Monday, January 11, 2016

THIS WEEK 1/11/16

Hello friends! 

this week was a fabulous week! I only wish I had more time to write! 
Yes, it is Russia, and we do have snow.
So first off, President Miner has changed the policy on Sister Missionaries talking to men! so we can do that now! Woo hoo!.... So on Monday I met a nice man named Stas on the tramby. We had a great conversation and he gave me his number. I gave it to the Elders and when they called he said he only wanted to talk to the girl on the tramby so we called and invited him to church. Unfortunately he just wanted to go on a stroll with me. He was super nice though and one of the most polite Russian men I have met I think! I hope one day he will come to church! But why I bring up this story is because it was during my conversation with him that I found out that I can pretty much understand Russian. Some parts are still pretty rough haha but good! 

Tuesday we met with members in our ward Sxxxxx and Vxxx. They both do so much for our ward and are so cute! They both served missions in Russia and know some english so yeah! She also made us the best hot chocolate I have ever had. YUMMY! (oh besides grandma's at Halloween!) 

We went over to Axxxxxx's again on Wednesday with the senior couple the Johnstuns. She showed us all her paintings and made the Johnstuns some pizza and like fruit bread stuff which was yummy! IT was so funny because Sister Beach did most of the translating and took some creative liberty in translating her paintings hahaha. so fun! 

We had a couple more meetings during the week... and then Saturday we HAD TWO BAPTISMS!!!! yeah you might be asking yourself, what? Why didn't I hear about these baptisms last week? well my friends, it is because I too only heard about these baptisms this past Thursday haha. The Elders in a different area- tuapse- had a baptism planned but they don't have a font and the river is a little cold this time of year... so they came to krasnodar for their baptism of Exxxx! And then Krasnodar also had a baptism! Elder Lord and Burwell have been teaching Vxxx and his family, and Vxxx committed to baptism! So we had a wonderful baptism service! It only started two hours late because Vxxx was working on his car:) BUT IT HAPPENED!! haha;) We were hoping Vxxx's family would come. but they didn't make it. His wife is also being taught by them but recently mentioned that she might want to be taught by the Sisters... so that would be cool if we had that opportunity! The baptism was wonderful though and I just felt the spirit so strongly when Vxxx and Exxxx were both immersed. It was a really cool experience:) That Sunday Vxxxx was also confirmed and it was awesome! That sweet spirit is amazing. President and Sister Miner were also in town for the baptisms and for interviews which went well. 
AND THEY ALSO BROUGHT MAIL!!!!! I got some packages and letters!!! thank you SSSOOO MUCH!!!! It made my year!!!!!! seriously though, thank you so so so so much:) 

Letters and Packages!

New Wool Mittens

Another couple of funny things that happened this week:

(well this was from last week and I can't remember if I already shared it) We were riding on the tramby and this man was drunk and kept trying to sit on people. It wasn't super funny in the moment but later it was hahaha. He went and sat in between these two people where there wasn't any room and the woman just rips into him and the guy on the other side of him is just trying not to laugh. hahaha man it was funny a couple of days later... 

There was another really drunk man at a bus stop that we were trying to avoid. The bus stop was like a long bench with a wall as a backing so for a good 20 minutes while waiting for our tramby we would walking on one side of the wall while he would walk on the other side hahaha. It was like a movie! hahah man. There were other people there and there was a nice man that was aware of how we were feeling I think so he finally went and sat down and talked to him... but yeah I felt like I was in a cartoon and I can't wait to see that one again from heaven haha. poor guy. 

On Sunday we were riding on the tramby to church and all of a sudden we hear and accordion start to play!!!!!!! Oh my golly goodness this man on the tramby started playing and just singing his heart out. he was an old man with a mustache that curled up both ways hahaha. Man that was probably my favorite thing ever that has happened-- but I forgot my camera. I am praying it will happen again when I have my camera!!! SO FUN!!!!! :)

My favorite two scriptures this week: Mosiah 5:13 and Mosiah 7:33

Well, I love you all!!!! 

С большой любовью,
сестра Price

The Mall in our City

Hannah's New Boots!

Hersey Kisses - Thanks so much for the packages!

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