Monday, June 13, 2016


Wow this week was great! 
The Missionaries!

I feel like this week we were really made instruments in the hands of the Lord because we had a lot of really cool lessons and we talked to a lot of really cool people! 

We met with Nxxxxx twice this week. We taught him the Word of Wisdom and law of chastity and he totally is good with them! haha but it was kind of a nightmare on our law of chastity lesson because we had a member that we invited there.. and a member that was in the room and wouldn't leave hahah which was fine! but during the lesson we starting talking about forgiveness and he starting arguing with the other member and then started arguing with Nxxxxxx. Yeah TALK ABOUT A NIGHTMARE. ugh man yeah that was rough. I finally had to just yell at the member that was arguing to get him to stop haha.. not my proudest missionary moment:) But we talked to Nxxxxx after and he seemed a little upset, but I think everything is ok. He came to church on Sunday too and he has finally figured out his work schedule. He is leaving on the 19th and will be gone for a month.. and wants to be baptized when he comes back. I shed a couple of tears after talking to him haha. In a month, it will be the end of the transfer. I don't know which makes me more sad, being transferred after this transfer or staying hahaha. UGH. but the good news is that his will probably be baptized, just maybe not when I am here:) 

It was so funny when we were teaching the Word of Wisdom because we told him all the things that we can't have and then we are waiting to see if he had anything to say and he is just quiet for a little bit and then says, "water" and then started explaining why water was so good hhaahahahah man it was so funny. Also after our law of chastity lesson, we were walking to the tramby stop and we are just getting on the tramby and I say, "thanks Nxxxxxx we love you!" and he seems a little taken off guard and then says, "Sisters, I respect you!" hahahahah man it was just so funny. He is so cute! 

We also went to a Russian hospital this week to meet with a former/potential. We were just planning on going up to her room, but the hospital has like this gate thing and they will only let one person go up at a time so we just stayed down in the lobby as they came down to us. It was Axxxxxxx and Gxxxxxx. they are just these two cute old people who say they practically live at the hospital. Gxxxxxx is just the cutest old man and reminds me of Santa and Grandpa Price. We went out and started walking and talking together and getting ot know them (because they called us and asked us to come and we don't know who they are haha) and I got the worst nose bleed. (I seem to be getting them more often then ever before?? I've had like 3 really bad ones) so the next 30 minutes Gxxxxxx was just a cutie and helped me with my giant nose bleed as Sister Greenwood and Axxxxxxxxx got to know each other:) Gxxxxxxx has actually read the book of Mormon too! yeah I know right??? at the end of our meeting, they asked us to help at the hospital. Which I don't really think we can do.. but yeah haha anyway they were cute. 

We met with Axxxxxx and she said that she doesn't feel any love from the branch.. Only after railing on us for about 40 minutes. We were just speechless. But it was one of my favorite lessons. We didn't really say anything but she just told us everything she doesn't agree with or believe. and then kept going and said she doesn't feel the love. We didn't even try to help her with her concerns- she doesn't want us to help her through them . We just told her that we love her and we are going to her house for her birthday this week:) 

Friday we had zone conference and it was awesome! We learned lots of great things but the coolest thing happened during a role play that Sister Greenwood and I had with President Miner. The Zone leaders asked us to practice teaching using the pamphlets and then to role play it in conference with another missionary. Well we ended up teaching President Miner (who was playing someone else- you know how it works haha) and pretty much the spirit was so strong we had to stop because we had brought President to tears:) I was holding back tears too. It was really neat! Really really cool and honestly one of the coolest moments on my mission. 

On a less serious note, the Sisters sang the song "Consider the Lillie's" and there is a line that says "consider the sweet tender children" and our biggest goal for zone conference was to not laugh at that line because the night before we read it as, "the sweet tender chicken.." added to the fact that we had KFC for lunch hahahah.. well we didn't laugh so it was a success!! haha 

We went out to the cemetery with Rxxxxxx yesterday and met his mom:) it was a really sweet experience:)

We also met with our investigator who loves chess, Sxxxxxx at the park 
we met Rxxxxxxx's wife 
ugh just so much to say but no time. 

I guess I will just leave you with this thought that Sister Kennard shared with us for Zone Conference. We were talking about faith and this was pretty much the majority of the thought:
when ever I heard about having faith to move mountains, I always thought about the whole mountain moving in an instant--a magic occurance. I have learned now though that it isn't like that.. but having faith to move mountains means having enough faith to go to the mountain everyday and take one rock and move it to a different place. And do the same thing every day until you have done enough work and moved enough little rocks to eventually move a mountain. Maybe one day you can take 5 and maybe the other day you just bring a pebble:)

I thought about this and I absolutely LOVE it. The day we found Nxxxxxx, I can honestly tell you I did not have faith to set a baptismal date or teach all the lessons in an hour.. BUT I did have enough faith to say hello to someone with the intentions of asking them about God and giving them a card. I just see how with Nxxxxxxx I have seen how my own faith has grown and I think it has grown in the same way that is talked about in the moving mountains parable. I look back and see the mountain that we have moved.. even though it started with the pebble of talking to someone on the street:)

I love you all and hope you have a great week! 

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