Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A week of Miracles :)

Hello Friends!

I think you all have been praying a little bit harder this week because we have seen so many miracles! I am so excited for this email hahaha. 
A Sunset

So on Tuesday we went and met with a potential named Gxxxxxx. She is a referral from Church Headquarters and she is awesome! Her friend that lives in the United States referred her to us. The other sisters have been out a couple of times and we have been trying to meet her for the past few weeks but because of holidays and everything we just weren't able to. So this week we met with her again and it was awesome! She doesn't want to be taught the lessons but she is such a sweetie. She also knows English perfectly. She is a teacher at university teaching English. When sister Sommers and beach went and visited before, it was hard for them to get in anything to do with religion so this time we took our language learning stuff (because she wants to help us with Russian) and we just took the TALL book--which is pretty much just all the sentences you would need to use in a discussion and she helped us read through them. SOOO! A very odd way to try and teach the gospel but we are doing all we can haha. She is so sweet. 

That night we went and tried to find a less active, so we went to their house and went through their gate and knocked on their door and this sweet old lady came to the window and we had a nice conversation! She wasn't the less active we were looking for, but she was super sweet! We tried to give her chocolate but she is diabetic... so we are thinking maybe we will make her something real good and healthy or take her some fruit or something... She was so nice! Maybe instead of a week a miracles, maybe it was just a week of nice people hahaha. 

That night we also had some time to do contacting ( because we didn't see the less active you see) and I was not in the mood hahah. But we went and worked and we met another really good potential named ear-ya (how do you spell that name in english??? hahha) and we have actually been keeping in really good contact with her! We haven't had a meeting yet but she seems pretty interested in the Book of Mormon! 

On Wednesday we did a lot of running for trambys haha. I don't know why but we had some confusion on a lesson with Axxxxx so we were running like crazy! It all worked out though and our lesson with Axxxxx was solid! also a bit awkward haha. We talked about the word of wisdom and he follows it really well! so cool! The only things that he struggles with is coffee and drinking red wine every now and again. specifically after working out. So we had the whole lesson on the word of wisdom and he said, "yes of course! I have lived the word of wisdom all my life and will continue to now." so we all nodded and said "ah yeah great job" and the like... and then it got really awkward and I asked him about wine. So pretty much he will live it all except for wine and coffee so we are still working a little bit with him on that one! It was really cool though because last week we asked if he wanted a blessing and he said he did but he wanted it this week. So Elder Tolokonikov came and gave him a blessing after our lesson and it was really cool because a lot of the blessing was about things that we had talked about during that lesson. Things like his desire and how he needs to act and things like that. Definitely a testimony builder of blessings:) the Lord knows and loves us! 

Also on Wednesday night we had English club and our potential Machran (Mxxxx in Russian) told us he would be coming! So we were so excited and we were waiting outside the church for him to come. Ad then we just kept waiting,..;... and waiting..... and waiting...... We tried to call a couple of times and no answer. We were bummed to say the least and because the other missionaries were already teaching English we went out contacting. We had been contacting for about 10 mintues when we find this really awesome lady! I stop her and we are talking and she is just listening to me and then I just stop. I feel like the spirit like stopped me from talking and she said," oh it's ok you can talk in English!" so it turns out she speaks English (duh haha) and she had just returned from America! We had a really nice conversation with her and it was a conversation not like any other because she asked us about where we were from and what we were doing here. We actually had a real conversation!!! hahaha. She was just so so so incredibly sweet. We ended up getting her number as well and she is interested in English club too! But while we were talking to her Mxxxx called us and told us he was on his way to English club! I tried to explain it would be over by the time he could get there, but he came anyway. So after we talked to Axxxx we walked back to the branch and met Mxxxx there soon after and had a pretty neat conversation/lesson with him! He is amazing. he was born in Lebanon and then moved to Syria. then he came to Russia to continue in school. He is a dermatologist and is now going to school in psychology. His native tongue is Arabic and then English and then Russian. Pretty awesome man! I would guess he is in his mid 40's maybe 50's. (extremely handsome) We had an awesome lesson and gave him a book of Mormon! It was really really cool  :) The thing that I love the most about that experience though was that when we were so disappointed but went out and kept doing the work, we found Axxxx  :) And I think that we really needed to find her! We were contacting for about 15 minutes when we found her  :) really so so so cool. The Lord is mindful of all people! So neat! 
I think that was my favorite night of the mission so far:) 

Friday we got transfer calls! I am staying her in Krasnodar with Sister Beach as my companion (the one with black hair) and sister Sommers will still be in Krasnodar but will finish training Sister Moore upstairs, taking the place of Sister McMurray who is going to east Rostov. A couple of the elders are leaving too. 
Sister Sommers and Sister Beach - at McDonalds

Saturday we went to find a potential from the area book. We found their apartment but not them :) In Russia they have these underground tunnels to cross the street underground and usually they are like super cute and well lit and they have all these little stores but we went through one that was really really creepy hahahahah. It was so cool! Man I love Russia.  

At church one of the members brought her friend who is interested in the church! so we got her number and information and we are meeting with her this Tuesday:) I am so excited for it! She lives like 2 hours away and has come for the past two Sundays so pretty much I am so incredibly stoked to teach her. She is such a cutie and I hope that we can bring the light and life and joy of the gospel. 

Sunday night we went with the Elders to give a less active the sacrament. We had tried to find their house and these people were pretty rude so we went with them to find it. They are the cutest ever! They have been members for about 15 years and they were some of the first members here in our branch so they have seen everyone come into the fold:) Exxxxx is the husband and he is a little lost and then Kxxxxxx is his wife. They are just so cute and love each other so much. But in the "I am going to argue and role my eyes at you" kind of way hahha. They are awesome. But I really loved having the opportunity to take them the sacrament with the Elders. Just having the two little pieces of bread and two cups made the sacrament seem a little bit more meaningful to me  :) 

I love my Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ. I know that the Book of Mormon can give us strength and comfort and can smooth out our rough patches :) I know we have a loving Heavenly Father who really knows and cares for us and is in the details of our lives more than we realize. I was challenged this year to pick a word. A word to cherish and study and make my own as I learn and grow this year. I have chosen the word Grace. I especially love the definition in the Bible Dictionary. I know I have seen and have witnessed that divine means of help and strength and I feel like I might continue to feel it this year! I am sorry my big letter is so long today and I haven't had time to respond to individuals, but my heart is so full and I feel like I need to share these little miracles and tender mercies with you all! 
I love you all so much! thank you for your love and support! 

С большой любовью,сестра Price
Canned Tuna

Canned Tuna .....  Yummy?

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