Wednesday, April 13, 2016

HELLO from Russia - Let's hope this sends!

Ok first off,  cross your fingers that this sends hahaha . Man I am so frustrated it didn't work last week! also my keyboard isn't working very well so that is also a bummer.    MY LIFE IS SO HARD. hahahahaha just jokes.


Well from last week's email  you missed that we found  3 new investigators!!!! we had a crazy goal to find three...and then we found them:) it was an  amazing week! this past week we just kept trying to work with them... we are praying for some more success this week:)   I will give you brief overviews of each and where they are now:
VXXXXX: ok first off, imagine Gru from despicable me and you have  Vxxxx haha.  Vxxxxx is awesome! he is a husband and father of two kids.He speaks English practically perfectly and is currently teaching at the  university.  he studies religions and is all in all just a sweet guy who loves  to laugh and loves to talk hahaha.  We met him in the botanical gardens and the night that we met him we ended up talking with him for about an hour!!! we met later that week at the church and had a more formal      lesson there were we gave him the first lesson and gave him a Book of Mormon! He has a hard time believing  in God because of all of his friends that he has seen die in War and he is super interested in family history and has already done a lot of work! he really wants to learn more about his....    grandpa or great grandpa I can't remember... but it is nearly impossible with all of the record burning that happened here. so yeah that is a little bit about Vxxxxx!!! 
Our next investigator we found is named Axxxxx. WE also met him in the park and talked about prayer with him and setup an other  meeting. He came to the church though for our second meeting and he was a bit.... shocked... in short, the lesson was very short and I think he was super shocked because our church is more like a school than a provleslavney temple. he got out of there pretty fast hahaha.  We will see if we will meet with Axxxxx again:) 

Our third new investigator is named Lxxxxxx. She is Armenian and she is a cutie! Sister Greenwood and Moore met her and her mom when we were on splits and she invited us over to their house. We went over to their house and we spoke some golden English and then tried to have the first lesson with her. We got through all most all of  it and then we were interrupted  by her godmother that invited us in to eat. So we went and ate with them!  We couldn't find a way out... and it was just      incredibly nice of them. So we had homemade pelmeni and cabbage rolls with Lxxxx and her mom and her godmother while we talked about  missionary work and what we do here. They are by far the nicest people I have met in Russia. They are so sweet! We also ate this like fish stuff or something in red sauce which was interesting... :)  Then her dad came home and I kid  you not- he looked just like megamind except not as alienish hahaha. but really it was so funny how much he looks like him. He found our Book of Mormom in the other room and came in and said "ahhhh  so you're Mormons?!?!" hahaha  so we said yes and he was really nice  and  we talked about Romney for a bit hahha. Anyway it was an awesome meeting. We are hoping to meet again with them  :)

As far as this week goes, it was awesome!  we had zone conf on Monday and then pday on Tuesday and then conf Saturday and Sunday so it flew by for me! We met with less actives Axxxx and Nxxxxxx and   they were great meetings! Nxxxxxxx shared her sweet testimony of how when she found the church it was just different and she felt a sense of light there that she had never found anywhere else. It was awesome!  

Thursday we went to the Hxxxxxxx family and it was  awesome!   We talked about prophets and General Conference and they were just such a sweet family. We also drank juice and had cookies and -- maybe don't put this on my blog hahaha, but we watched the Mormon boys parody of Hello by Adele and now ALL I  WANT TO DO IS LISTEN TO THAT SONG BY ADELE AGAIN. hahahah 

We spent some time hitting the streets this week and went to the turtle pond!!! we saw so many turtles it was awesome! Goodness I am trying to remember what happened this week and I can't think of anything exciting that happened hahahaha.  

CONFERENCE WAS SO AMAZING. I can't even begin to explain how much I loved it! it was so cool! Nearly every talk seemed like it was just for me. I learned so much  and I just feel like I have been spiritually reborn:) It was amazing! A couple of things really stuck out to me:

  1.  I think it was Rasband who said something to the effect of, "If life was fair, we wouldn't have a resurrection or the chance to repent.  in that case, I am glad that life isn't fair!! " 
  2. I can't remember who (and I forgot my notes) talked about the Resurrected Christ and how in His perfect body, he still had the prints in his hands and feet. That hit me really hard and I have been thinking a lot about that. 
  3. "you can either have what you want....  or something better" 
  4. President Monson's talk  voobshay
  5. Elder Eyrings  talk.
  6. Everyone's talk
hahah no  I really really loved conference this year and I have a testimony that the words that we heard are the words of God and if we listen study and heed their words, we will be able to find our answers and find little ways (or big ways) that we can change to be better and better every day. 

I love you all! This week I have a  visa trip, but we are leaving out of Krasnodar so it should just be a day trip. 


I love you all:) 

С большой любовью,сестра Price

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