a lesson. 
nikolai is still out of town and his phone still isn't working
we haven't been able to meet with Axxx.

but other than that our investigators are doing great!!!! hahaha

I have a visa trip on Friday but I think I leave at 7 and get back at like 7 so it isn't bad at all.
We get transfer calls on Friday as well. I am excited! I have to move this transfer.. or change comps.. right?? :) 

Thank you all! Happy fourth of July! I love you all! 

С большой любовью,сестра Price

P-Day with the other missionaries

Our Russian Faces

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