Monday, March 21, 2016


Hello friends and family! 

haha this week has been better:) thank you for your prayers and your thoughts and kind emails! I think this week the Lord needed to give me a big reminder to rely more fully on His strength, goodness, love, and grace:)


Tues 8- Sister Beach left to Rostov (along with the other half of our district) We all sent them off at the train station and it was so fun and a little heartbreaking to see one of my best friends go! 

Wed 9- New missionaries came! My sweet new companion Sister Greenwood came and joined me in Krasnodar! we did some great weekly planning that day and met with our investigator Axxxxx! 

Thurs 10- We had to get registered in Krasnodar and it takes FOREVER and we can't leave the church without our passports so while the lady took care of our passport stuff we hung around at the church and did extra studies and also ordered pizza and may have had a little missionary pizza party? what what?? hahaha ;) 

That night we went to visit Vxxxxxxxx who is my favorite person ever:) we had a great lesson with her and her husband Axxxxx wants us to serve at their new house again which we are super stoked about! we are hoping to serve him this week because it didn't work out last week. they also came to church yesterday and Axxxxx was asking the branch president all of these questions about the church and the talks that were given so we are going to try and start teaching him... we just have to find the right time I think. IT'S ALL IN THE LORDS TIMING. I JUST HOPE I AM HERE FOR IT Hahahahahahha:) 

Fri 11- we did contacting and we found a less active who actually opened the door!! we also went contacting and met Pxxxxx! 

Sat 12- TODAY WAS REALLY HARD. very very homesick for my friends hahahah. BUT we went out to my favorite less active Lxxxxxxx Bxxxxxx and she let us in! She told us this long story about how her back had been hurting and then she prayed and prayed and prayed and her back was fixed! She was so excited and was jumping around and just laughing and was saying it was a miracle we came and that it was a sign from God! it was a pretty neat meeting! She is so great:) 

We also went contacting that night and while we were contacting I stopped a man and I started saying hello and he just turned and he screamed in my face like full on screaming. So of course I scream hahhaahaha and then he just keeps walking hahaha. Me and sister Greenwood lose it and start cracking up and then we hear "what do you want?" So we go back and just talk to him for like 30 seconds and then he kept on going but man that was super funny. BUT while everyone was dancing at the wedding I had a crazy guy scream in my face and scare the heck out of me hahahaha. I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK haha (but really I do)  

Sun 13- we met with members Vxxx and Sxxxxx  and also Ixxxxx! which was awesome. we got a little stranded after Ixxxxx haha but we made it back after some hard work haha. We actually were in a taxi with a muslim man who was very friendly. 

Mon 14- ANOTHER HARD DAY. it was P-day though so good:) then that night we met with less active Nxxxxxxx and it was an awesome meeting! 

Tues 15- We met with member Axxxxx Kxxxxxx who is such a sweetheart. We wanted to read in Ether with her and read some of that but then ended up talking about the temple and it was AWESOME. she is so great:) 

Wed 16- we served the son of a member and just went and watched his three kids while the grandma was there because his wife just recently left him. We also had a good lesson with Axxxxx! 

Thurs 17- ZONE CONFERENCE WAS AWESOME we also met a sweetie named Lxxxxx who we helped with her bags and had a long talk with her.  We also served Rxxxxx and had another meeting with our Pxxxx and then yesterday we found less actives we have been trying to find,. man I wish I had more time. so yeah we kind of have another investigator, Pxxxx but I think we may need to stop teaching him. 

Anyway I love you! Next week I will write a better email:) I feel better this week! The Lord knows and loves us so much:) 

С большой любовью,сестра Price

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