Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas and New Year!

Well hello folks!!!


This week was Christmas and it was so fun:)

On Christmas Eve, Sister McMurray invited us over to her apartment after evening planning for a surprise... we went in and all the lights were turned off except for candles lit on the ground... We went in and read the story of the Savior's birth in Luke, watched the Nativity, bore testimonies, and sang together. It was a really special night:)

Christmas was awesome! We recieved special permission to gather together for district meeting and a meal with the Johnstuns. (the senior couple) They made a delicious meal of chicken and... wait for it... .MERSHED PERTERTERS AND GRAVVVY.   Oh man it was such a lovely meal:) They are so sweet! We had a great time together as missionaries and it was a lovely meal:) we then got to skype home which was wonderful! so fun:) after that we contacted (while holding back tears haha) and then took our dinner hour and grabbed some fries at McDonalds which was a cool experience! It was my first time at McDonalds and it is like one of the nicest restaurants here haha. but yes so that was our Christmas!

The next day was a bit hard haha. We had the post Christmas calling drag but we had the opportunity to go to the branch Christmas party and let me tell you. That party was a MIRACLE. I think we had more less actives and potentials than we did members. Really I can't even explain, the room was FULL of people. It was so awesome:)

Well I think that is all for today! Happy New Years!!

Love you all!
С большой любовью,сестра Price

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