Monday, January 4, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like.... Russia.

Hello friends!!!

It finally snowed!!! Yes this week we received our first Russian snow fall. And boy did it snow. and boy is it cold! hahaha. It finally feels like Russia!! 

This week was a wonderful week full of lots of contacting in the cold:) I'll talk about that more later! 
 Last Monday after emailing, we went to the mall in order to go and get Sister Beach her purple shirt from H&M that she has been dreaming about for weeks (hahah P-days are the only days where we can be real people hahaha) so we went to the mall and went to an ATM in order to get money off. We went up to the ATMs and Sister Sommers said to me (but I don't think that sister beach heard), I feel like we should just use the green machines. about 10 seconds later Sister Beach put her card in a blue machine due to the fact that she didn't hear Sister Sommers. Well, as you can guess, the machine broke with her card in it hahahah. We said a little prayer and then got to work.The rest of the day was spent trying to get her card out of the machine. We had a little bit of help from a nice security guard, called the company of the ATM, and then called the elders (specifically elder Tolokonikov who is a Russian haha). We had lots of little tender mercies- like our phone dying only after we told the elders that we needed help and where we were. and the security guard letting us use his phone to let the family that we were meeting with for FHE know that we would be late. I had lots of fun talking to the bank on the phone. you never know how much Russian you don't know until you have to tell the bank about your situation and try to get instructions on what to do! but really, the lord helped me so much and even though I couldn't get everything that he was saying, I know that he helped me get as far as I did on the phone call.

It ended up we needed to leave the card there so we left it there and went to FHE that night with recent convert Oxxxx at the Johnstons which was awesome! Also a little bit frustrating as we tried to understand her broken English and she tried to understand our broken Russian and her son Dxxxx was hanging from the drapes:) but very great night! 

Tuesday we went to the bank with the Elders and pretty much figured out her card is doomed and she just needs a new one. We also had a lesson that night with our investigator Axxxxx which was good! he didn't have a lot of time though so we didn't get to have the lesson we had hoped for. 

Wednesday we had a lot of time planned for contacting. Contacting can be rough sometimes but I am learning that it is really awesome if you put in the work! to be quite frank, contacting is a little bit of a rough patch for me and my companions and so when we contact, if we are going to contact anyone, i have the beautiful privilege! So this Wednesday we had lots of time to contact and I was really nervous we wouldn't use our time effectively. So I prayed my heart out and asked if we could be more confident and comfortable in our contacting. We left to start contacting and I honestly didn't feel super great. But I had read Enos 1:12 that morning and realized that I need to pray AND labor diligently (yes it is my favorite scripture this week:)) We left and were only a little ways away from our apartment and I saw a lady and stopped and contacted her. It was the first lady we saw and the first lady we contacted that day. The Lord answered my prayer as this was one of the best contacting moments I have had as a missionary. I told her why we were here, testified of the book of Mormon and had her read the first vision out of a pamphlet. She didn't seem extremely interested, but I felt things changed when she read the first vision. we ended up getting her name and number and I walked away from that contacting moment with tears in my eyes. That contacting block ended up being one of our most effective. We didn't get any other numbers, but we were brave and had courage to talk to everyone. Friends, the Lord answers prayers:) 

Some other funny contacting moments this week:
Didn't understand what this cute old lady was saying but she laughed really hard, yelled "girls!" and then hit me pretty hard in the arm hahaha. all in good fun... I think;) 

This young man came up to us on the street giving us this long spiel, stopped, looked at the BOM and asked "what book is that" I told him and then he kept going. Turned out he was asking us for money BUT I hope one day he will see the book of Mormon again and be interested:)

It snowed and it is absolutely gorgeous here:0 seriously so gorgeous! 

We spent a couple of days inside and made Yaryeneke! It is like mashed potatoes in noodle stuff. I don't know how to explain it- look it up:) 

We made lots of great good and got to catch up on our studies! we got a little stir crazy so it was nice to go outside again:) 

New years was CRAZY everything shut down and I remember waking up on new years eve because I thought we were being attacked, but it it was just fireworks. Man I have never seen fireworks like that, it was crazy. I sat on the top bunk of the bunk bed of the 11th story and watched all of the fireworks and I think that will be one of my favorite memories ever:) 

Well I think that is all for this week! I am loving it here in Russia! 

I love you all! 
С большой любовью,сестра Price
Christmas Dinner with the Senior Couple Missionaries, The Johnstuns

Christmas Dinner - This time with Hannah in the Picture

At a Member's home

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