Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Volunteer Price reporting for duty

WOW THIS WEEK HAS BEEN CRAZY!!! I don't know if you want to send this one out. I am going to be very very very brutally honest and a lot of it is just for fam:) but edit if you want and take out all the negative or weird stuff and then you can share hahahaha
highlights from this week:
we contacted for a total of 34 hours this week.
I have lost 100 pounds from the sheer sweat that has dropped from my forehead and sad armpits
my body is sore and my spirit is exhausted:) but we have loved doing the work of the Lord this week! Thank you for your prayers. It is the only thing that has gotten us through this week:)
BUT YES!!! this week was awesome! I came in on Tuesday from the sleeper train which was great besides the fact that the toilet was so gross, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I was in a box and I had such a vivid dream that my leg was all bloody. Bloody garments even. Weird hahaha. But it was so fun and we got to see lots of Russia and just got to sleep in a sleeper train!!! haha
Then pretty much for the rest of the week we were on the street. It was really really hard. Not going to lie. Not a lot of people wanted to talk. We only received 6 numbers and one day we were just on the street the whole day with just "no's." we got pretty discouraged and got to the point where the only thing we could do was hand out cards without even trying to stop people.. which in the end was probably better because now people have our information.
Wednesday I was registered in the city which gave us a little break from contacting. We ate sharma and got to meet the other missionaries. I am super excited to serve here! the missionaries here are awesome and so funny!
Saturday I got the meet the recent convert Sxxxxxx who is just so solid and was baptized last week. We talked all about the priesthood and the temple and there were lots and lots of questions. HE is so cool though and is making plans to take the gospel back to India and so he was asking questions about how he can make it possible in India. SO COOL!
ah no time!
Sunday I spoke in sacrament! I absolutely love the branch. We have the regular Russians but then we also have a lot of Africans that are here studying that speak English. I didn't get to talk to them a lot but they already seem so friendly and inviting. The whole branch! Definitely a change of pace.
we also work with the tracktorney branch which was a thriving branch, had some unfortunate things happen, was closed for like 3 years and now we are opening it up again! about 5 members come. Unfortunately, no one came this week but we still held a little sacrament meeting with us, the elders and the branch missionary worker. it was amazing honestly. such a neat experience. JUST WISH I HAD MORE TIME TO TELL YOU EVERYTHING Hhahaha:)
Monday I went on Splits with sister Kykla which was great! She is a Russian sister (of the 2 that we have in our mission) and is just amazing.
fun week!
I love you all!!

С большой любовью,сестра Price

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